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  1. Nikon 28/2.8 AIs on a D700
  2. Always use the lowest ISO you can get away with. I have a pretty good noise plugin for Photoshop, but I am still reluctant to go over 1600 on my a7rii.
  3. I think anything wider than 18mm would be of limited use in Morocco. Not enough opportunities to justify the cost.
  4. Or if you want some real character try the Zeiss 50mm f1.4 ZE or ZF wide open on an adapter.
  5. Voigtlander 40mm / f1.2 is quite nice. Rich colors and high contrast. Great sharpness even wide open. Manual focus. Not cheap, though. Voigtlander also has a similar 50mm / f1.2 that is similar in design and comparable in IQ.
  6. How about using a strip of plastic electrical tape to tie it down? Easy to remove and reusable.
  7. I like my a7rii for my older lenses, but any "a" body should be OK. A little google goes a long way.
  8. OK! Thanks for the information. I just completed the update without a hitch.
  9. Has anyone found the upgrade to be worthwhile. What specific improvements does it make to the a7rii?
  10. The Voigtlander 50/1.2 is an excellent lens, but manual focus and definitely not cheap. But for colors, contrast, and sharpness it can't be beat. The Voigt 40/1.2 is comparable.
  11. Because my need for autofocus is not so critical I just bought a really nice used rx100 iii for around town and non photography-centric vacations. The little camera is an absolute jewel. The 42 mp in my a7rii seem plenty for me. I can't justify the expense of a new a7riv. But for those who need its capabilities it sounds like a great camera.
  12. The new Voigtlanders are hot right now. They're made by Cosina and IQ is similar to the Zeiss ZE/ZF lines. There is a lot of information and samples over on Fred Miranda's site. The brand new Voigtlander 21/1.4 seems to have a lot of potential. I have the 40/1.2 and am very happy with it.
  13. Do you often use insect repellent? Certain types can cause damage to rubber and plastics.
  14. Sharp and versatile. On my last trip overseas I only brought the 24-105 without regrets.
  15. When the 24-105 first came out I criticized a guy who gave a review saying the 24-105 was sharp at all focal lengths at all apertures. I told him no zoom is sharp at all focal lengths at all apertures. Well, it turns out I was wrong. My 24-105 is just amazing.
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