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  1. Hi All i have make a post 2 days ago , it was not published here . the post I ask is AR 5100 how to remove camera information. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wfpvde58pndqctq/IMG_3430.JPG?dl=0 i just like to know why the admin don’t allow my question to be posted ?
  2. Yes , I aware post need approval . My question is where can I view all post which I have posted . So I can check it there any reply from user here ?
  3. Hi All I just buy a second hand sony A5100. I just take some photo from my balcony. I try to using the default len to zoom . i notice that i can zoom a lot. like to purchase a cheap zoom len , can some one recommend me. So that i can see 1-2Km object with very clear. I prefer those popular model , which have zoom capability. Paul Yeo
  4. Hi All I just posted one first port here , i like to know the link to view my first post , so that i know who have answer my post. Paul
  5. Hi All I buy a second hand sony A5100 camera for webcam . my issue is how to remove camera information when i using the camera for zoom ? See below link image for more info. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wfpvde58pndqctq/IMG_3430.JPG?dl=0 Paul
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