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  1. If you uploaded to your phone using ImagingEdge/PlayMemories then the default size is 2Mb... I think you can change it in the app settings.
  2. Thanks for posting the solution, I never would have suspected something like that..
  3. Thanks for posting this, it explains why I’ve never seen this on my α9, as nutty as it sounds I shoot in Aperture Priority when shooting sports. I use the Min Shutter Speed option that shifts the ISO if the shutter speed drops below my preset.
  4. Did you try pulling the monitor screen away from the body a little, so there is a gap between the body and the monitor? Is the microphone receiver on the cold shoe, do you get the same problem if the receiver is held away from the camera?
  5. I think it has more to do with shutter speed. Try the same test with Silent Shooting (electronic shutter) rather than mechanical shutter.
  6. Sony's lack of telephoto primes is something that they need to address, the wide and mid-range focal points are well covered by Sony and other good 3rd party providers (love my Sigma 105mm). Each time I've tried wildlife I've stuck my 70-200 at the long end and left it there so primes would suit me better, I think. I'm hopeful that we will see a 500mm and 600mm soon.
  7. Likely some dirt under one of the buttons, so the camera thinks it’s being pushed. It might be visible so look closely at all the buttons including the control wheel.
  8. Are you using a lens hood? I’ve never seen this effect on any of my photos (α9).
  9. 55mm f1.8, not a cheap lens but well made, and very sharp.
  10. David Busch has a book about the a5000 but I’m not sure if it is still in print.
  11. Pocket wizards have an enormous range and more options. Vello are much cheaper and are reliable but have a shorter working distance, you may need to be in line of sight in some situations but they are rare.
  12. I turn mine off too, but I found that when taking still shots (one frame) I find myself hitting the Play button, but for sports (my main interest) it is left off.
  13. There's an option to turn this on/off The online manual is better than the printed copy, as it allows searches, see link below: https://helpguide.sony.net/ilc/1810/v1/en/contents/TP0001117037.html
  14. That should work, just set both receivers to the same code.There are various models that have the Sony cable, they should all work the same way.
  15. The format of the date changes over time, anything posted within a week typically shows the day and the time. Stuff from last week will show month and day Stuff from last year will show month, day and year
  16. I’ve skipped downloads in the past and never had an issue.
  17. Probably a stupid question; but did you download the right file? Both cameras got a firmware upgrade but the downloads are on different pages.
  18. FYI, this issue occurred when updating the a9 After allowing Sony Corporation software in the Security Settings (Mac), the SystemSoftwareUpdater did not start automatically. I found the app in the resources folder on the .dmg folder
  19. If you want help you need to provide more details. What did not work, how far into the process did it get, did you get error messages, did you Mac recognize the camera did the camera not accept the upgrade?
  20. The 3.0 firmware upgrade will remove the need to hold down a custom button for Eye-AF. I think the firmware comes out on 11th April https://www.sony.com/electronics/support/e-mount-body-ilce-7-series/ilce-7m3#downloads
  21. All e-mount lens will work on both Full-Frame and APS-C cameras. Put a Full-Frame lens on an APS-C camera and the focal length of the lens will increase x1.5 (ie. a 50mm FF lens will be 75mm when mounted on APS-C camera). Put an APS-C lens on a Full-Frame camera and the resolution will drop as the lens will project a smaller image to the sensor. TC's only work on the white GM lens I mentioned earlier and can be mounted to both FF and APS-C cameras.
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