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  1. Definitely not a settings issue. I would immediately return it.
  2. I'm not the only one who has noticed a decentering issue with this lens: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/62123171 Also 2 out of 2 lenses decentered, left side less sharp.
  3. Since editing my post is no longer possible, here some corrections: the photo above was taken at F1.4, NOT F2.8 for the mentioned test procedure, it is better to use the max. available aperture of the lens The decentering is also visible at F2.8, but is less severe.
  4. Hi I've had 2 copies of the Sigma 56mm F1.4 and both showed a rather severe decentering issue. The left side of the frame is quite blurry compared to the right side, especially between F1.4 and F2.8. Here is an example at F2.8, focused at infinity: Note that it is not just the edge that is unsharp, it is approx. 50% of the left side of the frame. I wonder if this is an issue with all lenses or just a faulty batch. Is there anyone with a good copy? If you don't know how to test your lens, here is a simple recipe: choose a scene that fills the entire frame with distant objects (should be several hundred meters away) set the focus manually in the middle of the frame (should be around infinity) set the aperture to e.g. F2.8 and take a photo now rotate the camera 180° and take the same photo again (upside down) without changing the focus compare the two shots
  5. It is totally normal to get grainy photos in low-light situations, even at ISO 100. No matter how good the sensor: where light is scarse, noise will be visible in the final image. In your case I would open up the aperture to at least F4.
  6. The kit lens is junk. So-so build quality and pretty bad optical quality. I would recommend that you buy a decent lens instead of the 16-50. And no, this is not a repeatable trend in general, I've never had issues with Sony lenses.
  7. So yes, there is already a screen protector on the LCD. But it is still better to add an additional protector while the screen is still scratch free.
  8. Again, the guy in the video is looking at in-lens stabilization of old (!) lenses. No doubt those will cause issues on a tripod. What I suggested is that modern IBIS systems should be able to handle a steady base. I did another test, this time 20 seconds at 200mm, with and without SteadyShot. And again I don't see any difference (see 100% crops below). I'm confident that I can leave SteadyShot on at all times.
  9. The 100-400mm has OSS, maybe that's the reason why it doesn't perform so well in your tests on the tripod.
  10. I just did a quick test: 200mm @ 1 second exposure, took several shots with and without SteadyShot. There is absolutely no difference on my A7III.
  11. Peak Design states that only 7 out of a million anchors failed due to wear. Doesn't sound like a real issue to me 😉 They sure take QA/QC seriously. Anyway, I've now ordered the updated anchors.
  12. Where do you have this from? I think it is not necessary to disable SteadyShot on a tripod. Current stabilization systems are very accurate and should be able to handle a tripod. [edit] Just found a remark in the Sony helpguide that says it should be switched off... intersting. Is there a test that backs this claim?
  13. I would recommend the Peak Design Everyday 5l. Should be just the perfect fit for your combo. The bag is very well made, comfortable to carry and easy to open. And best of all: it doesn't look like a photo bag that screams 'expensive equipment inside' 😉
  14. Thanks for the info. If I understand this correctly, then the ankors only need to be replaced if the camera eyelets have sharp edges. I think I should be fine as long as I don't see any wear on the ankor cord. The problem with the latest V4 ankor is the thickness of the cord. It is impossible to fit those through the eyelets of a camera. I'm keeping my V3 ankors...
  15. I would recommend to have a look at the Tokina Firin 20mm F2 lens. Excellent sharpness even wide open and very little CA and coma. The manual focus version is actually quite cheap. I had the 16-35mm Zeiss, not a bad lens but ultimately not comparable to a prime lens such as the Tokina. If you are after perfect sun stars, then I would recommend the Zeiss Loxia 21mm F2.8.
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