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  1. On reflection, I agree with Tadwil. - Having 5 axis stabilisation is a major benefit. (I had thought the A7 had IBIS because my "ancient" A100 had steady shot - but apparently the later A7 does not - or at least, nowhere near as good as the A7ii).
  2. It may not have all the gizmos and advances of the latest technology, but the A7 still has a good 24Mp sensor and will produce good photos. However, the issue is in getting one that is not worn out. For this reason I would recommend using a proper camera shop or reputable dealer like MPB, who will give you a true assessment of the condition and, usually, a 6 month guarantee. Personally I don't use the likes of E-bay or Gumtree for tis type of purchase as I'm always worried that they could be fencing stolen goods. Have fun with whatever you buy!
  3. To get a similar range as your 55-210mm on your APSC camera, you will need something like 70-300mm (you'll probably find 200mm top limit, frustrating) As Alisdairmac says, IBIS on your body allows you to get lenses without OSS - thus saving money for more lenses! Full frame gives a far greater range of options for wide angle lenses. If, by "nature" you are talking about moving birds and animals, you will probably want to make use of the A7iv's autofocus, but for Macro, or landscape, the aids for manual focussing on Sony Alpha is fantastic and opens up a lot of options with excellent quality at a lower price. Personally I love my Laowa 15mm zero distortion macro lens and my Zeiss Loxia 35mm.
  4. The lines signify that the ISO is not the true sensitivity but a virtual one, gained through clever software. The Cameras I know that have this option only have it below 100ISO and above some huge number (eg; 32,000 on my A6500) I'm not sure what your PP8 is.
  5. PPS To above post At £52 I suspect some professionals will think it is too cheap to be good enough for them - however, at that price is it worth not trying it out? I have recently attended courses run by professionals who have been impressed with Luminar's capabilities, when I have shown them - and they are both looking to move away from Adobe because of the subscriptions.
  6. I am very happy with Luminar, although Luminar Neo still hasn't got Dodge & Burn or Clone tools like Luminar Ai. One off payment and regular updates as they get further on with developing the software. Using Ai gives me quite a fast work flow. I have to admit that for de-noise, I use ON NoNoise Ai, which is vastly superior (Again a one off cost) PS: Luminar are based in Ukraine and are still working hard in spite of the current situation!
  7. Yep... I'm inclined to agree - good luck in convincing them that it makes commercial sense!
  8. The "Zoom qualities" are as stated on the lens - ie: 70mm - 200mm. The expense comes from the ability to achieve top notch images at every part of the zoom range, even in quite low light. The speed of AF and level of image stabilisation are other reasons for the expense. Have fun!
  9. I can understand your frustration. I suspect that Sony are concentrating on lenses for the larger groups of photographers, rather than specialisms. Tilt/Shift has generally been used by architecture photographers and much of the need for this type of lens can, arguably, now be done with software. There are other specialisms that Sony don't cater for in their lens lineup where 3rd party producers do. EG: 2x macro, zero distortion ultra wide angle, "probe" lenses etc.
  10. Ah... I suspect you have your camera set with "Focus Magnifier" on (found in the focus assist section of the menus) This magnifies the image in your viewfinder automatically when you adjust in manual focus. It then reverts to non-magnified image either when you press the shutter, or after a period of time you have set. It does not actually zoom the photo in. This is done so you can get the part of the image you want to be in perfect focus (you can adjust the position of the part of the image you see in the viewfinder using the ring on the back of the camera, or the touch screen if the camera is so fitted) I sometimes find this setting frustrating as the smallest touch of the focus ring turns it on. I generally use focus peaking as my main aid to manual focussing. I have yet to experiment with putting the focus magnifier on a custom button.
  11. Hi Kaiser The banding I am talking about are those vertical stripes. It is the even nature of the stripes that suggests to me it is something to do with the shutter. You've probably checked this, but is "silent shooting" turned off?
  12. Interesting to hear your thoughts on Square Framing, Winnie. I've just read an article in this week's "Amateur Photographer" by a landscape photographer who only uses the square format - sounds like another challenge! (along with monochrome images and long exposures.)
  13. Yep... you're right Pieter, my memory of every discussion is not good...Sorry.
  14. You say you are using mechanical shutter, but is the electronic front shutter setting switched on? if so, try it without. The issue appears to be the banding, rather than noise - it is just exaggerated by the noise, (I can see the banding all across your image) If you use post processing, then I wouldn't bother with High ISO noise reduction in camera as it takes as long as the actual shot, and is easier to deal with in post. (ON1 Nonoise Ai)
  15. Sigma do the 56mm f/1.4 contemporary - which is equivalent to 85mm - the traditional short tele length for portraits. They then do the 60mm f/2.8 and the 65mm f/2 contemporary. But you are right, the medium to long tele primes have not yet been developed for lightweight, compact, systems. Some lens manufacturers are beginning to work towards more compact lenses by relying on in-camera or post production software to correct distortion - so I guess they will soon be available.
  16. I live in the UK (sorry, I don't know the exchange ratesI £834 buys an "excellant" quality A6400 body, battery, charger - no lens Whereas an A6500 of the same quality costs £724 The 18-135mm lens (excellant) is £384 and the 50mm 1.8 (good) £154 So, I would say that, on the face of it, this would be a good deal. The reason I mentioned the A6500 is that it has steady shot, so if you don't need the extra speed of auto focus and burst rate, you might prefer the benefits of steady shot and the lower price. I would advise buying from a reputable used dealer who gives a 6 month warranty rather than an open market place, where there is a much higher chance of ending up with stolen goods.
  17. With my A6500 (same sensor as A6300) I don't have a problem with colours blurring - I shoot RAW and set my colour to sRGB. What lenses do you use? Do you use a tripod?
  18. Hi Coic As Xkaes says, most people on this forum use interchangeable lens cameras. However, I used to use Sony Cybershot cameras, and I would go for the W 830, because I think the Zeiss lens is better quality than the Sony, and it gives you a much better optical zoom (optical zoom is better than digital zoom because it maintains resolution, whereas digital zoom degrades the resolution as you extend it) personally I never used digital zoom for stills. The 20.1Mp sensor will have plenty resolution for your purposes. The other alternative on your budget, is to see what's available on the reputable 2nd hand market (places like MPB, or a specialist photography shop). You can get some great pictures with small cameras - some of my cybershop photos are getting just as many hits and faves on Flickr as some of my pictures from "better" cameras. Where they are not so good, is making quite large prints (I make a lot of A3 prints) These small cameras are great for carrying around in your pocket, so you're more likely to have it with you! Have a great road trip, and have fun taking your photos!
  19. So...Where did you buy this body, if it did not have a warranty - all the reputable used dealers I know give a 6 month warranty!
  20. I have one of these for my a6500. It's ok... I use it if I just want camera when walking about, maybe in a new town I'm visiting. Nice and compact for street photography, where quality is notary main concern. However, I'm more often found with my Sony Zeiss 35mm on my A6500 as I prefer the colour and image quality. (and can "zoom" with my feet.
  21. I think I agree with XKAES, to have the 7Riii with the long lens - to allow for cropping and the A7iii for the wide angles. If you then see a landscape you want a high def image of, you can always take your time to switch your wider lens to the Riii, but doing it the other way (as you do presently) I would have thought you might miss the shot if you feel you need to switch lenses.
  22. We're soon going on a cruise to the Scottish islands, to celebrate our pearl wedding anniversary, and I'm expecting to see some fantastic scenery from on-board. Whilst I will take many photos hand held, I was wondering what people's thoughts are about whether to turn steady shot on or off when using a tripod on board (I will experiment, as I have IBIS on a custom switch, and on OSS switch on a couple of my lenses). My current thinking is to keep steady shot on, as there must be slight movement from the ship, even if it feels stable.
  23. I keep hearing people complain that it costs $500 + to even look at mending a Sony camera. - This must be an American thing. In UK I'm getting a new shutter system, and service for £200 - If they find they can fix the shutter without replacing it they knock the cost of the parts off (£90).
  24. Are you sure you haven't inadvertently changed any settings on your camera? The LCD may not be showing, if the eye detection sensor is near an object, or even if a bit of dirt has got on it. If the red lights flashing are on the front of the camera, maybe the shooting mode has got changed to self timer? If you've only had it for a year, it should be under warranty. Even if it isn't - it is a lot cheaper to send it in for repair, than buying a new one. I'm rather surprised that you are using a camera as good as an A7Riii just as a webcam. With the limited resolution on computers, I'd be using a cheapo camera. Good luck with getting it fixed.
  25. Hi Tadwil I'm just off to work so I don't have time to take a photo of the lens, but I can confirm that the Laowa 100/2.8 does NOT have electrical contacts - a shame, particularly because it means that view magnification doesn't work. I believe the Laowa have seen the light and their latest lenses are having the contacts fitted - but that doesn't help us with this lens :-((
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