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  1. Iansky

    Sony A7iii

    Images taken with my first ever Sony - the learning curve begins!
  2. Nice shot, the A9 is superb for wildlife work.
  3. I see that there is quite a lot of news on the internet about the A9ii due for release in Nov. The previews / comments about the new camera strongly indicate that there is not a great deal of difference in the shooting capability with the weight of the changes being the ability to transfer files from camera to other devices. There are apparently changes to the weather sealing and grip as well as mechanical shutter. I was lucky enough to purchase my A9 for £2k with part exchange of unused Nikon lenses (A1 series) so very happy with the deal! I love the camera and as I no longer work as a professional I do not need to update it especially since firmware V 6.0 release and it more than meets all my requirements so no intention / need to update it. Sony has come a very long way in the past couple of years and offers a viable alternative to the tried and tested top 2 DSLR top of the range models and there appears to be a slow but consistent change to Sony in the sports arena.
  4. Iansky

    Sony A9

    Images taken with the superb A9.
  5. I use the Sony 24-105 f4 and it is a superb lens that delivers really good image quality, it is superb value for money for a general purpose lens.
  6. Have a look at the Sony 24-105mm f4 zoom lens, it is a superb all purpose lens that delivers very good image quality.
  7. Thanks James, I was lucky enough to find an official crossing point where I could stand safely and grab the shot at the ideal height.
  8. Iansky

    Fantasy photo shoot

    A few of us like minded got together yesterday for a photo shoot with some fantastic models - a great 3 hours of shooting with the A7iii + Godox V1.
  9. Thanks and after even more reviews of RX100 vi images with the same lens I am happy with me decision especially with the same AFC/eye performance as the A9!
  10. I have been using the 100-400 with the TC1.4 for my wildlife / aircraft photos and find it a superb combination that is superfast, holds focus and delivers very good image quality. From what I have read / seen, the 200-600 is much larger than the 100-400 and even though cheaper I am not sure certainly in my case I could even consider letting the 100-400 go in place of the extra reach. This is an image taken this year at an air show on a wet and very overcast day, 100-400+TC1.4 yet I am very happy with the quality of the image.
  11. Wow LiveShots that is amazing and I assume that is shooting JPEG? I tend to find that I get around 1000 Raw images on my A9 when mostly using the 100-400 Gmaster + 1.4 TC and with very little chimping and I am very happy with that. I also only use genuine Sony batteries.
  12. Wow, it is an incredible camera and has really taken Sony way ahead of the "Opposition" - it is a camera that will demand the best glass or the benefits of that new sensor will not be as evident as hoped. It does however offer a 26mp option when used in APSC format which would be an option for those who include wildlife / sports as part of their profile but again, quality glass is critical. I am more than happy with my current Sony's that are both 24mp for my needs and could not justify the new camera................at the risk of being sworn at, I am thinking about the RX100Vii to use as a small always carry camera for street etc especially with the AFC / eye focus capability that is similar to the A9!
  13. Try setting the AFC area focus to Tracking and wide and then you can use the AF-ON button to press and it will concentrate on the centre area, once locked on the subject the tracking will stay on the aircraft - have a look at the Mark Galer videos on setting up tracking for sports -
  14. Thanks John and apologies I missed it first time around.🥴
  15. Thanks Dr John, looks like you also have the 2xTLC fitted - can you tell me what make this sling bag is please and approximate cost as I want to see if it is available in the UK. Thanks.
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