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  1. Chrissie


    A9, 100-400GM, ISO 800, 1/500, F5.6, 400mm, hand-held, manual focus
  2. Chrissie


    A9, 100-400GM, ISO 800, 1/2000, F8, 212mm, hand-held, manual focus
  3. Some shots of a Red Kite, against the backdrop of a patch of rape just being harvested. A9, 100-400GM + 2.0 tc. 1/3000 F11 800mm ISO 800 Click on images to view higher resolution images.
  4. Chrissie

    Considering moving to Sony

    You need to realize, that the total MP value is the product of horizontal times vertical resolution. If you want perceived double resolution, this would require both double horizontal plus double vertical resolution, totaling a quadruple resolution. A double MP value only gives you a Squareroot(2) increase, something like the 1.4-fold. Not a 2-fold.
  5. Chrissie

    Get Rid of Lamp post?

    @jimmy986: can you provide GoogleMaps or GoogleEarth coordinates of this location, for a view from above?
  6. Chrissie

    Why no forum for the A9?

    There even isn't an "A9" checkbox in the "Survey: What Sony Alpha do you have". So this model does indeed suffer from some active neglect.
  7. Chrissie

    WiFi downloads

    You can safely ignore that. Both camera's WiFi is specified as having the same IEEE802.11 b/g/n capabilities.
  8. Chrissie

    WiFi downloads

    I did some benchmark tests with my A9, a while ago. Considering the A7Rii is a generation older, the results for your camera may be worse. Except for the direct read from the memory card of course.
  9. Chrissie

    Ortona, Italy

    Jaf, are you serious??!! Do you really want to compare a fully immersive 360° by 180° seamless panorama, covering every conceivable angle of view, with the three-part 2D (i.e.: flat) images of former artists, which were never meant to (nor were in the least capable of) conveying ALL of a scene? You seem obsessed with the notion of "selection", because what you call "traditional" photography could never deliver anything else other than selection. I would rather call this "legacy" style. What you are trying to downplay is happening at the fringes of "traditional" photography. By turning photography digital, it can and does profit from the computational power of contemporary hardware plus advanced mathematical knowledge which former artists ("for ages") did not have at their disposal. And which apparently neither your formal education as a photographer nor your professional experience as such seem to have come in any contact with. With your claims, you are opening yourself up to embarrassing and easy defeat, which I'm not interested in. Trust me: you can't win at that.
  10. Chrissie

    Ortona, Italy

    Jaf, fortunately it's not you who gets to define what the purpose of my photographs is. I'm doing this in order to document what I have seen, in a given situation, as neutral and "true" as possible. To let people share my experience. Sometimes I too want to emphasize things, but certainly not when I'm doing spherical panoramas. Spherical panoramas are, as you may be aware of, nowadays heavily used commercially in real estate presentations. And I can assure you: the prospective buyers do not want to be presented with a "selective" view of what the current owner considers to be the "most important" traits of an object. If you climb a mountain and get the rare chance to enjoy a view all around yourself of 100km+, then what's the point of selecting any single one of the hundreds of summits all around you? In that case you want the viewer to be as overwhelmed as you were yourself. And this will certainly not happen through selection. You, on the other hand, seem to prefer imposing your selective views on others - that's fine with me, if it makes you feel good. If you want to make a living out of this, I hope the viewers of your works share your preference.
  11. Chrissie

    Ortona, Italy

    It seems like we are approaching the very core of why all of us are pursuing photography at all. Which may be a different one for every one of us. It can be very rewarding to exchange on the different aspects of this - at best. I would like to be inspired by different approaches to this endeavor, rather than be put down by limited views.
  12. Chrissie

    Ortona, Italy

    Jaf, you seem to be a friend of radical statements, and as such, you will draw contradictions. Which you probably are aware of. I'm not going to fall into that trap and pick a fight with you. I perceive panorama photography as a technical challenge, and I'm proud of having come this far in mastering it. Although I acknowledge that there is still a long way to go on that field. And your radical nullification of any those attempts will not reduce my pride in having accomplished these. Granted, the selection of the perfect crop I'm perfectly evading. On purpose! This is indeed part of my intention. As such, your criticism only reinforces my ambition. 😉 Having mentioned the technical challenges, I do acknowledge that artistical challenges may well be on a completely different level. Which I will tackle once I feel comfortable on the technical level - so stay tuned! 😉