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  1. I rented the 70 - 200 f 2.8 from Fixation, for a weekend in Brighton ! Yes the Pics were amazing ! But Jeez, the weight was just too much ! I had a camera bag slung over my shoulder, and had to lay the camera on it, as I was walking around with it ! It was so heavy, I at 66 , would never ever buy one ! Yes rent, if the need arizes but I couldnt carry that around all day The F 2.8 allows you to shoot in very low light , F 4 Not so much ! So, if Low Light is what you want, why not go, for the 35 mm f 1.4 ? Even Ken Rockwell declares it as the sharpest ever lens ! Outsmarting the Sigma 35 mm ART ! Do not get caught up, in a lens buying frenzy, because you wil just go paranoid, about never having the right lens, on the camera, at the time of any given event ! Rent whatever you want ! Test the lenses, over a weekend or whatever, then what ever hits your sweet spot ? Thats the one to buy Good Luck , with your choice !
  2. Well, according to Ken Rockwell, the Sony / Zeiss Distagon 35 mm 1.4 , is the sharpest lens he has ever tried. Yes, as you say, for portraits, prime lenses almost always give best results . However at almost twice the price, the 16 - 35 , considering the reviews, does offer more versatility. Perhaps visit your local sony shop, and ask to try both ? Then see, what you like best ? Or as an alternative, rent one from Fixation, for a day or 2, then see ? Thats what I did, with the 70 - 200, and as good as it was, it was so heavy, I didn´t bother buying one. Good luck, either way
  3. I had the Sony 24 - 70 2.8 , on my A9, until a mishap, caused it to fall off, mid zoom ! Luckily I had the extra insurance, and even though the 24 - 105 is not a G master lens, after trying it, I opted for that, rather than another Sony 24 70. I have not found any area, where I can say , the 24 - 105 is in any way, inferior to the 24 70. Good luck with your choice !
  4. So, were the last 2 photos, taken with the A 7 R III ? Or are there more coming ?
  5. Muchas Gracias. Buen Hecho Felipe ! Interesting comparison of lenses, in English.
  6. Ok, you say you have not bought anything, in years ? Well, considder this.... The lenses, have also moved on, as well as the cameras ! If your A mount lenses , are years old, then the idea of buying an adapter, to put those old lenses , on a new Full Frame, camera, does not make any sense ! You will not be getting optimal results. You would be better off, trying to sell your old stuff, or mebbe part ex, once we are allowed out , then buying whatever new camera takes your fancy. In the meantime.. take a look at the "Sony Lenses uk " site, and see which lens, suits you best, then google independent reviews of that lens. Steve Huff, Ken Rockwell, etc, then take it from there ! However I do not know if any of the Sony A7 or A9, have wifi ?
  7. If you are working around f 8, then, you need to re define your choices ! Sony makes 2 great 70 - 200 lenses ! One, is the 2.8 and the other is F 4 ! If you want to use it at f 8, then, buying the 70 - 200 f 2.8 , is a collossal waste of money ! The Sony 70 - 200 F 4, is less than half the price of the 70 - 200 2.8 ! As regards the new 200 - 600 ?? I would read a lot of careful independent reviews, before jumping on that bandwaggon ! Good Luck
  8. I can only assume, that, the old, manual lenses, do not have electrical contacts ? Then the flash has to be set to manual, as well, as the camera ! Good Luck
  9. I know, that USB cables, come in different thicknesses ! You cannot, update your Sony camera, with a standard Thin ... mobile phone charger USB cable ! You have to go, to your Sony Shop, and buy the thick , Sony USB cord ! I know, every country, is different ! Some countries , include the correct, Sony USB cable, in the camera box ! Other countries, expect you to buy , the correct USB cable seperately ! Hopefully , that, will solve your problem ! Good Luck
  10. Go, to your nearest Sony Shop, Ask there ! Sony Cameras work best, with Sony lenses ! It could be down to the Sony / Sigma not working together ! Also, your post is confusing ??? You say a Sigma ART 24 mm ? That is a prime lens ? How do you zoom, that ? Are you sure, you are not just trying to take pictures.... too close ? Or, are you using Digital Zoom, after taking the pictures ? That, would explain everthing !
  11. Glad that you are happy ! However, your link, does not work ! Fix that, and we will have a look ! Cheers
  12. Sony Cameras, work best, with Sony & Zeiss lenses. I would forget the Tamron ! I had the Sony G master 24 -70 f2.8 , and as soon as the non master 24 - 105 came out, I swapped, due to sharpness & versatility of the 24 - 105. The Sony 85 mm, is a cracking good lens, but , with limitations. Do not rush out, to buy the 85mm, until, you have got used to the 55 mm ! Use it for at least a month, then ask, is this me ? Or do I need something else ? Lets say.. You buy 3 different lenses..... then go taking pictures...... inevitably, you will run into a situation, where you suddenly want a different lens, on the camera ! However, while doing so... The Jackdaw jumps from between the antlers, onto the deers back, which makes for a much less interesting photo ! Good luck, with whatever you decide.
  13. How much better, is the A 7 4 going to be, over the A 7 3 ? I could understand the question more, if you were going to update to the A 7 S or A 7 R series. Presumably, you are talking about using a tripod ? Offhand I have no idea how much the 200 - 600 lens weighs, but I did rent the 70 - 200 f 2.8 for a couple of days. Yes, lovely lens, but so heavy, to lug around on a day to day basis, I would never considder buying one. Is there anywhere , locally you can rent, the 200 - 600 ? do some test shots ? Or mebbe your local shop, will let you try it out ? It would be a real waste of money, to pay for the 200 - 600, then find out, its not what you expected, especially as you are happy with your 400 mm. I, would wait, and see , what this : A 7 4, has to offer.....then decide, if its so different, that you want to update. Then, adress the lens issue, but as said, try renting the 200 - 600 for a couple of days, then see what you think of the results ! Good luck, whichever way, you go.
  14. There must be a converter, available. Yes APS-C on the Full Frame Sony A7 III, means they will be bigger than the lens MM numbers. If your Nikon Lenses, are good quality lenses, then they should give you, good quality photos, on the Sony !
  15. Bummer ! Wish you had noticed it, to begin with. However, that is easy to say, if you do not have some sort of ; non conducting probe, that would be thin enough and long enough, to allow you to disloge the broken bit. Nothing more frustrating , than being able to see the problem, but cannot get at it ! Hopefully, you will get your camera back, quickly ! Can I ask, what type of SD card you used ? I use Sandisk Extreme Pro, and Lexar 2000 x, and never had a problem. Good Luck
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