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Flickering Artifacts - Sony A7IV

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I've been having strange flickering and artifacts in my slog 3 videos. I have posted a link to the video. The flickering can be seen on the windows of the building and on the bricks. Also, the bricks have somewhat of a rounded flickering pattern.

Camera - Sony A7IV.

shooting in slog 3

1/50 shutter

24 frames per second


iso 800.

If anyone may have some advice on what could be the issue, you'd help me out a lot. I can't seem to find the solution the problem.


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Isn't this a problem of focus or lens breathing as opposed to any real problem with the camera?  You didn't mention what lens was used but if it's a Sony internal focus AF lens, they are prone to focus breathing problem.  Here's a link that explains the process of focus breathing and what you can do about it.


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