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  1. So we have an "undeniable" shutter firing, as identified by you by its sound, yet no apparent picture was taken. Let's settle for now on the undisputed observation, that a sound was emitted. The internet is full of reports from SonyAlpha users about such sound phenomena after power down, and a wide range of explanations is being given. The most detailed and plausible explanation of which (in my view) was given by this guy. Of course you are free to believe any other explanation, which you may find when searching for the following key words: Note, how those key words focus on the observation, leaving out their interpretation.
  2. Maybe we should first confirm, that the shutter indeed fired, after you switched off your camera. What makes you believe, the shutter fired? Did the camera take an additional picture? Or did you possibly interpret a "sound" from the camera as a shutter firing? Please provide more detail.
  3. Wally, the confusion runs really strong in you. But I don't blame you: It's quite common among the clueless, to mistake competence as arrogance.
  4. On a completely related note: here's some news from our recent new member OKAF, received via private message: Obviously, OKAF is the enrichment this forum has long been waiting for.
  5. Wally, the following applies to you: So: no surprise as far as you're concerned.
  6. Kid, in case you're unaware: you're the one who needs help. Not me. I'm the one, who could provide help. But I won't. Not to you. Learn some manners first. This place does not belong to you. You don't get to define the rules for a community of volunteers.
  7. You came here and didn't even introduce yourself. Then you're displaying a lack of solidarity which I find disgusting. To say the least. If you think, solidarity is an obsolete concept, why did you come here for help in the first place? Just asking for a friend ... EOD
  8. Glad you liked it. Good luck with everything you obviously deserve.
  9. We don't know the background for that. BUT: don't feel the need to make up for that shortfall in resources, which is NOT YOUR FAULT. The next time it might be YOU, who gets fired. So, my advice is as follows: Let this assignment hit the wall. As hard as possible. And make your bosses think TWICE before firing people.
  10. To me this sounds like the computer you're using for playback needs a noticeable amount of time to load both the playback software plus a sufficiently large portion of the video file into memory. In a way, the computer maintains a buffer (pretty much like a bucket of water), which gets both filled and drained at the same time. The fill rate needs to be higher than the drain rate, so the desired drain rate can be sustained and the bucket does not run empty. At the start of the playback, you start draining already, while things still need to be loaded into memory, which is sort of a "distraction" from the necessary fill rate. The playback of any video should be less choppy (or not choppy at all) when you rewind and re-play it for a second time. It should be all in memory by then.
  11. I have no experience to that regard, as I only use native Sony lenses. Sorry.
  12. Sounds like you have "focus peaking" enabled. There is a color setting and an intensity setting for this in the menu.
  13. Great visualisation! I get the idea and will report back on how this works out for me 8-)
  14. Alejandro, thanks a lot for your very detailed description. The technique you're describing in your last sentence is actually "leading" a moving target, like you'd do when shooting. That does make quite some sense. But: how does that go along with the "always at the center" part of your preceding sentence? Wondering, Chris
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