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  1. Thank you dbmiller for this information. I believe that is the problem. Normally I have APS-C/Super 35m in 'Auto'. I have a feeling that I mistakenly had it on 'On' instead of what I wanted to try which was 'Off'. After putting it back to 'Auto', my RAW files are uploading correctly to Photos. Thank you so much for your help!!! And everyone else who replied to my need for help. I've never been on or written to a Forum before so the fact that it was helpful is so great. Thanks again everyone. I now have a source for Sony information that I actually didn't know existed until my wife wondered aloud if there was a Forum for the Sony a9! jmg
  2. To answer dbmiller's question, in Sony's Image Edge app, the pixels are 3936x2624 not 6000x4000 like they are in Photos. Do you know what that means? To Olaf W.'s, I have been importing RAW files into Photos without any issues, up to 25 MP per RAW file, for the last year with no problems until two weeks ago. Thanks, jmg
  3. The aspect ratio that I am using is 3:2. 4:3 is not an option, only 3:2, 16:9, and 1:1.
  4. I just tried shooting RAW uncompressed and the same issue happened. In the 'Get Info.' in the MAC is says 'No camera information as well as 'No lens information' and the file pixel size is 900 x 600 whereas normally it's 6000 x 4000. jmg
  5. Hi Steve, I was shooting in RAW compressed before the problem started and during when the problem happened. It seems that the MAC just isn't understanding something about the files. But I don't really know. Thanks, jmg
  6. Hi, I'm new to the forum. I have a Sony a9 and last week I was watching a YouTube video about settings and made a couple of changes although I don't remember which ones though they seemed minor. I already had changed numerous settings from the default ones over past 6 months with no issues. Last week after I made the most recent setting changes, when I tried to upload the RAW files to my iMAC, every RAW file was an exclamation mark inside a triangle instead of an image for the files after I changed the settings but the RAW files that were on the card before I made the changes all uploaded correctly. The mac 'Get Info' didn't recognize the camera or the settings and the RAW file sizes were half of normal. The thumbnails in the iMAC's 'Photos' app looked file until they were uploaded. As a test, I took some new photos using another RAW card and uploaded them and the same thing happened on this same mac and another one so it seems like it is a setting in the camera and not the computers or the cards but I can't figure out what it is. I wrote Sony and they said there is nothing that I could do in the camera to make that happen. I'm not sure that I agree. I'm about the reset the camera to the factory settings, if that's even possible, but wanted to ask here if anyone has had this happen to them or might know what happened? The jpgs all uploaded correctly. I ended up using the Sony Image Edge Desktop program and it let me turn the exclamation point in a triangle images into TiFF files. That makes it even more confusing for me to understand what is going on. Thank you in advance for any help, jmg
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