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Comedy Sketch - Sony A7S II & 3DR Solo Drone


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That one is cool! Did you make it?

Hi, yes I did make it.  Glad you enjoyed it.


I should have mentioned, this was shot on the A7S MK II, I used a vintage Minolta 35-70mm F3.5, the drone shots were of course using the 3DR Solo.


I'm a long term Panasonic owner, I had the GH2, GH3, GH4 before I made the switch to Sony.  I wish Sony would be as good with firmware releases as Panasonic, but I really wanted low light performance so I made the switch.


I'm into Anamorphic shooting so I should have video using some fun lenses, including some from a UK company called Motion Six for taking lenses which twin nicely with SLR Magic Anamorphots, so hopefully I'll have a few visually interesting things to post in coming months.

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