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  1. Nope. Slog properties are captured at the time of the shoot and there's nothing that can be done imparting them later on. You can make what you shot look like it but the characteristics you shoot log for aren't baked into the data and any grading et al. you attempt will fail miserably. You can't take a pumpkin pie out of the oven when you shoved a cherry pie in at the start.
  2. There's a file on the card that keeps track of all the corresponding images and that got mucked up somehow. I come across this at times. The thumbnail preview image got mislinked but the true image is still intact. Merely viewing the image on the card outside camera can cause issues viewing the image when card is returned to camera. All this begs the question... Why do people do this? By this I mean edit images in camera? Rating or cropping or rating or who knows what else to manipulate them. Wait until you can view the on something else than a 3" screen. I don't delete anything in camer
  3. What do the audio record levels in the camera indicate? Low, high, or nonexistent? Also, what's the level of the file when played by itself and not in any editor? What are its characteristics? Here's data using the same camera.
  4. Another look and I found yet another anomaly. Something definitely going wonky here, pal.
  5. Nobody wet cleans the sensor in a vertical fashion. Always horizontal. I sometimes wet clean mine and the squib is dimensioned to go horizontal, not vertical but you have another problem I must point out. See that blue grouping in your frame? Funky / bad pixels or some other kind of sensor issue. My 7Sii did this exact thing 3 weeks after I got it but only shooting 4K. Never manifested in 1080. Exchanged it. This is a 4k video frame, lens cap on. Didn't show on any photos, only 4k video frames. Wet cleaned sensor maybe 8 times since buying camera in Jan 2016. Nary a s
  6. Congratulations. You need to get it repaired. Mailed A7Sii off Aug 8. Returned Aug 18. Cost $522. Under Description of Parts Used: 1) Switch Block Control 2) RL Block. Here's what mine looked like.
  7. And if you ever come across a camera having an exhausted sensor (?) return here to tell us about it. There have to be others other than myself also unfamiliar with that malady and just what clues one should look for to diagnose the issue and if it's transmittable to other sensors.
  8. I believe GAMMA ASSIST DISPLAY is what you're looking for. On / Off. I can easily demonstrate this with various favorite LUTS loaded onto an external recorder but in camera, this will give an idea.
  9. You're a lot calmer than I'd be after shelling out $3500 for a camera with issues hoping some future phantom firmware update might correct. My 7Sii developed a group of purple pixels 3 weeks after buying the camera but only when rolling 4K. I exchanged it in spite of the dealer saying it's hardly noticeable if you don't know where to look. A camera this new with issues will surely present with other ones outside of the return or warranty period. I'd punt it back to Pittsburgh immediately for an exchange.
  10. Don't be squeamish. Learn to do it yourself. Likely cost $40 each time for a cleaning not considering the time it takes to drop off & pick up the piece only to have something contaminate it again 3 days later. In 5 years I've done mine maybe 8 times.
  11. Try this. Take pic of cloudless sky. Change lens. Take another pic. Spots in identical locations no matter which lens was on? Dust on sensor. Not really evident unless a light is held at angle across sensor. Use blower bulb to dislodge. NEVER use compressed air. Freezes sensor. When cleaning sensor place camera in self clean mode which locks sensor in place at end of cycle. Don't apply any force to sensor when it's in wobbly state.
  12. Yeah. Formatting destroys custom settings but there's a solution for this. PRIVATE>SONY>SETTING>7SM2N (My camera)> CAMPR001.DAT. That's the file that holding custom settings. Save it to your computer so you can copy it to the card after formatting and you can avoid the reconfiguration tango.
  13. Renaming in the computer. A rename program will number /name them to any convention you choose. Set the parameters. Drag the files into the renamer. Bang. That's it. Takes 15 seconds at most.
  14. Transfer files. Batch rename. I use number, subject, date. Any tags I apply to the file remain with the file. When retaining the camera file name, not only do you have identically named bunches of C0023.mp4 across your system EVERY C0023.mp4 file picks up the tag 'sculpture' even if it's a penguin.
  15. Maybe it's time to look towards a different camera. You can't expect a dump truck to fly no matter how long a solution takes, Re: "Might need a firmware update though." and 4K really isn't 4K if it goes into crop mode Re: "Involves 10% crop". Well thought out and documented points brought up here but in the end It might be time to grasp that you can't plow 20 acres with a butter knife if "4K, 120, 4.2.2 can't be compromised" and find a different device to get you to where you need to be. Seems to me 7Siii can't reasonably hit all the points you require unless you start throwing money
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