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  1. Limited Edition, what's the difference between a Limited Edition and the rest of the peons? I am not even getting a hit on Google and no mention of 'Limited Edition' at sony.ca.
  2. That's a shame. I would have expected a modern lens with internal focus/zoom would have resolved the zoom creep issue. In a previous thread someone asked about locking the zoom ring on this lens - it never occurred to me that zoom creep might be the cause, though in hindsight that's all it can be. @Nicola, You can carry a roll of Gaffer's tape and tape the zoom ring to keep it from rotating but that's tedious. You can look for some wide rubber band that can straddle both the zoom ring and the lens barrel with good tension to lock the zoom ring in place. This arrangement should allow you to turn the zoom ring as you see fit, the trick is finding the rubber band or neoprene ring of appropriate size.
  3. Spectacular scenery! Cutting in and out from one scenery to another, especially when you are going from say water to fire, I found it jarring. Maybe you can group each environment scenery more or less together and fade in and out of different environments. Edit out the real time snips of video on some of the clips, they do nothing to enhance the overall production.
  4. It's a kit lens - there is nothing outstanding about it, good or bad. I have it only because it came with the camera. I am sorry but the price wasn't so right, here in my locale (Vancouver, Canada) this kit lens is typically being sold for $200.00 Cdn, used.
  5. Didn't you check the shutter count before buying the camera? Even if your A6300 was a steal of a deal, I would not have bought this camera. This is the condition guideline from a local camera store: https://kerrisdalecameras.com/used-equipment#item-condition-rating They are not rating a camera with near end of life shutter count - unfortunately your A6300 is well past it's expected shutter life. Otoh, it's working without problems so I suggest you shoot with it as business as usual and hope for the best.
  6. The problem with your lens is not what the OP is describing. Your problem is zoom creep which happens to many zoom lenses. Zoom creep is quite common with push-pull zoom/focus ring found on many older legacy zoom lenses but I had thought a modern zoom lens with internal focus and zoom (lens' length remain constant) would not be susceptible zoom creep. Can anyone confirm if the 200-600 lens is in fact an internal focus and zoom lens?
  7. How many of the 414k shutter count are yours? Depending on your answer you can consider whether you got a good deal or not. I don't think there is anything you can do to extend the life of the camera, just shoot with it as long as you can. Who knows, you might get another 414k shutter actuations out of the camera (touch wood).
  8. https://www.apotelyt.com/camera-exif/sony-a6300-actuations
  9. Don't forget that all of the standardization were established in the film era when SLR's pentaprism viewfinder was the state of art. Before this you had the view camera with the upside down, left/right reversed image then came the waist level viewfinder which did not flip the subject upside down but still reversed the image from right to left. Sure drove me bonkers when shooting with a Kowa Six medium format camera and it's waistlevel finder - a Pentax 645 with a pentaprism finder was a huge step forward for me back then. Anyway, standard lens and whatnot, I don't think about it much these days. I use whatever focal length lens that I deem necessary for a particular shot. I tend to use 50 and 85mm lenses because they are the fastest lenses that I have - mainly for isolating the subject from the background.
  10. Human eye's FOV is a lot wider than any standard lens so I don't think that's the definition of a standard lens. I have read a bit about standard lenses and more often than not, I come away more confused. What I did find with the standard lens (50mm) mounted on my Pentax K-5, APS-C DSLR (0.92x magnification, 100% viewfinder coverage) is that when I open my left eye to look at the subject while the right eye is glued to the viewfinder, the image more or less merge together. A Standard lens is usually defined as between 40-60mm and I can confirm a 40mm lens does about as good as a 50mm lens. Wide angle and telephoto lenses does not work This doesn't work with my A7II (0.71x magnification, 100% viewfinder coverage), almost 1/3 reduction in the subject magnification is too much for the brain to compensate for the difference in size between the left and right eyes' view. Looking at DPReview of Sony APS-C e-mount cameras, A6xxx cameras have 1.05x Viewfinder magnification with 100% viewfinder coverage. I would like to ask the members of this forum try the experiment of looking through the viewfinder while keeping the naked eye on the subject while shooting with a 'standard' lens (35 ~ 70mm focal length lenses).
  11. ADI flash system seem interesting but TTL is ubiquitous. Which current e-mount body offers ADI and which selection of e-mount lenses support ADI? I have pored over my A7II but I don't believe my camera supports ADI. I can see the advantage of using ADI under the circumstances described here: https://alphastrobist.wordpress.com/what-is-adi-flash-metering/ But I think TTL is by far the better flash metering system.
  12. Any flash with TTL designation is what you are looking for, without TTL you will be shooting in manual only. This Godox flash might suit your needs: https://www.amazon.ca/TT350S-Wireless-Speedlite-Mirrorless-EACHSHOT/dp/B01MROWZ66/ref=sr_1_16?crid=2JFMX42O5603T&keywords=sony+flash&qid=1641541020&sprefix=sony+fl%2Caps%2C260&sr=8-16 I have the Neewer version of this flash (identical feature set, just branded differently). It's compact (compared to an A7II), reasonably powered and affordable.
  13. Buy a bigger bag or carry less in your current camera bag. I carry my camera with the lens facing down in a camera bag, the only thing on top of the camera would be the camera bag's lid. This way there is no errant piece of the camera bag dividers accidentally brushing against the camera's on/off switch. Of course, this only applies to when I am walking about with just one body and 2 or 3 lenses in a small shoulder bag. Anymore gear than this, I would use a backpack and being careful is about the only option.
  14. I assume you are looking for a battery grip for your A7IV made by 3rd party manufacturers? What exactly do you mean by "certified"? Anyway, Amazon.ca shows a fair number of battery grips for A7IVwith varying price points. I would choose a grip that mimics the look and functions of A7IV's grip as close as possible, and looking at the pictures of A7III and A7IV battery grips, I don't believe they are interchangeable (as if Sony would miss the chance to milk more cash from our grubby hands!).
  15. Yes, it's as you say but I am disappointed that Samyang would make a few tweaks to make the lens more video friendly without actually redesigning the lens for the mirrorless bodies and call it a MkII.
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