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  1. Iansky


    Nice shot there Chrissie, and the A9 + 100-400 is a superb combo for wildlife/insects. I did consider the 2 x TC but ended up going with the 1.4 and I am very happy with that as I see no loss of AF performance or sharpness. The A9 is amazing for these types of images and I must congratulate you on some great images that make you smile and appreciate nature. Keep up the good work.
  2. Thank you all for the feedback and I think we all agree that it is a superb versatile lens that offers a single lens solution for general documentary work. It is a superb combination when used with the A7iii and I am more than happy to take this pairing out to capture events where a long lens is not practical or will not get much use, it also delivers great character studies.
  3. Iansky

    Sony A7iii

    Images taken with my first ever Sony - the learning curve begins!
  4. Thank you Chris 76, It was a stunning sight to see and hear especially under full power and pumping out so much smoke.
  5. I agree, for what I shoot there is no real need for faster readout or even more MP. I do use the "Small rig" grips on my A9 & A7iii and they are brilliant as add that extra depth for the little finger, protect the camera and offer Swiss Arca fitting for both landscape and portrait shooting - and cheap! https://www.smallrig.com/cages/sony I agree that the battery life is superb and like you I have never hit the buffer! A superb camera that does it for me.
  6. I see that London Camera Exchange are offering a £300 trade in against an A9 and this is after them dropping the price by £1000.00 so is this another indication that Sony will be launching a Sony A9ii before the end of this year in time for next years Olympics? I traded in a batch of older Nikon F lenses and ended up paying £2K for my A9 and it is probably the best investment I have made, it is an astonishing camera and the auto focus is beyond belief (I took my Nikon D500 out yesterday and it made me realise how fantastic the Sony is) - the latest firmware update has taken the camera to another level and as I shoot quite a lot of sport / wildlife / aircraft it is the perfect tool for the job. I do wonder what apart from a sensor with more megapixels Sony will offer?
  7. Iansky


    Beautiful image.
  8. Iansky

    JCC07219 1.jpg

    Cheeky shot
  9. Iansky

    JCC09794 1.jpg

    Lovely photo, just hope she was not too cold.
  10. Thank you all for the kind words, it was a very special day as my father-in-law (90yrs old) had never seen the train in real life so he was very happy and I have had a large print made for his birthday.......just hope he likes it.
  11. Iansky

    Sony A9

    Images taken with the superb A9.
  12. We had the refurbished "Flying Scotsman" steam train through our county today and I took my Father-in-law who is 89yrs old to see it, he has only ever seen it in a museum not live on the railway. We were lucky as it remained dry even if a little dull after days of continuous rain. A fantastic sight and a real please to be able to grab some photos of it under steam!
  13. I do wonder what the end result of the "trial" will be where Adobe have proposed a massive price hike in the conscription service and if this does go through then I suspect there will be many (myself included) that will leave the subscription service and go to another platform. Many on here have been using Affinity or Capture One and I think many will go for one of these. Perhaps a sad case of Adobe shooting themselves in the foot through greed?
  14. I also need to add an endorsement for the 24-105mm, it is a superb lens and delivers great image quality. The lens also focusses very close for what it is and delivers great images, here is a recent one with the lens.
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