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  1. http:// And http:// Bought this lens , brand new, out of the shop, years ago, in Osnabrük Germany. Initially it was on a minolta XE 1, but that died in the 1980s Apparently the Minolta XE 1 was the worst ever, camera, to repair ?? So I was told, Anyway the lens is still going strong & I recently had it refurbished for £ 200. Anyone interested ? Make me an offer ! Remember ! This is a Rare Lens ! Only made for a year or so, but the replacement was never as sharp or as good in low light !
  2. http:// And http://
  3. Ok I cannot import the original as it was 8 mb. However it was very good, i guess a lot of the sharp detail is lost by shrinking the image, but it works really well. Thanks for your help !!
  4. Ah, ok, see, Gary Fong, never mentioned that crucial bit of information ! Thanks for the explanation, Ill follow your instructions, as soon as I can borrow a friend, to point at, while pressing the key. Im otherwise occupied just now, but should be able to try that , sometime tomorrow afternoon Ill get back to you, with the result. Thanks again, for the explanation. I also went through your link to the a9 instructions and i couldnt find Continuous Eye Autofocus anywhere Ah, OK , I just took a break, and once you get to the customise button menu, and select the AEL button, on the rear, on the A9 there are 3 pages of functions, and the eye AF, does not appear, until page 3. Also, once I understood the process, Buttons 1 & 2, would be no good, since its not exactly a setting... It only works as long as you press the button ! If using 1 or 2, then it would be awkward, trying to press the shutter, while trying to hold either button 1 or 2 down. Ok, Ive got the menu bit set, but I have not been able to test it, as no one, is around. Ok Tomorrow, ill update. Thanks Again !!
  5. I have noticed this too ! There is no " FIX " you just have to look at the dial, before taking photos. Bringing the camera out of the bag, rubbing against your side, flapping jacket, etc, all of that, has the ability to turn the dial. So get used to just tilting the camera, before each shot, just to check that you have not inadvertently moved it. I do not know about the other photo processing stuff, but if you use lightroom, even if you have inadvertently moved the dial, lightroom will allow you to fix the issue . Cheers wally
  6. Hi All. I have watched countless youtube clips, on how to customise a button , for continuous eye focus. None, show the A 9, but I figured Gary Fongs A7 III would be similar, however, nothing I do, brings up the : EYE AF in the menu, the way he shows how to do it ? Is the A9 so different, a menu ?? Any step by step info, will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance Wally
  7. Thanks for the explanations , I never knew that ! Im sure these posts have helped a lot of people avoid the same problem ! Glad you had your warranty, and it took care of things.
  8. I was going to suggest pollen, until I saw pic 4. I have not seen anything like it. I hope you get it sorted , and post a solution. All I can suggest, is taking it to a reputable camera workshop, and have them look into it. Sure its the sensor, and not something in your lens ? Zooming can suck wierd stuff, inside the lens too ! Good Luck
  9. I will hazard a guess on this. The a 58 is Aps C , the A 7 is Full Frame. It could also be down to Google Fotos, not accepting Raw images ? Go into settings, on the A 7 and try Raw + Jpeg, or just Jpeg , take some test shots, then see if the jpegs appear, on google photos , or not. Good Luck
  10. I have no idea, if an update, would cure that ! I would take it back to the dealers, or, if out of warranty, take it to any recommended repair shop. GOOD LUCK
  11. Even as you are backpedalling now, conceding the possibility of only a little movement, before being overwhelmed by air pressure forces, this still remains nonsense, as the undisputed forces generated by the pressure differential between inside and outside don't exceed 15 Newton on a zoom lens with dimensions similar to a 100-400GM. This minuscule force does not qualify as making any zoom action difficult or even impossible. Any claim to the contrary does however qualify as nonsense. Where, am I backpedalling ? I am proving you wrong, on all fronts ! I even have independent reviews, from honored photographers, & scientists, to back me up ! Even people on this very forum ! Perhaps you subscribe to the scientific equation, that proves, Bumble Bees, cannot fly ? There are none so blind... As those who will not see ! I am not wasting any more of my time, on this thread !
  12. You did good ! 100 - 400, is a bit beyond my style, but you obviously know, what you are doing ! Jeez, Years ago, my mate Steve, who was a Racing Instructor, right there, told this fantastic story, about some professor wanting to drive his innovative sports car, around the track ! Expecting some sort of exotic design, the office gave the professor, a trial time & date ! On the day, this so called Professor, turned up, in what looked like, a battered Ford Escort ?? OK, he had to tune the Engine,so he needed a few moments of OOOOOHHHMMMM Then he played a Casette Tape, of Blackbirds singing ! By then, not only my mate Steve, but also the rest of the staff, started wondering, what the hell is going on ! Anyway, on the green light, this , so called Professor, took off... Then he crashed on the first bend !! OK .,he was not injured, but he knew exactly ... who was responsable !! A group of dissident tibettan monks, who were determined to thwart his efforts !!!! Steve & his crew, went for a drink, while the professor waited for a tow truck !
  13. b I guess, you did not read my post very well ! I clearly stated, that , somewhere, on Youtube, I saw a clip of a camera being activated in a smoke filled box, that showed how an extending lens , sucked outside air, into the body. Unfortunately I did not bookmark the page, otherwise I could have posted it here. Never thought I would need it ! It was to do with an owner of a ?? G10 ? complaining about dust on his sensor, and ? Canon ?? reluctantly honoring their guarantee ! So do not call it NONSENSE ! As said, I cannot find the video, but i found this ! https://photographylife.com/what-to-do-with-dust-inside-lens Now, read that ! And tell him, he is talking NONSENSE ! You might be wondering how and why lenses get dust inside. Let me explain a couple of things about lenses. Every time a lens focuses or it is zoomed in and out, it “breathes”. And no, I am not talking about the effect of lens “breathing”, when an image appears smaller or bigger when focus is adjusted – I am talking about the process of inhaling and exhaling. Lenses have to breathe, due to lens elements constantly moving inside them when focus is adjusted and/or when zooming takes place. Remember what happens with pressure inside a closed plastic container? If you try to reduce the container size, the pressure inside the container will only let you reduce it to a certain level before it pushes back. A simple concept of air pressure in physics. Now take the same concept and apply it to lenses. What would happen if lenses were completely sealed from all sides? You would only be able to zoom in a little before the lens would force you back to its original state due to pressure, especially on lenses that extend in size. A similar thing would happen with lens focus. Hence, there was no other way for camera manufacturers to design lenses – lenses with moving lens elements must inhale and exhale air. Look ! There goes Chrissie.... Shot down in flames !!!!!!!
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