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  1. Iansky

    Sony A7iii

    Images taken with my first ever Sony - the learning curve begins!
  2. Thanks James, I was lucky enough to find an official crossing point where I could stand safely and grab the shot at the ideal height.
  3. Iansky

    Fantasy photo shoot

    A few of us like minded got together yesterday for a photo shoot with some fantastic models - a great 3 hours of shooting with the A7iii + Godox V1.
  4. Thanks and after even more reviews of RX100 vi images with the same lens I am happy with me decision especially with the same AFC/eye performance as the A9!
  5. I have been using the 100-400 with the TC1.4 for my wildlife / aircraft photos and find it a superb combination that is superfast, holds focus and delivers very good image quality. From what I have read / seen, the 200-600 is much larger than the 100-400 and even though cheaper I am not sure certainly in my case I could even consider letting the 100-400 go in place of the extra reach. This is an image taken this year at an air show on a wet and very overcast day, 100-400+TC1.4 yet I am very happy with the quality of the image.
  6. Wow LiveShots that is amazing and I assume that is shooting JPEG? I tend to find that I get around 1000 Raw images on my A9 when mostly using the 100-400 Gmaster + 1.4 TC and with very little chimping and I am very happy with that. I also only use genuine Sony batteries.
  7. Wow, it is an incredible camera and has really taken Sony way ahead of the "Opposition" - it is a camera that will demand the best glass or the benefits of that new sensor will not be as evident as hoped. It does however offer a 26mp option when used in APSC format which would be an option for those who include wildlife / sports as part of their profile but again, quality glass is critical. I am more than happy with my current Sony's that are both 24mp for my needs and could not justify the new camera................at the risk of being sworn at, I am thinking about the RX100Vii to use as a small always carry camera for street etc especially with the AFC / eye focus capability that is similar to the A9!
  8. Try setting the AFC area focus to Tracking and wide and then you can use the AF-ON button to press and it will concentrate on the centre area, once locked on the subject the tracking will stay on the aircraft - have a look at the Mark Galer videos on setting up tracking for sports -
  9. Thanks John and apologies I missed it first time around.🥴
  10. Thanks Dr John, looks like you also have the 2xTLC fitted - can you tell me what make this sling bag is please and approximate cost as I want to see if it is available in the UK. Thanks.
  11. It looks like a real beast - good luck and I look forward to your thoughts and images once it is in your hands.
  12. Camo, great decision - I have the A7iii and started with the 24-70 but wanted a bit more reach so traded it in against the 24-105mm and have no regrets, it is a superb lens that I use for documentary, landscape, portraits and even some macro as it focuses in close. I find this to be a superb combination that works really well for a seingle lens system ( I do have other lenses as well as another Sony body). I have medium sized hands and purchased the "small rig" grip that is superb and adds the extra depth for the fingers as well as offering a arca swiss plate fitting. Here are some links to images taken with this combo - hope they help show how it performs (these are small JPEG's for web). http://571photography.blogspot.com/2019/07/weston-super-mare.html http://571photography.blogspot.com/2019/07/cotswold-show.html Good luck with your decision and I hope this post helps.
  13. Iansky

    Sony G Master 100-400mm

    Images taken with the 100-400 G Master.
  14. Iansky


    Nice shot there Chrissie, and the A9 + 100-400 is a superb combo for wildlife/insects. I did consider the 2 x TC but ended up going with the 1.4 and I am very happy with that as I see no loss of AF performance or sharpness. The A9 is amazing for these types of images and I must congratulate you on some great images that make you smile and appreciate nature. Keep up the good work.
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