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  1. RAW files start at around 60MB, so check the write speed of the cards, if they are 150MB per second then taking more than 2.5 frames per second it will start to buffer. I think the buffer is about 33 frames so if you fill the buffer I think it will take about 13 seconds to write all that to the card. The cards will be fine, just be aware that if you go nuts with the shutter button you may miss some shots while the buffer clears.
  2. I got one of these shortly after I got my a9, it makes a huge difference. They are hopelessly overpriced for what they are, I think they should have included this grip free with every a7, a9. When using the heavier Sony lenses, I found the full size grip to help a lot with the balance, especially if I am going to be shooting a lot of vertical shots.
  3. Nice shots, I particularly liked the first one
  4. The image is 3:2, that’s a ratio not a size. Try setting the Page Size to 4x6 (same as Printer Paper Size), in Page Layout select Fit-to-Page
  5. Return it, if the box was in bad shape then it was likely a ‘return’ from another customer.
  6. Either export with those settings or check the printer guide to see if there is something in its settings that will scale the image to the correct size.
  7. Check DPI settings, if your printer is 150 DPI then export at 300 DPI
  8. Jpg or raw? if raw what software are you using to view the files.
  9. The camera processing may be clearing up the anomaly which is why you don’t see it in the jpg. The lines are curved, may indicate a lens issue. What camera and lens are you using?
  10. Not sure about PC’s but with a Mac there is a way to rename multiple files at once, sort the files by date/time, then select all the duplicates (they should be at the end), then select Rename to change the prefix of the selected files to something else.
  11. Check for pre-AF setting. If that is set on then any movement near the viewfinder will keep the camera active
  12. https://www.sony.com/electronics/camera-lenses/sal55200-2
  13. LiveShots

    The Redhead

    I like the top one a lot, though I'm wondering about a tighter crop. She has great eyes and putting them on the rule of thirds brings my eye straight to them.
  14. It’s normal, it’s mapping pixels , my a9 does it once in a while too
  15. It might be worth experimenting on a bright day to see if it’s better off. For Sports / Action I usually have it turned off.
  16. Either a hardware issue, or you wiped the sensor with something that had liquid on it and it left horizontal streaks such as you would see with a wet sensor cleaner.
  17. If the plane is the only thing in the sky then wide tracking may have been a better bet. It should pick up on whatever is nearest and moving and latch onto it. Did you have LiveView switched on or off.
  18. I agree, my a9 meets all of my current needs, it’s still the best sports camera in the world in my opinion.
  19. This is the online guide for the a9 https://helpguide.sony.net/ilc/1830/v1/en/index.html
  20. There is a Focus limiter switch on the lens, if the subject is outside the selected range then you may not see the focus square.
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