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Peak Design Anchor Recall

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Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere.

There is a recall underway for V1 and V3 anchors made by Peak Design. Details are on their web-site and shows how to identify the version of anchor that you may have: LINK

Owners of V1 and/or V3 anchors can get free replacements. 

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Thanks for the info.

If I understand this correctly, then the ankors only need to be replaced if the camera eyelets have sharp edges. I think I should be fine as long as I don't see any wear on the ankor cord.

The problem with the latest V4 ankor is the thickness of the cord. It is impossible to fit those through the eyelets of a camera.

I'm keeping my V3 ankors...



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I just had my V3 anchors replaced with the V4's and they came with circular spring clips (like a key chain ring) for cameras with small eyelets. Fortunately my a7rII has those nicely reinforced triangular eyelets that take the V4's with no problem. Absolutely necessary? Probably not, but with $5k+ worth of camera and lens swinging about... just saying.?



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Peak Design states that only 7 out of a million anchors failed due to wear. Doesn't sound like a real issue to me ? They sure take QA/QC seriously.

Anyway, I've now ordered the updated anchors.

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