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Beginner help. Be kind please!

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Hi everyone so a little background. over the past couple of weeks i have been overwhelmingly fascinated with videography.  One area is with streaming using zoom, etc due to covid.

One use i am looking to maximize is a top mount vertical down view over a 24x24 inch space view with as much clarity focus display as possible. As an example slightly bolder text words than what you may find in a book.  indoor use.

Camera: a5100 ( body only)

I'm looking at a Sigma 30mm F/1.4 lens based on price.


Is what i'm trying to accomplish doable?

if so, what lens could i achieve this with.

in terms of cost. 300-400 at most.

Greatly appreciate your time. My apologies if i missed any additional level of information needed.




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I have no idea, of what you are trying to achieve ? Covid Video with book text ?  I suggest you contact, Fixation, or any other reputable Camera & Lens rental Company,  rent whatever lens, takes your fancy,  and see how the results , stack up. Then you will be able to buy whichever lens best fits , whatever it is, you are trying to do.

Good Luck !

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