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  1. I too have both lenses and agree with shogun95! The excellent 24-105 is my walk-around/travel lens while I use the 16-35/2.8 almost exclusively for architectural and landscape work. Its sharpness and contrast sets it a cut above. It is also a demanding lens in that you need to move slower and plan your shots, particularly at the wide end where perspective distortion can become a challenge (nature of the beast).
  2. Have not yet experienced this with my a7rIII but would be curious to know what happens when you press straight on with the joystick controller button.
  3. I use an a7rIII, sometimes with battery grip, only Sony z100 batteries and I agree with any and all of the above. In addition you can decrease battery if the monitor brightness is regularly set at brighter settings. I regularly get 1,000 to 1,200 shots per battery per charge. I use 3 Z100's in rotation with both the original Sony charger and a Watson dual chargers. Is there a difference in long term battery life when using a charger other than Sony's?
  4. I have had experience with the Meiki A9 and Vello BG-S6 used with my a7rIII. I first got the Meike, primarily because it also comes with a separate intervalometer (that only works when the grip is attached). After a year the joystick controller on Meike fell off (lost) and the shutter release button began to stick. It performed reasonably well though the fit was not as secure as the Vello, which is much the same in look and detail but with better button action and a more secure. For what its worth the Vello/camera combination turns on much faster than the Meike. No experience with the Sony grip and in principal I refuse to pay the high price.
  5. Thanks for the correction Kenthomson.
  6. I am not certain with video much less an a7sII but turning on Ant--Flicker Shooting (Camera Menu 1, page 14 on my a7rIII) might be worth a try.
  7. Good points by all but have one minor question in reference to the 24-105. Not sure what is meant by "..the power zoom"?
  8. I have a 16-35mm GM and use it almost exclusively for landscape work. While it is a well built, sharp, smooth zooming lens I find it generally inappropriate for street photography given it's size and weight. At half the cost of the 16-35, and by far the most versatile lens I have is my 24-105mm G lens. I use it in a wide variety of situations, including street and landscape/cityscape work. It is quite sharp and a bit smaller in size and weight, though its maximum aperture is f4 as opposed to f2.8 for the 16-35. I have no experience with the 24-70mm but have read good things about it and leave its evaluations to others.
  9. I too have occasionally noted this with my a7rIII with the Focus Area set to Flexible Spot S. To my experience the focus spot can be too easily and inadvertantly moved by unintentionally activating/brushing against the multi-selector control. I attribute this to my clumsiness colliding with the a7 series' cramped ergonomics! By the way on my camera the focus spot can be re-centered by pressing the multi-selector control straight in.
  10. I'm on an a7rIII but the menu system should be much the same, so... 1) Language can be changed at Menu > Setup (toolbox icon) > page 4 of 7 > Language (at the bottom) 2) Appears that the camera is set to APS-C/Super 35mm (crop mode). This is turned off at Menu > Camera Icon 1 > page 1 of 14 > APS-C/Super 35mm (at the bottom). Again, this information is based on a different Sony model so you should download the a7III user manual.
  11. Just curious if anyone knows the details behind the 3.01 (3/15/19) upgrade? The Sony site offers no clear information other than "Improves the overall stability of the camera".
  12. I have used it only as a test but its worked very well for me... https://www.fastrawviewer.com/PixelShift2DNG
  13. Whoa, and you could probably jump start your car with it. 😉 I had also bought a Meike battery grip with my a7rIII (instead of the $Sony grip) and while it worked as advertised I now have 2 periodically problematic buttons on it. You do get what you pay for!
  14. I bought a Watson Duo LCD charger for my a7rIII last year and it works fine with my Sony FZ100 batteries. Charges faster than the standard Sony single battery charger and gives you visual charge level status and can be used in the car, albeit at a slower charge rate. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=email&A=details&Q=&sku=1370825&is=REG Hope this helps.
  15. I have had an a7rIII and the 16-35 GM for about a year and used it on virtually a daily basis. Both with the latest firmware. I have not experienced any of the problems you described, and while it gives me pause to hear that others have, I still suggest the following very basic steps in the spirit of eliminating the obvious: - Carefully inspect the electrical contacts on both the lens and camera body. Clean even if they don't appear dirty since even skin oil can cause anomalous behavior. - Be certain that the lens is securely locked after mounting. I have experience with this! - Use only Sony batteries. They are more expensive but 3rd party batteries, while generally OK, have been known to cause the camera to misbehave. - Though the camera body was promoted as weather sealed, the bottom is NOT. Has the camera been exposed to wet weather or placed on a wet surface? I hope others more knowledgeable than me can be of more help!
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