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Can some one recommend a most popular A5100 Zoom lens for 1 to 2 km object ?

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Hi All

I just buy a second hand sony A5100.

I just take some photo from my balcony.

I try to using the default len to zoom . i notice that i can zoom a lot.

like to purchase a cheap zoom len , can some one recommend me.

So that i can see 1-2Km object with very clear.

I prefer those popular model , which have zoom capability.

Paul Yeo

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What is your 'default lens'?

I suggest you try the Sony 55-210mm OSS: it's fairly cheap but has all the bells and whistles (AF, stabilisation, OK image quality). I doubt it'll be sufficient for subjects 1-2km away though: will be good only for identifying subjects. And then rises the question: do you need AF? If yes, your budget needs to be expanded considerably compared to the 55-210 and I doubt these options qualify as a 'cheap zoom len' to you. If no, maybe @XKAES can help you find a decent option.

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