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  1. I like how the shadow cuts right across the eyes.
  2. Explanation of xml or sidecar files is here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sidecar_file They are small enough that you should probably copy them over in case some video editing software needs them later. I’m guessing that the THBNL files are thumbnail images of your photos, not sure what to do with them. I usually import photos using CaptureOne and I don’t shoot video so can’t provide any more details on that.
  3. Make sure that you have all the latest firmware for your camera. Do you have a UV filter on the lens ? There was an issue that someone had with a UV filters that caused distortion on this lens, wondering if this could be an issue with certain lighting conditions and if that distortion affects how it focuses.
  4. Record movies in a High frame rate and play them back at a slower rate. Ie. record at 60fps and play back at 30fps will appear half speed. https://helpguide.sony.net/ilc/1450/v1/en/contents/TP0000301880.html?search=Frame rate
  5. Agreed, distance is the killer, taking photos of motorbikes heading into a wide corner, they were impossible to follow as they got closer. I could not twist fast enough to keep them in the frame for the last 1-2 seconds.
  6. Good tip. That should work well with motorbikes too, I’ll have to give that a try the next time I am at the race track.
  7. At a typical sporting event I my end up with 1-2k photos. Typically I just upload all of them to a Mac Mini, while I clean my gear. Then preview with CaptureOne to sort through them and pick the top ones. The only delay is the process is the copying of the data from SD card to the computer, and I don’t generally just sit there and watch it.
  8. Suggest you contact Sony Support www.sony.com and select Support what operating system are you using and what version ?
  9. Did you download the right file for your operating system ? There are MAC and WINDOWS versions...
  10. I would not remove it from the lens. Just use wet-wipes, or a tooth-brush with de-mineralized (distilled) water, or one of these : https://www.lenspotion.com
  11. I like the lighting on the red car image, and that slightly washed out look on the final photo works for me too.
  12. Two options, click the ‘choose files’ to attach images from your device (red circle) or to link to your images on Flickr or other internet source use the ‘Insert other media’ (blue circle)
  13. If the images are grainy then check that the ISO is not too high. You can RESET all settings to default if you can’t provide more details: https://helpguide.sony.net/gbmig/45349331/v1/en/contents/TP0000508334.html?search=Reset
  14. Yes https://helpguide.sony.net/ilc/1710/v1/en/contents/TP0001653118.html?search=DISP
  15. Sounds like what happens when you manually focus the lens , the image zooms in to help with manual focus then snaps back when you stop moving the focus ring. So, are you turning the focus ring and not the zoom ring ?
  16. Sounds like it, hopefully the place you bought it from has a good return policy.
  17. You cannot use the shutter when recording a movie as the shutter has to be wide open to record the video. If it does not work with electronic shutter then it won’t work at all.
  18. I think you cannot move to the ‘A’ when you have Manual or Aperture set on the mode dial https://helpguide.sony.net/ilc/1720/v1/en/contents/TP0001667427.html?search=Aperture mode
  19. Can only be done when previewing images on the camera: https://helpguide.sony.net/ilc/1710/v1/en/contents/TP0001661939.html It does not show the focus point, but the area that was the focus point will be in the center of the screen
  20. I suspect that the issue is with your batteries and not the camera. If the USB charger works then I suggest you use this rather than risk damaging your camera.
  21. Does this rule of thumb apply with SteadyShot ? The 200-600 should be set to the third option for steadyshot when hand-holding the lens. I still think the shutter could be slower and that will lower the ISO. There is a lot of noise on the image, I don’t know if this is from the RAW file or jpg, or if any noise-reduction was done on the image. Was tracking enabled?
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