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Need help deciding on an A7

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Hi all,

I'm in the market for a Sony A7, but am having trouble deciding on which to use based on my application. My primary hobby is my saltwater reef tank, so that will be the primary subject of the camera but I'd still like to bring it with me on trips and take pictures of my other animals and such. I'm intending to get the macro FE 90mm f/2.8-22 lens down the line too. My main question is, is there a huge difference between the II, III, & IV for my purposes? I've read the III is much better than the II, but I've also read the same about the III to IV. I'm sort of between buying a II body and the Macro lens, or just getting a III or IV with an included lens. I know the III has much better video, which would be nice to have too. Any input is greatly appreciated!

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Each succeeding generation of A7 would bring more features, more improvements and higher prices.  Check this link and decide for yourself (you can make comparisons with more recent bodies as well):  https://cameradecision.com/compare/Sony-Alpha-A7-III-vs-Sony-Alpha-A7-II

On the used market locally (Vancouver BC, Canada) A7II is selling for about $800, A7III for $1700 and A7IV at $2200 in Canadian funds and in good shape.  Personally I can dream about acquiring an A7III but considering my current financial situation, my A7II will probably be my last A7xx camera.

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I just picked up an a7r. The issue I'm learning with mk.1 bodies is that finding an inexpensive teleZoom with AF+OS is tough. A- mount lenses very seldom have os, and FE Sonys don't come cheaply. Looks like a vc Tamron in canon mount + 7art ef-fe adapter is the lowest cost. For now I'm ok with maxxum 70-200 or 100-300apo and manual adapter with vague aperture dial.

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