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  1. I think Its just vignetting, greater depth of field makes it more pronounced.
  2. Altitude should be a non-issue, I’ve used my a9 at 9000 feet (around 2700 meters) with no issue. The only potential issue is temperature. Check the temp ranges for your camera in the online help guide. Batteries won’t last long in low temps so bring spares and try to keep them warm.
  3. I seem to recall I get the Slot 1 error the very first time I use a brand new card on my a9... its been a while though
  4. Colors can only go as far as recorded. With spot metering being used it will try to balance the exposure in the center of the frame which is where the light is. Try mounting the camera on a tripod, and take a picture with bracketing turned on for EACH of the various metering modes, save images as RAW + JPG Then do the same with DRO turned on, and go through them all to see which JPG is closer to reality. Then use a good photo editor to fine-tune the RAW version of that image. On the last example I did not adjust the saturation, so there may be some more color that could be brought out.
  5. Here's another way of editing, just changing Exposure Brightness and Shadow
  6. I cropped the images a little. The images are very under-exposed, so there is little room for improvement. Spot metering was used with no Exposure Compensation on the two images below I adjust the Highlights all the way down to -100 to get the colors to begin to show. I can't see from EXIF if DRO was used, it does affect the RAW files and gives more latitude to widely varying lighting conditions This is from first image screen shot from CaptureOne settings: This screenshot shows CaptureOne settings for the following image. I had to adjust color on the basketball as the highlights were blown out. I am certain that others could probably edit these much better but this should give you a starting point My recommendation when taking shots like this is : 1. Turn on DRO, as mentioned above it DOES affect RAW files and gives more latitude on color correction etc. 2. Use AEL , focus on an area that is mid-lighting and toggle AEL this may help to give a median baseline for lighting, then recompose, focus and take the shot.
  7. The top one is much warmer, so the White Balance setting is different on the two images. Have you tried changing the WB in post-processing to see if you can find a setting that gets you close to the phone camera?
  8. Not sure, i don’t use bracketing much. I would have thought the camera should be able to do this sort of shot without too much post-processing.
  9. I imagine these lights are fluorescent, but that would only cause a problem if using the electronic shutter. Maybe a slower shutter speed to eliminate the flicker of the lights ? i’m a little stumped to be honest
  10. What metering mode were you using, if using the whole screen then it might over expose to pick up the building, so it washes out the sign. https://helpguide.sony.net/ilc/1930/v1/en/contents/TP0002720658.html?search=Highlight Did you try using the Highlight mode ? Did you have HDR on or off?
  11. Do you mean that ‘cross-hatch’ effect ? I’m wondering its a moire effect from light hitting his hair at just the right angle, Try using a smaller aperture to see if that helps
  12. I have a wet cleaning kit too, though since getting the arctic butterfly I have not needed it. If there is moisture on the lens, droplets etc. then the wet cleaning is the way to go. If its just dust, which for me is most of the time, then the butterfly gets rid of it every time and is much quicker.
  13. I use this: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1394915-REG/visibledust_19313124_ab_724s_arctic_butterfly_super.html
  14. I buy a lot of stuff from B&H, never had anything fake.
  15. The blue sticker Li-ion is fake... Also Sony has the circular Recycle sign, Fake is a Trash can
  16. It sounds like its stuck in P - program mode, or Intelligent Mode https://helpguide.sony.net/ilc/1520/v1/en/contents/TP0001077065.html
  17. What shooting mode are you in, top dial?
  18. I think the smaller sensor size of the a6600 would not need the front curtain for either types of shots. I’ve never used it on my 24MB a9. The larger sensor of the A7 may require it if you have live view off and a very large aperture lens that has to step down when the shutter is pressed. i don’t think there is a single right answer as it depends on the type of shot, lens, etc. I don’t know if either camera has the e-front curtain, that option may be better as it eliminates one shutter activation.
  19. If you go with the A7III then you may as well just take the IV with you instead. I think where the compact camera will shine is as a backup for a larger camera. I would go with the A7C
  20. If this setting does not turn it on then it is either broken or maybe there is a screen protector on there that is preventing your touch from being registered?
  21. There was a recall about it before this camera came out. The cards seemed to work fine for photos but had issues with video. They replaced mine weeks ago.
  22. Sounds could be auto-focus if continuous AF is on or aperture closing if Live View is turned off
  23. I don’t have this camera but i wonder if you push one end of the strap into the recessed hole maybe it loops into a slot and comes back out through the same hole... i may not be explaining this right
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