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Found 4 results

  1. First post here as far as I can tell after using the Nex 6 from just after it was announced. I have been a Lightroom user ( a happy user ) for even more years ( currently using LR ver 4.4 ). Two upgrade routes have diverted one from the orher. How to find a way forward now? Adobe has several times upgraded the mechanism it uses to handle ARW / RAW files. Sony seems to have done likewise. I was uninitiated in these changes and now a few years of Sony Nex 6 ARW files are not handleable by Lightroom. I would appreciate continuing to use the ARW high quality files. But Lightroom now wants a monthly subscription to hand out to me a useable upgrade. That would be on a permenamt basis as long as I pay each month. I can't / don/t want to enter that subscription system. I can set the Nex 6 to shoot ARW + JPEG and delete all the ARW's. And / or trawl back through all unseeable ARW files and convert them one by one, or by batch, into JPEG's. My question(s): what software converter should I look at to convert ARW's into JPEG's, and what alternative to Lightroom should I consider if I want to continue shooting ARW with the Nex 6 ? I appreciate the chance to pose this query and I hope there might be a useful solution. Thank you very much to all. RegardsPFO
  2. I recently purchased the Sony Alpha 7 II. Great camera. I shot some test pictures with it. However, when I import them in DigiKam, there is no preview. IrfanView and other programs can open the image. I tried both the compressed and the uncompressed file formats but nothing works. There is no problem with PEF files from my Pentax camera. Do I need to tweak any settings? I am using the latest firmware. mj
  3. Hi Guys, I have recently bought a6300 and have upgraded to the LR Classic subscription plan, because my LR5 couldn't read the ARW files. Now a really weird problem appeared. I have imported about 200 images from a recent trip, at first all was good until a few days after my backup software Carbon Copy Cloner detected dozens of read errors. After that this particular folder in LR was crippled. The previews didn't load anymore (sometimes after over a minute the sharp picture would appear), all develop sliders were greyed out, and when i try to export them as jepg's LR crashes. Many images now have a black exclamation saying that "LR has encountered problems reading this photo and that you will not be able to make adjustments". Opening the files in PS it won't work, mac's preview won't load, and trashing a single file takes up to two minutes (I have to do this for dozens of files now and will loose the images). In the past i sometimes had similar issues with single images like that (a black exclamation mark over the photo and an 'error working with this photo'). Carbon Copy Cloner suggests that 'Bad sectors are "spared out" — permanently marked as unusable — only when the files on those sectors are deleted.' - do you think it's possible CCC had read errors and then deleted the files? They still appear in the finder though. CCC also suggests this issue may be due to a bad harddrive (these images are all on a 2 TB external Seagate drive. This is all very strange, I've worked with LR for years and never had this issue. I'm working on a Macbook Pro 2016 running 10.13.1 and LR is also fully updated (7.0.1) Before i spend time trashing them all I wonder if there are any options to recover my files. I'm having trouble finding people with similar issues though. Any help would be MASSIVELY appreciated, especially as a big trip is coming up and I don't want to deal with this on the road. I'll try using a different drive in the future. Cheers, Marcial
  4. hello i'm new to this website so my first post. Having trouble with previewing my raw files from my macbook pro. The Raw file will just not load at all. my laptop should be capable as it is a 2016 touch bar with upgraded specs, my software is up to date. what can be the issue! can not find anything. someone please help as this is very annoying. I have attached a youtube video for you to see what i mean.
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