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  1. The focusing system on a6500 is superb. No camera in the world can read every scene and determine what YOU want it to focus on. AUTO means that the camera will measure the light coming in and try to determine the ideal shutter, aperture and iso. You have to point the camera and tell it what to focus on. You are confusing settings with focus, they are two different things. Read the manual.
  2. Focus area is set to Wide in Superior Auto. So focus will lock on to whatever gives it the best focus lock. In your case that would be the sharp edge of the grass. https://helpguide.sony.net/ilc/1640/v1/en/contents/TP0001297225.html?search=Superior focus Try using Aperture Priority and use Expand Flexible focus with tracking. You can then use the front or rear dials to adjust the aperture and the camera will adjust shutter and iso.
  3. What focus area were you using, Wide, Centre, Zone etc.?
  4. A listing of where all the functions are set in the menu, is at the online guide. It’s easier to find the information than the printed guide book as it allows for searching. Link : https://helpguide.sony.net/ilc/1720/v1/en/contents/TP0001653096.html#menu
  5. It’s possible, or maybe the contacts under the dial are damaged.
  6. You may have some dirt trapped near the buttons. If the problems persist trying resetting the camera.
  7. Is this what you are using? https://briansmith.com/sony-smart-remote-control-update-4-10-bulb-shooting/
  8. I don’t know of one, I think most people just use a wireless or wired remote for that.
  9. I seem to recall that function is being added when the app gets renamed/re-released as ImagingEdge... due this month I think.
  10. I think there were issues introduced with v2 of the firmware that caused problems for IBIS on this camera, especially with 3rd party lens. IBIS moves the sensor, so if you see issues in EVF and the monitor then it is likely a sensor issue. My advice would be to reach out to the person with an a7iii that you mentioned and see if he has the same issue, or wait until the new firmware comes out and then test it out again.
  11. I think 1/160 is the limit for the a6000.
  12. The dancing squares indicate that it is tracking, its supposed to do that. As the subject moves around the squares should move around with them.
  13. I don’t understand this stuff either... I also don’t get how some people can just willingly put tons of their personal stuff into some nebulous cloud. I use C1, did not upgrade to the latest version as there is nothing that I needed with that release. I like the fact that I can customize the workspace so I only see the tools I use most frequently. If I need to do quick edits on my iPad then I can connect an SD reader and just use the Photos app without it uploading everything to the cloud.
  14. I’ve had my a9 for a while now and I’m impressed with it every time I use it. The upcoming firmware updates (if they are are good as Sony claim) will take the camera to a level far beyond what any other manufacturer has on the market.
  15. The older models (a7rII and a7II) do not have the chip speed necessary to allow for continuous eye-AF.
  16. With a 42mp sensor I think a 50 or 55 1.8 would be a better purchase. As you mentioned above you can always crop down to get tighter shots without a huge impact on final image quality. The 55 is a very sharp lens and will complement the 42mp sensor much better than a f4 zoom. Just my 2 cents.
  17. Sorry, I don’t know. I suggest contacting Sony directly, if it’s still under warranty then it should cost nothing.
  18. It sounds like a hardware problem with the shutter leaf.
  19. Looks slightly curved, what lenses are you using? Are they native lenses or are you using an adapter? Did you check for any obstructions or debris on the mounting area? Is the lens/adapter fully locked in (audible click) when screwing it in?
  20. 1. By all accounts the 100-400 is a solid performer, though your a7 won’t be able to use it to its full advantage due to the slower focusing software on your current camera. If your planning on taking photos of fast moving wildlife then it may cause some lost shots. Though it depends a lot on the situation. 2. Sony’s current trade up program will give you $200 for your a7, so unless it’s worth more on a private sale I would suggest keeping it as a backup with your 55mm attached. 3. Don’t know, never used a 24-105. Might be easier to carry than the 100-400 though. 4. The a7III has the same AF system as the a9 so you will notice a big upgrade there, not counting the HUGE firmware update that is coming soon. 5. The a7III has a much better focusing system than your a7, coupled with the 100-400mm you should be able to get some good action shots. Things to consider; If you are going on your trip AFTER the new firmware update is available then I would get the a7III and use your 24-105 for the trip and get the 100-400 later, or maybe look into renting one when you get to Australia. Secondly, there is a possibility that there could be reductions in camera prices as the war between mirrorless systems is starting to kick in, now that Canon and Nikon have joined the fray. It’s possible the a7III could see some additional reductions in the near future. Its a tough call, personally I would look into the option of renting some gear when you get to your destination.
  21. He’s back : https://www.sonyalphaforum.com/profile/18114-shaktiman/content/
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