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Rattle with 18-105 G (IS Problem?)

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Wondering if anyone has run into this issue. I have an 18-105 PZ for my a6300 that I haven't used in a few months. I picked it up today and noticed a rattling sound. It seems like something close to the mount is rattling up and down if I shake the lens up and down. If I attach the lens to the camera, it goes away completely. This makes me think that maybe it has something to do with the image stabilization or power zoom, but I have no idea.


I've read people saying this is normal in other image stabilized lenses like the 35mm 1.4. Maybe the lens was doing this before and I never noticed? Has anyone else had this issue, or know if this is how the lens is supposed to be? Thanks!

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Guest Peter Kelly

Don't take my word as gospel, but I'd imagine that the OSS element would move quite freely until powered up. If it was held firmly then it would require more force to move when countering vibration, which wouldn't be ideal.


It's not likely to cause damage by shaking, although I'd resist doing so just to find out what might be causing any noise. As long as it works, worry not!

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    • By Javulja
      Hi guys,
      I need your help, I'm a little bit upset with my new Sony A7. The pictures I take have a lot of noise and no sharpness. Could you tell me if I'm doing something wrong? I'll upload a RAW example of the image so you can see it. I use the 28-70 kit lens. 
      I tryed different ISO but still with noise...   Thank you all!
    • By bwud
      I shot some pretty underexposed shots today (playing around with stacking technique, this isn't ordinarily how I'd shoot), and when pushing them in lightroom (and the same thing appears in Capture One).
      Could it be heat from the card slot? I've not seen this is any other situation, but again don't typically underexpose so significantly. Anyone else seeing this?
      Attached are: default conversion & +100 shadows +2.14 exposure (Lightroom)
      Other details: compressed raw, silent shutter (so I've lost precision), burst to a single card, every shot in the burst has the same noise.

    • By Flightmedia.tv
      Just picked up and a6300 last week. I do lots of video work so I switched over from DSLRs.
      The camera is amazing - but I spent the day in the rockies today and took probably about 300 shots, including lots of great wildlife clips. Near the end of the day i turned on my camera to take a quick shot, after i took the shot it said something along the lines of "please wait... processing image". I'm not sure ecatly what it said because I didnt think much of it at the time. So after it said that for about 5 seconds I tried just shutting my camera off and turning it back on. When it came back on it came up with a "image database not ready" screen and wanted me to retrieve data from the card. I proceed but it couldnt retrieve data. After tinkering for a few minutes it just had a black screen when i would turn on my camera with the card in it. I think tried plugging my sd into my pc and my pc would make the sound it makes when an external devoce is connected but no sd drive would come up. I also tried plugging the sd into one of my canons and it would also go to a black screen when the card was plugged in.
      I'm assuming the card is dead. Has this happened to anyone else? Any hope of recovering the data thats still on the card? Not that its a huge deal if I loose todays shots but I shot lots of weddings and it wold be horrible if this happened at the end of a wedding day. Let me know your thoughts...
      For reference, the SD card is a 64gb Lexar micro SDHC and is about 6 months old.
      Thanks in advance,
    • By J√∂rg
      Hello together,
      For time lapsing stars at night, i wanted to try, which ISO setting is usable, before visible noise  appears.
      I'm using the a6500 with the 18-105. Firmware of both is up to date (Body: 1.04, lens: 04)
      For this test i just left the cap on the lens and tried different ISOs with different shutter speeds:
      Starting with ISO100 and 120s Shutter speed (external controled), going on doubling shutter speed and ISO up to ISO51200 with 1/4s.
      I saved and evaluated both, JPG and ARW (converted in TIF with Sony Image Data Converter Ver. 5)
      At first it looked good until ISO800 didn't produce any perceptible noise. But then, i discovered something strange:
      At ISO6400 with an shutter speed of 2s (internal controled), there appeard some bright pixels, but with ISO12800 with 1s shutter speed and also higher ISOs there isn't.
      By the way, StadyShot, NoiseReduction at long exposure and Silent Shooting is off. E-Front Curtain Shutter is on.
      I thought it belongs to an special ISO Value, so at the next test i tried everx ISO setting between 3200 up to 12800, always with an Shutter speed of 2s (internal controled).
      At this test i had single bright pixels in every single picture, getting brighter with higher ISO settings.
      Then I thought, let's again look at lower ISO settings, but now with 10s fixed shutter speed. Changing ISO from 100 up to 3200.
      Now, there weren't bright pixels at all, even with ISO3200, where i had bright Pixels at an shutter speed of 2s.
      At this point, i understood, that the appearing of bright pixels seems to change with shutter speed, but not with ISO settings.
      Next, i testet all shutter speed between 1s up to 10s with ISO3200.
      And in this test, the bright pixels only appers at shutter speeds of 1s up to 3.2s, getting brighter at longer exposure. At an shutter speed of 4s and longer, they disappeared.
      Because the bright pixels getting brighter at longer exposures, according to my imagination, it cannot be an EMC issue with the shutter, because this would always give us the same brightness. Regardless of this i also tried to just use the electonic-shutter with the setting "Silent Shooting" and reverse just using the mechanical shutter by putting "e-front cutain Shutter in Off-position, but both didn't change anything on the appearing of the bright pixels.
      Following two pictures, the first one with ISO3200 and 3,2s, the second is ISO3200 at 4,0s.
      Because i can upload just smal files, the picture is cropped, you can see just the upper left corner (1/4) of the real picture.
      By uploading the pictures here, they getting compressed even more. I also tried the gallery, but it also compressed them. But i think, You get the point, even the noise is not that sharp anymore.
      I also brightened the pucture two times with +150 with  Adobe Photoshop. Now you also can see noise in the picture shot at 4s exposure time, but it's much less, even it should be a little bit more because of the longer time.

      What is the reason for this behavior. Can someone confirm it. It's not difficult to reconstruct, just use the same settings. What can I do against it.
      One more little question:
      Can someone tell me what to do to make the camera display the picture number? It shoes a number, but this is just a counter of pictures on the SD-card. So, if i delete some pictures, this number doesn't match to the picture number anymore.
    • By Nikhylo
      Hi all, im new to the forum and have a question for anyone out there that may be able to help.
      I have been shooting a lot recently with a A9 and 24-70 2.8G in reasonably low light. When I import the raw images (shooting raw compressed) into lightroom there seems to be a large amount of noise. Even after reduction its noticeable at 100%. I have been shooting at different variations but its around the ISO 1000 mark. I have tried changing a few in camera settings with no joy. Anyone able to shed some light??
      Thank you