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  1. I have added more images to the clearzoom2 page -https://www.rtfract.com/clearzoom2.html I have also added more details to my special memory page https://www.rtfract.com/smem.html
  2. I have added more clear zoom pics here-https://www.rtfract.com/clearzoom2.html I I have also added a new web series covering special memories during my life -https://www.rtfract.com/smem.html
  3. I've added more pics using the 6400 and 18-135 lens and the clear zoom feature. For some I added the Raynox macroscopic lens as well.... tricky but possible https://www.rtfract.com/clearzoom2.html
  4. I have added a number of new images to my clear zoom 2 page. Images talen withe the 18-135 lens on the 6400. Such a useful method when wanting to carry light. - https://www.rtfract.com/clearzoom2.html
  5. I thought I would try my old Tamron 500mm lens with the A6400 and use the clearzoom feature. Although the lockdown has limited its use I have put some images here - https://www.rtfract.com/clearzoom.html Mymain 6400 page - https://www.rtfract.com/sonya6400.htm
  6. I've added some more pics using the 18-135mm lens and the clear zoom feature on the 6400 https://www.rtfract.com/clearzoom.html main 6400 page - https://www.rtfract.com/sonya6400.htm
  7. I have added some more clearzoom pics with the 18-135 lens which find excellent for all round use.Hopefully I wll be able try it out at soccer games in the next month or so. I have added some more clearzoom pics with the 18-135 lens which find excellent for all round use.Hopefully I wll be able try it out at soccer games in the next month or so.oops forgot to give the web address - https://www.rtfract.com/clearzoom.html
  8. I have added more pics to the clear zoom page with the 18-135,18-200 and 30 macro. The clear zoom feature is so useful http://www.rtfract.com/clearzoom.html main 6400 page http://www.rtfract.com/sonya6400.htm
  9. I have added quite a few more images with the 18-135 and now tried my old 18-200 with the clear zoom this morning and was lucky to catch a Kingfisher with his breakfast! http://www.rtfract.com/clearzoom.html general 6400 page - http://www.rtfract.com/sonya6400.htm
  10. I have now started to use continuous shooting with the clear image zoom on the 18 -135 lens on the A6400 giving more flexibility to my photography. Pics are here http://www.rtfract.com/clearzoom.html 6400 page - http://www.rtfract.com/sonya6400.htm
  11. I have been shooting pics recently with the x2 clear image zoom using my 18-135 Sony lens and a couple of Nikon lenses on the A6400 and have been very impressed. You can see some of the images on a new web page -http://www.rtfract.com/clearzoom.html and a few on my A6400 page - http://www.rtfract.com/sonya6400.htm
  12. Used the a6400 and 18-135mm lens at the Carabao Cup Final between Man City and Aston Villa last Sunday. Love the 18-135 lens and have now shot 29000 pics on the 6400. pics are online at http://www.rtfract.com/citmar20.htmlmain 6400 page - http://www.rtfract.com/sonya6400.htm
  13. Now reached the 25,000 mark with the 6400 . I am still very pleased with the 18-135mm lens. Yes still covering Man City home games - I have added a few new links to the bottom of my 6400 page. http://www.rtfract.com/sonya6400.htm
  14. Used the A6400 and the 18-135 lens at the Man City v Watford record score game. You can view the pics here- http://www.rtfract.com/citsep19.html main 6400 page - http://www.rtfract.com/sonya6400.htm
  15. Despite the weather took a load of pics at the first day of the 4th Test at old Trafford between England and Australia. Used the A6400 camera and the 18-135mm lens. Many pics highly cropped You can see the pics here- http://www.rtfract.com/engaust2019.html 6400 page - http://www.rtfract.com/sonya6400.htm
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