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  1. Is there any easier way? Been doing this for eons instead of letting some program ingest the files and placing them who knows where. Then I use a rename program to batch rename them from an ambiguous C0185.mp4 (There'd be hundreds of those on my drives) to a more identifiable 185 - Kites.mp4, of which there's only one.
  2. Like error codes. The engineers know what they mean and caused it and possibly how to remedy it but everyones else is left in the dark. Sony might have well have thrown up a screen saying Stop Trying to Do That. Equally as helpful.
  3. Has to be in VIDEO mode. (Verified using A7Sii) You need to have selected MANUAL in VIDEO mode (4,5) for it to work and not photo mode (1,2,3). Image 4 showing P instead of M but it works for all iterations when doing video. Remember to toggle back up to where there's an orange box around the mic level adjustment scale as shown (5) or any changes won't stick. Don't leave the menu when RESET is highlighted or it reverts back to whatever pervious level you set.
  4. Register fish shape/face as recognition shape priority? Or small aperture / slow shutter speed / manual focus and hold fish in same plane as your face.
  5. 1) Use DISK UTILITY to format to ExFAT on your Mac. 2) Format card in camera to ensure proper file communication. 3) Enjoy avoiding numerous unsegmented files. Item ONE sets base file allotment table of the card itself. Item TWO does nothing to change the base FAT, only allows proper operation in the camera. They're completely different types of formatting. If you get into a Chevy it remains a Chevy no matter whether you sit in the drivers seat or passengers seat. Sitting in the back seat will not change it into a Ford.
  6. All sorts of fixes for this. Search for Light Dims. Sensitivity. I use Light Dims myself but others have used ordinary tape with good results. Keeps from having to dedicate a button for switching. https://www.sonyalphaforum.com/topic/586-fix-for-over-sensitive-evf-sensor/?tab=comments#comment-32621
  7. 3) The camera to stop recording ON IT'S OWN if it's ten seconds before a battery dies. Sometimes I'm too busy to notice the battery warning and currently the camera dies an immediate death and the file gets corrupted because it didn't close properly. Look, the camera's needs turning off to swap batteries which means the recording gets interrupted anyways so throw up a full screen overlay telling the operator the file's going to be stopped, saved safely, and the whole shebang goes dark in 10 seconds. As it is now a 20 minute session could be botched entirely when the power gets cut. Yes, Sony does a lot of dumb stuff.
  8. Don't take offense to the comment. I was referring to thinking AROUND the problem and getting on with things instead of trying to diagnose or understand as to why things are doing what they're doing and ending up burning time then STILL having to come up with a solution because some issues can't be easily remedied. I used the tweak successfully before (prior to having an external recorder) for close to 2 hours and never had a shut down. Kept the monitor pulled out. External dummy battery powering it (goes without saying). 256GB card. Something also to consider is capturing audio on a second device so if the thing does shut off, the battery dies, or you run out of memory card there's still audio to work with. Hasn't been an edit yet that I couldn't insert stills or B roll video to cover the down time a battery or card swap took.
  9. If this is something you do often consider investing in an external monitor recorder and be done with it. You could, and probably have, spent hours testing configurations and recording and over heating et. al. when running an external recorder will bypass all those frustration and wild gymnastics when things crap out on you. (I use Blackmagic Video Assist 5 and Atomos Ninja V units.) Sometimes you have to be smarter than the camera.
  10. Reason was posted but not a solution. FAT32 formatted discs/drives are file size limited to 4 GB. Reformat to ExFAT for unlimited file size and rejoin living in a modern world.
  11. The Sony hack works well on the 7Sii. Shot continuous for close to two hours and everything's fine. An external recorder will do the same, No problems other than updating camera firmware means you have to have to do the procedure again.
  12. I roll with both the Blackmagic Video Assist 5 or the Ninja V depending the shoot. Perfect size for Sony 7 stuff. Older Atomos et. al. may be cheaper but their 7" are too unwieldy for my tastes.
  13. Only thing I found was from From JetPhotos.
  14. Works (BM Ninja V) on A7Sii so no reason why it shouldn't work on yours. Tried this in 'P' mode (Stills/Vid) and in video only mode. Both display simultaneously in shooting mode. In playback mode, however, the external takes precedence with the rear viewer going dark.
  15. You're not the only one. https://www.sonyalphaforum.com/topic/586-fix-for-over-sensitive-evf-sensor/?tab=comments#comment-26425
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