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  1. Thad... 1600.. is a save the pic setting , for bad light. The 6500,should deliver great shots , at anything from 200 - 400 ISO, in the right light. As Dondeando said, as a test its ok, but try dropping to 200, in the same light, and back up a bit so you get a Head & Shoulders shot. Good luck .
  2. They have monsoon forrest and rainforrest, so you need aq good weather seal. Anywhere around the lakes, you could use the 100 - 400 for wildlife shots. Then as you say, yourself, the 35 - 50 would be good on the streets. A general ,go to , allrounder, even though it is not a Gmaster, is the 24 - 105. Im sure places like Fixation in vauxhall, have the 24 - 105 for rent, as well as other camera shops around the UK. the 24 - 105 and the 100 - 400 means you have almost every eventuality covered. Good Luck & have a great trip !
  3. Well, firstly, take it to your local sony dealer, and ask them, then depending on what they come up with, either you will get a quick solution, or need to send in for warranty repair. Good Luck
  4. Yes, he told you , exactly what you are ! An arrogant tosspot, who thinks you know better than everyone else... Your arrogance, just displays your national socialistic point of view. Everyone else, tries to help people . You just like to expound your superiority complex, with no help to anyone ! ME ME ME I am contacting the Simon Weizenthal institute about you !
  5. Ha, Great Shot......... Thinking................what will I look like...........when I grow Old !
  6. Good Start ! Now, open up a bit, and get some bokeh background. Hopefully win some competitions & get a better lens ? Good Luck WTC
  7. Very nice portrait. However, using lightroom, you could have removed the flare, from her forehead & frontal hair, which would have given the photo much more drama. Cheers WTC
  8. Sorry, but it looks, sort of , Staged , to me ? I have never seen accordion players, look into the distance, like she is. Normally, they look at their keyboards. This looks more like a perfume advert ! Apart from that, its a good Photo ! WTC
  9. OKAF You are not helping yourself, by being baited into using profanities! Just because Chrissie escaped into the German part of Switzerland, you cannot use swear words, when you are talking to a NatzionalSocialist , on this forum ! Im sure you can find him, on stormfront.org, and in that forum, anything goes ! In the meantime, I hope someone, who understands Video, can give you a sensible answer. WTC
  10. As far as I know, this is the only lens, Sony advocates for video ? I have no idea, since I only do stills ! https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/camera-lenses/selp18110g That should sort you out ! Good Luck WTC
  11. Sorry, but I also have the A7 R III, and the " Joystick " button has worked perfectly, for me, throughout this English Winter. I think you need to be at home, in the warm, then while both you & the camera are warm, you set the flexible spot button, to your preference. Then go out & take pictures....... Remember that freezing, or very cold temperatures, quickly destroy battery strength ! Take 2 fully charged batteries, in a bag, around your neck, next to your skin ! When you want to take a picture, insert a battery. When your camera misbehaves, swop the batteries. Cheers WTC
  12. Chrissie, being Chrissie, again ! No usefull information, as usual. The superiority complex , and the need to put others down, must bring joy to his sad life. WTC
  13. Algo nuevo desde Sony ? En esto momento no existe un explicacion bueno. Es este modo nuevo, annucios, que no dice mucho, apperece en los periodicos, un par de semañas antes la revelation del producto.... Vamos A Ver Saludos WTC
  14. Wether its cheaper or not, I do not know, but there is a guy in Holland ( Nederlands ) who specialises in conversion kits for individual lenses. I found him via google, and he was fast & efficient ! In stead of reading the instructions, I found a youtube clip, on how to change the lens mounts I had a 90 mm Leica Lens, and he had the exact kit, to change the lens from Leica mount to Sony E mount. Sadly I cannot remember how much the kit cost, I just know, that after dismantling & re asembling, the Leica lens was a perfect fit, on my a7II. Depending on how many lenses you have, buying the individual mount kit, might outweigh the cost of the Sony Adapter ? Good Luck WTC
  15. Wow, That is difficult ! I can only suggest, that you take the camera to a professional camera shop & ask there. Buena Suerte Amigo
  16. Hej Nygård I had the sony 24 - 70 , but its big & heavy and limiting. As soon as the 24 - 105 came out, I did a deal with my camera shop, even though the 24 105 is not a G master lens, its much more practical. The Sony Zeis 24 - 70 is F 4 ... The Sony Gmaster 24 - 70 is 2.8 & costs twice as much as the sony Zeiss. And I still swopped my 24 - 70 f 2.8 for the non G master 24 - 105 . Ok you are in Demark, and Im not sure of the websites there, so try looking at the Sony UK site, then select lenses, go through them, and see if anything suits you ? Once you have made your mind up,due to reviews or whatever, then check with uk firms like... Mifsuds : Park Cameras : Fixation UK : and others on google & see what they have, second hand ! I have bought stuff, or rented stuff , from the first three, and they are very professional people, who do a good job. Held og Lykke WTC
  17. DR... Sorry, but , your post , was so general, that it is like asking : How long is a piece of string ? You have to at least give us an idea, of what your goals are , ie fixed vs zoom ? A 20 mm pancake lens, is great for innocuous street photography. The 24 - 105 seems to be a lot of peoples .. Go To .. lens, due to the versatility. I personally do not think, that it is too big, nor too heavy. I did once rent the 70 - 200 f 2.8, yes , its good, but its big & weighs a ton, so that is not something I would buy. OK, something to look at... Remember when checking , the lenses come in APSC & Full Frame, before you jump in & buy ! Anyway these 2 below are cheapish Full Frame lenses for you to think about Sony FE 35 mm 1.8 and Sony FE 50 mm 1.8. Otherwise go to Sony UK Lenses, and browse for your self, then read the reviews, and buy whatever suts your pocket . I did notice, an E PZ 16 - 50 zoom, but that is ASPC, but might be just what you want, small & inconspicuous, ill let you do the math conversion from APSC to FF Anyway, your turn. Good Luck.
  18. Yes, I know, most people think Lens Hoods, are some sort of extraeneous techno junk. Yes... I know...... I hate them too ! .........However, in certain situations........They are neccessary. However.... In this photo, a lens hood, would make no difference ! The stars from the street lights, are in the center of your photo, not some flare, on an outer edge. They occur, due to the placement of all the lens groups, inside your lens barrel. I do not think, that they detract from the image, but that is just my opinion. To try & avoid this again, you will have to move around & take the photo from different angles, or use a different lens. Good Luck WTC
  19. The info, is somewhat sparse...... Are you talking about off camera flash, with tripods, umbrellas & lightboxes ...... or a simple on / off camera flash, that can work via wireless systems, like hanael ? Godox is good for off camera umbrellas etc, outdoors as well as studio stuff. However, a much cheaper alternative, is this : Mecablitz 44 AF-2 digital , which is a typical on / off camera flash, with bendy head & reflectors etc. An Allrounder with even more potential. The mecablitz 44 AF-2 digital is the ideal solution for price-conscious, dedicated video- and photographers. The clear control panel on the back of the unit impresses with its easy usability and offers a high level of functional reliability. The high performance affords power reserves in any photo situation (max. guide number 44 for ISO 100/21° and 105 mm). Depending on the camera, it has the appropriate application possibilities for any lighting conditions in TTL mode. The photographer can manually set up to 4 light levels, allowing to vary the lighting effects. The integrated highperformance LED creates additional light for video recording. Hope that gave you enough info, to google the differences, The mecablitz, if suitable for your needs, is only fractions of the cost of Godox units. Even if you buy 2. ( Obviously, state that it / they are for use on Sony Cameras , since they are made for Nikon, Cannon Olympus etc ) Mine is great, on my A9 However, each mecablitz 44 AF - 2 , takes 4 AA batteries, so I would buy a supply of decent rechargeable AA batteries, and say an 8 battery charger for the AAs. Remember.....If photographing outdoors in winter............The cold, kills Battery Power.........So.....Keep your spare fully charged AA batteries, in a bag round your neck, inside your shirt, next to your skin ! Hope this helped Cheers WTC
  20. Ok Thanks, I did note, that you said, in some years, you would like to do an African Safari. So that gives you time, to save some money, because once you get onto the Veldt , then yes , you will need a longer zoom. However, by then, a whole new range of lenses may have turned up. Good Luck & have a great time in the rainforrest Cheers WTC
  21. OK, there is street photography, and then there is street photography. If you are talking about pictures of people, in the street, aware you are taking their photo, then something like a 35 mm lens, is great. Normally I ask people, and then hand them a fiver, as a thank you. Yes 135 mm is good for portraits, but hardly of use in a street scenario, due to other people wandering into the pic. If on the other hand you want to photograph surreptitiously, then, something like a 20mm pancake lens, will do the trick. Best advice I can give you, is, go to a Sony dealership, with your camera body, and try a couple of lenses, before making a decision Good Luck
  22. Yes, as others , above, have said, either put the camera in for repair, or, cheaply, charge the camera battery, or several batteries, and keep them handy. Then, when you want to use the A 7, insert a battery, take pics, then remove the battery. Good Luck
  23. Sorry, but you missed out. A 5 year old mobile phone, is mainly worthless, due to the technological advances. You have an A 7 ? Sorry but todays instructors, are using A9 and the A 7 III. I dont think you are going to find any serious photographer, to take up your offer, maybe smart aleck fast buck makers, will charge you a fee, for useless info. Also, The A 7 has mediocre Video.. Hey its 5 years old ! You need to upgrade to the A7 R III or if in low light, the A7 S III to be able to do, what you are thinking about. The best free advice I can give you, is, Youtube ! You might find old clips about the A 7, but probably not much on its video capabilities. Good Luck
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