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  1. I have an a7rIII but suspect the manual that comes with your camera is organized much the same way. Check the last section (page 77 for mine) and you should find 2 graphics of the rear screen display followed by several pages of icons with descriptions. A dizzying array it is. Hope this helps.
  2. Absolutely correct about the use of RAW, though I would add that a little underexposure is recommended to avoid blowing out the highlights! Hard won personal experience.
  3. I too was out shooting the super moon with my tripod mounted a7rIII (firmware v2.10), using a 24-105 f4. In roughly the following sequence I turned off lens OSS and AF, selected M mode, dialed in speed and aperture, selected a specific ISO and using the left side of the control wheel to select 2 second delay for shutter actuation. Worked as expected. I doubt that the sequence is important and don't immediately see why the 2 second delay selection was not available for you. Wish I could be of more help.
  4. I agree whole heartedly with PHDX. While I have no personal experience with the Zeiss 24-70 I am very pleased with the 24-105 on my a7rIII, both my first Sony products after years with Nikon. The 24-105 focuses quietly with a speed and accuracy that belies it being a zoom lens. Build quality is not quite as solid or smooth as my GM lenses but at 1/2 the price who would complain? My favorite walk-around and travel lens.
  5. I see your time line point; however, after 50 years of handling Nikon SLR's, with the release button on the left, last year with my new Sony a7rIII was the first time I experienced the issue. I will learn and retrain and it won't happen again but it doesn't absolve Sony.
  6. Of course operator error may occur. It is for this very reason that camera designers strive to locate controls in a manner that minimizes such occurrences. Sony should have anticipated the problem described.
  7. I agree. While I haven't had your lens drop experience, I recently had a 16-35 2.8 GM stop communicating with my a7rIII. Turns out I had inadvertantly pressed the lens release button and the lens had rotated just enough so the contacts were misaligned. I was lucky not have experienced your misfortune! My previous camera was a Nikon D300s and it had the lens release button on the left side... a much better location.
  8. oh, and environmental conditions such as temperature, wet, dry, etc.
  9. It would be helpful to know what camera, do you use Sony batteries or after-market and what device is used to charge the batteries out-of-camera.
  10. My first thought: IF you have "e-front curtain shutter" turned on [camera 1 menu 14/14], then "anti flicker shooting" [camera 2 menu 4/9] should also be turned on. I assume that your menu references are the same as my a7rIII. This is because the fluorescent light is pulsing at 60hz or 50hz (depending on where you are) and the e-front curtain shutter is picking up pulses. The anti-flicker setting is designed for this very problem. HTH.
  11. As I had suspected will verify with Capture One's support. Thanks LiveShots for the reply.
  12. Does anyone here use Capture One Pro with their Sony? In the past year I moved from a Nikon D300 to a Sony a7rIII (loving it!) and am using Capture One Pro 12 as my RAW converter (the general version, not the dedicated Capture One Pro 12 for Sony). The reason being the dedicated Sony version cannot import my old Nikon NEF files. Would there is any observed difference in the Sony ARW files between the 2 Capture One Pro 12 versions?
  13. This might give more information about what to do, or not do, until the new firmware upgrade is issued later this month... https://www.dpreview.com/news/6318187411/sony-removes-a7-r-iii-firmware-version-2-0-from-its-website
  14. I agree with SnappyMilt. With that I'm mind I suggest a simple physical check: - Is the lens securely locked in place? Moisture and dust resistant lenses such as the FE 28mm f2 have a small rubber gasket along the rear mating surface that requires higher effort to rotate and lock into place. Weird stuff happens otherwise... as has happened to me with my a7rIII and16-35 GM lens. - Are the electrical contacts on the camera body and lens clean and physically undamaged? It doesn't take visible smudges of finger oil or such to cause communication problems between the camera and lens. Again personal experience. Of course the lens could be faulty, which could be tested by mounting it on another similar camera to test. Wish I could be of more help.
  15. Thanks for the follow-up. I use the silent mode from time to time and hadn't considered such a limitation. Much appreciated .
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