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  1. It is built for low light photography, so unless your birthdays and hikes, are at night, you might want to look at the ordinary A 7 III or the even faster A7 R III..... My impression is, the A 7 III series, is made more for video, than stills, So unless you are only on about video, you could save a ton o money by buying any of the A7 II series , which are very good cameras !
  2. Yes, unfortunately, its a bit of a design fault ! Due to the lens release button, being inside the hand grip, if you are trying for a complex angle, as you grip the camera, you can inadvertently press the release button, and instead of zooming , you just unscrew the lens ! I had the 24 - 70 F 2.8, and in a boatyard shot, I thought I was zooming the lens......but no, I was unscrewing it ! It fell off and the front lens scabbed off, about a third of the diameter ! Strangely enough, my B & W expensive filter, stayed intact, but due to the dent, could not be removed from the lens. Thank God, I bought the lens through Jessops, and took out the 3 yr extra insurance, Ok the lens, has in the meantime dropped in price, so all in all, I lost 100 quid. In the meantime,Sony brought out the 24 - 105, which, even though, it is not a G master lens, is more versatile, and , takes photos, every bit as good as the 24 - 70, so I used the insurance money, to buy that one, instead of another 24 - 70. Good Luck !
  3. Try a couple of independent reviews ? https://www.dxomark.com/sony-fe-16-35mm-f28-gm-lens-review-highest-rated-wide-angle-zoom/ https://www.kenrockwell.com/sony/lenses/16-35mm-f28.htm https://www.cameralabs.com/sony-fe-16-35mm-f2-8-gm-review/ Now you can compare findings ! Hope it works out !
  4. I mainly use my local Jessops , for my cameras lenses etc, and if anything doesn`t seem right, I go in and ask. Presumably any reputable dealer, would be able to look at your originals, and tell you , if the lens is defective, in any way. Perhaps google independent reviews of that lens, to see what others have experienced ? https://phillipreeve.net/blog/sony-fe-16-35mm-f4-za-t-review/ https://www.kenrockwell.com/sony/zeiss/16-35mm.htm Good Luck
  5. I have no idea, of what you are trying to achieve ? Covid Video with book text ? I suggest you contact, Fixation, or any other reputable Camera & Lens rental Company, rent whatever lens, takes your fancy, and see how the results , stack up. Then you will be able to buy whichever lens best fits , whatever it is, you are trying to do. Good Luck !
  6. Excuse me, for perhaps being stupid ? Doesn´t a fixed aperture, of F 2.8, mean, it is fixed ? Ie, throughout the whole focal length, its always going to be F2.8???
  7. Doesnt look like you have anyone, close by ! Guess you will have to extend your search area, or as a short cut ? Google, Sony USA, then ask where is your nearest dealer / service center ! Good Luck !
  8. It would really have to be low light, to make a difference ! However, in extreme situations, you can screw the ISO up to insane levels, with the sony stuff & still get great pix Good luck , with your choice !
  9. Boa Tarde ! No ! Para Atuelizar el Software, neccessito una Cabo USB especial, para Sony ! El cabo Sony, es mas gordo, que los Cabos normal ! Tu cabo USB nāo é Sony = No Funktiona !
  10. Pieter, Nothing is perfect, but for most photographers the 35 mm f 1.4 ticks most boxes. I also read, for example that for ordinary photographers, paying three times the price, for the 50 mm f 1.4, was not worth it, since the 50mm f 1.8 gave just as good results, unless you were doing laboratory work ? As regards Ken Rockwell, he did, in his test of the 35 mm f 1.4 , say, it was the sharpest of the group, or whatever, outperforming the Sigma Art 35 mm. Subsequent reviews, of his, I have not read. I got my 35mm f 1.4 , second hand, at a good price from a reputable dealer, and so far, it is doing a great job.
  11. I rented the 70 - 200 f 2.8 from Fixation, for a weekend in Brighton ! Yes the Pics were amazing ! But Jeez, the weight was just too much ! I had a camera bag slung over my shoulder, and had to lay the camera on it, as I was walking around with it ! It was so heavy, I at 66 , would never ever buy one ! Yes rent, if the need arizes but I couldnt carry that around all day The F 2.8 allows you to shoot in very low light , F 4 Not so much ! So, if Low Light is what you want, why not go, for the 35 mm f 1.4 ? Even Ken Rockwell declares it as the sharpest ever lens ! Outsmarting the Sigma 35 mm ART ! Do not get caught up, in a lens buying frenzy, because you wil just go paranoid, about never having the right lens, on the camera, at the time of any given event ! Rent whatever you want ! Test the lenses, over a weekend or whatever, then what ever hits your sweet spot ? Thats the one to buy Good Luck , with your choice !
  12. Well, according to Ken Rockwell, the Sony / Zeiss Distagon 35 mm 1.4 , is the sharpest lens he has ever tried. Yes, as you say, for portraits, prime lenses almost always give best results . However at almost twice the price, the 16 - 35 , considering the reviews, does offer more versatility. Perhaps visit your local sony shop, and ask to try both ? Then see, what you like best ? Or as an alternative, rent one from Fixation, for a day or 2, then see ? Thats what I did, with the 70 - 200, and as good as it was, it was so heavy, I didn´t bother buying one. Good luck, either way
  13. I had the Sony 24 - 70 2.8 , on my A9, until a mishap, caused it to fall off, mid zoom ! Luckily I had the extra insurance, and even though the 24 - 105 is not a G master lens, after trying it, I opted for that, rather than another Sony 24 70. I have not found any area, where I can say , the 24 - 105 is in any way, inferior to the 24 70. Good luck with your choice !
  14. So, were the last 2 photos, taken with the A 7 R III ? Or are there more coming ?
  15. Muchas Gracias. Buen Hecho Felipe ! Interesting comparison of lenses, in English.
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