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My Pink Picture Problems

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Hello, I've been an a330 owner since 2009. Since i was blind for several years. I immediately bought the a330 when i got my sight back. I love it but... I then had a brain injury and had to relearn the camer. Since i understand it now, I own 3 a330's. B)     With less than 100 shots my pictures are there but all different colors of pink.   Anyone know of a fix?

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Welcome to the FORUM. 

You need to give us more information.  Given your eye sight difficulties, are you judging the photos as PINK, or to they also appear PINK to other people?

If they appear PINK to everyone, there are several reasons for this.  First, are you using a flash?  That can sometimes cause color shifts.  Or were the pictures taken under fluorescent light?  Do you have the camera set for AWB (Auto White Balance?

Try taking pictures with the AUTO-exposure mode (NOT the A, P, M, or S modes)  Do they still comes out PINK?

Do all THREE cameras have the same problem, or just one?

Do you have a manual for the camera?

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