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  1. Is that a pic of the screen or actual video? A continuous line top to bottom is a problem with that particular circuit either on the monitor or sensor. (Had to exchange mine because it developed a group of purple pixels only in 4K 3 weeks after purchase.)
  2. Bought mine USA. Has Chinese in language options along with French, Italian, Spanish. A7Sii
  3. Bought mine USA. Has Chinese in language options. A7Sii
  4. Is it only the PREVIEW quality that's bad or is the output quality bad as wall? Use the same camera with external monitors/recorders and the signal DOES NOT degrade over HDMI. If you're relying on a digital (false, fake, phony) zoom to increase your reach then that's where your image will fall apart.
  5. Yes to the above. Won't run off USB forever' Law of diminishing returns power wise. Have dummy adapter for the mains but find myself using this satellite setup most of the time in studio and in the field. Powers both camera and external monitor/recorder depending on how I have the rig set up.
  6. Maybe not the Memory 1, Memory 2 wheels themselves proper, they seem to stick in base camera memory function, but any of the downrange M1 M2 M3 M4 settings get nuked. They do on the 7Sii.
  7. Problem with FORMAT is it deletes any custom memory settings assigned to M1 M2 wheel. This refers to how it's done on a A7Sii. I'm assuming you want to delete images, say, taken on a certain date. I mass date delete to keep from reprogramming the MEMORY wheel. Review an image. MENU > Delete > Multiple Img. / All images with this date. You can keep the M1 M2 and assorted settings by copying a specific file the camera writes to the card but that does little good if you format in the field and haven't access to that file ou can write to the card again. If you update custom memory settings you copy file to the computer then you can overwrite the new settings file to all other cards.
  8. Yes it's odd. Discovered this work around on my own when the pics were LOG like my video. Turn PP OFF completely and you get normal colors Silent Shooting or not but can still have a PP selected when shooting video. Might need to have video set to a Memory button (I do) but at least you won't get nasty surprises once you know how it works.
  9. Ran a test for you explaining how this works on A7Sii. Picture Profiles (PP8 in this case) are ignored when in SILENT SHOOTING. Turn it off and you get some seriously disappointing images until you work on them.
  10. 7Sii here but there should be something similar in a 4 year newer camera. TOOLBOX > Audio Signals >> OFF For me it takes care of focus beep and record beep. (Maybe turn speaker volume down/off if that doesn't do the trick?)
  11. This the first time noticing this or shooting Slog3? How about Drop Boxing a short segment that hasn't been rendered in Premier and let me see what it looks like in DaVinci or Final Cut. Premier could be contributing to this somehow.
  12. Log3 is a tough puppy to grade. I've never found those nasty artifacts or such severe banding in the Log2 I shoot using same camera. Pulled this example from 2 years ago. Shadows -100%. Midtones - 87%. Global saturation 21%. No LUT applied yet and still not the banding or artifacts your Slog3 is producing. The external recorder files recorded would yield better results but this shows what 8 bit Slog2 internal produces. You generally won't appreciate the difference 10 bit makes until it's placed SxS on a frame where color is important.
  13. You're running AF, right? I experience this with a 7Sii. I believe what you're seeing is the AF doing it's thing. I only see this when shooting 120fps but it's clearly there so much so that any slo-mo I do these days is only in MF unless the subject is moving radically so much that I need to hold focus and the movement within frame masks focus fluctuations. As a test do a slo mo static 5 sec shoot AF then another MF, one with adapter then one without, then get back to us. Not certain if the adapters are making it worse but I suspect it is. I've never seen flicker in a flat sky rolling slo mo AF with native lenses here as there's nothing for it to trim focus to. Me being overly critical to my own stuff means I notice it and only roll slo mo in MF.
  14. Had to mute the 'porn' music. I never find myself muting actual (or simulated) field game audio. (If the viewer mutes the audio... it's scored wrong.)
  15. If you're shooting in Cine + either S-Log 2 or S-Log 3 it will look that way. Can't locate my food shoot but this gives you an idea of what S-Log 2 profile looks like before grading and applying a LUT. Washed out. Little contrast. Mediocre saturation. The beauty of shooting LOG is the manipulation when editing. You can make the blandest of food look scrumptious which is the reason I need to locate the corn and clam steaming in a wok shoot. You can move your edit away from the 'digital color' look everyone else shoots. Simply choosing only between Cine-3 or Cine-4 profile without combining that with LOG won't cut it, at least not for me it won't. (Time to go digging for the clam video.)
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