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  1. welcome, a7iv is pretty amazing piece of tech, congrats
  2. welcome, I had a6400 it's capable compact package
  3. Consider a7iii + Sigma28-70 <---lightest f2.8 med zoom lens
  4. Welcome to forum, a7Riv is really good if you need a lot of megapixels & do a lot of high/low angle shots, but I would try to see what a7iv is about - though it will probably have articulating screen rather than tilt like on a7Riv. A1 is pretty good.
  5. Welcome to forum, I also use a7S3 Premiere & Lightroom = great tools.
  6. Welcome, that's a good combo I had two a7iii, heard good things of Zeiss55
  7. Welcome, that's a nice combo - wildlife photography?
  8. In this video I lay out the positives & negatives of Sony a7Siii full frame 12mp camera which received many improvements over it's predecessor like selfie screen, touch menus, 4k60/120fps, improved ibis, big battery, 10bit codecs, low light & more.
  9. Welcome to forum, what cameras/lenses are you using & doing photo or video?
  10. Welcome, a6000 is a good introduction into a powerful ecosystem. Have no idea about 7artisan or many other brands but that's the good thing - many lenses from various manufacturers are available, I especially like native mount lenses with autofocus.
  11. Welcome Ben, what camera bodies/lenses are you using &or interested in?
  12. Welcome to the forum Nick, do you have a budget & what are the needs, mainly photography?
  13. Welcome to the community, how do you like the a6400?
  14. have you updated the body & lens firmware? be careful doing it
  15. Did you pick a camera yet? 24mp is enough for majority of cropping needs.
  16. I thought it was a video game trailer at first. Great job.
  17. nice, what's the original image like?
  18. Hello from New York City, welcome to the community. How is the camera performing, ibis helping?
  19. Hi, welcome to the forum. What kind of photography do you do?
  20. Hello ? how do you like the lens? I have Sony70-200 but it's f4.0 & similar weight
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