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  1. Nice macro shot. Did you take it in a shallow depth of field? Did you use auto or manual focus? I think you bought this beetle indoors to take some shots. Am I right? I found insects hard to spot as they can move quickly around.
  2. For me, birds photography is challenging if you want a clear, closer and better view of birds. Did you provide that perch or was there before? How long did you have to stay there before buzzard's arriving?
  3. Liked the green color of it. It pretty faces is saying that it's not dangerous at all. But I came to know that lizard's body skin, tail, and stool are dangerous for humans. These things carry many poisonous things. So, human has to stay away from lizards to direct touch.
  4. Today i'm taking my teenage son to an old ruined castle to urge some portrait and modeling shots. Its just a multitude about but id wish to do an honest job. At my disposal I even have my Nikon D7200, A 35mm F1.8 prime, a 50mm F1.8 prime (old manual version) and a Sigma 50-150 F2.8. I have an on camera flash only, but do have a workmans light which will fill the space with directional light. I can tame this with a bit of white book over the sunshine if needed. it's 3 brightness settings anyway. Can any body advise me which lens set up and lighting will give the best results?
  5. Nice color combination with soft light. But to be honest, I didn't like the tongue showing expression.
  6. Beautiful shot in a beautiful moment. Nice place for visiting. After sunset, nature looks very soft and dramatic which you have blown up in your picture very well. The composition was good.
  7. I took few seconds to figure out what is it in the picture?
  8. Don't skimp on depth-of-field. Beginning birds on the wing shooters often use rock bottom aperture they need available to urge a high shutter speed. While a high shutter speed is certainly important, skimping on aperture isn't the solution . Many birds have an outsized wingspan, and a coffee aperture will often put the wing tips out of focus. If you would like more light to extend your shutter speed, use a better ISO.
  9. I like the angle you choose and the picture clarity even though in a shadow.
  10. All the colors in one frame! 😃🌈 Nice shoot. Messy and distracting but interesting.
  11. Good composition. Did you go with post processing? Liked the background. Tell me about the background and other details of this shot. What aperture priority mode you used?
  12. Good poses. Face expression is quite natural. Aperture priority mode is just perfect.
  13. Lens causes this flare. Uncontrolled light that’s reflected from internal lens surfaces or that's scattered by imperfections within the glass. You couldn’t control the flare that’s why it has produced the dramatic lens flare artifacts which you’ve probably seen. Flare is often controlled in several alternative ways. An easy way is simply to stop non-image light from hitting the front element in the first place. Avoid putting bright lights (the sun, for example) directly within the frame, and stop out-of-frame light from shining onto the lens. this is often what a lens hood does — or, simply shading together with your hand, during a pinch.
  14. A good beginning for Milky Way photography is:ISO 1600-3200,a shutter speed of 15-20 seconds,and the lowest (most wide open) aperture that your camera allows.As with most astrophotography, a decent wide angle lens may be a must for Milky Way photography. You’ll also want to use your camera’s noise reduction function to catch up on the high ISO.
  15. Awesome shot! You're really lucky for having some fantastic moment and shot. Most desired shots for all the photographers I think.
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