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  1. Is there a classified/for sale section? Just wondering as I have my A7Sii, lenses I'm wanting to sell. Mark
  2. Sony FE 16-35 for convenience or the soon to be released 15mm Voigtlander....
  3. Nice - like the wooden grip! Could you not get a right angled HDMI so it doesn't stick out the screen so much?
  4. Very interesting vid - Like the fast paced editing, especially in the first half in the venue.
  5. like it - how did you get your smooth moving out/in shots? They look very smooth
  6. Had you noticed a lack of faces in the shoot? They all hate being on film! So to avoid bullying them with the camera I assured them their faces wouldn't be on film I suppose I could use the same tack next time.
  7. No probs bringing it up again...... I too would like some more thoughts on this. I've played around a bit but still come to the same conclusion that video is much better than stills (even jpg). 12,800 iso on video is excellent 3,200 iso on stills shows noise 12,800 iso on stills shows crazy noise. Weird as it is touted as a low light beast - lives up to that on video but is just average in my book for stills.
  8. Just got my 24-70 f4 today. Had been waiting for ages for the new 24-70 f2.8 to be announced only for it to be out of sensible price range. Not done a huge amount of testing yet, but have to concur that the lens is "alright". Nothing amazing, some corner softness, but a very usable focal length to get some decent shots.
  9. Cheers snowfun - It was all slo-mo except the drone shots. I hear where you are coming from - I had shot very little at 100fps before so considered this a bit of a slo-mo project. But yes, I will mix and match slo-mo and regular speed in future efforts now I have got the 100fps out of my system so to speak!
  10. Voigtlander are coming out with some new wide angled lenses in e-mount very soon - worth a look I recon.
  11. Yep - slightly overexposed as you mention on that shot. Had set to auto iso and my wide aperture and 1/100 shutter speed was too much for it! Never noticed the flashing auto iso till after. Thanks for the comments
  12. Had the camera for a month or so now. This is my fist short video with it where I played around with 100fps and a load of levels/grading etc. Recorded during a brief training session whilst at work so I had to shoot bits as I could rather than take my time and devote myself fully to filming. Thoughts and critique welcome
  13. Not taken lots of photos in quick succession, but I find the A7sii to have very reasonable colour - nothing out of the ordinary colour balance wise
  14. All depends on you. Sony's claims on the 24-70 should mean it is prime sharp. I personally find changing lenses a faff especially when you want to quickly change focal lengths to avoid missing a shot. Only you know what you shoot. The cost of both primes vs the 24-70 is similar.
  15. Low the Northern Lights videos. I have the A7sii and just need that ticket to somewhere far up north. On my list of "must dos". Great video.
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