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Switching to Sony

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Hello all, first time posting here as I'm hoping to gain some additional insight and information through discussion to help guide me beyond what I've read in reviews and forum posts.

I've been a Pentax shooter for quite some time, and I'm fairly invested in the Pentax ecosystem (Currently the K3-II) with a handful of some of the best glass they have to offer for lenses. My needs are changing slightly though, so I've been looking at a camera upgrade and I'm thinking if I'm going to spend the money to upgrade, it might be time to make the jump to mirror-less, and I've been drawn to looking at Sony. I'm hoping to get some clarify on what might fulfill my needs. My use case is a bit all over the case, but I'm sure it's similar to most amateur photographers. Here are my needs/wants:

I primarily shoot landscape/nature but I also do occasional portrait work - and actually I'm looking to get more into portrait photography this year.

The other key thing that has me looking to switch platforms is the need for better auto-focus and low light performance. Now that I have children, coming up on three years old, I've been taking a lot of photos and videos to capture these moments. My Pentax camera, as well as it has served me for landscape and portraits over the years, it's auto-focus and low-light performance leaves quite a bit to be desired. As they get older and start playing sports or whatever activities they do, it would be nice to have something that can help out a little bit with a better auto-focus system than what I have now.

There is expected to be a new Pentax camera arriving this year that may have improved auto-focus and low-light performance but we don't know for sure. I've had some funds set aside knowing I would potentially be switching or upgrading this year. I know switching platforms is going to be an expensive endeavor if I go that route, but I've been preparing myself for that just in case.

So I say all that to say this - which Sony Full Frame and lenses would I look to start out to be able to jump in and achieve a balance between Landscape/Portrait work and functional auto-focus to help with photographing live action, mostly my kids running around and playing and in the future perhaps some sports.

I'm not overly concerned about budget if my investment is going to allow me to fulfill my needs. Also, note that I am not a professional photographer in that I'm not selling a ton of my work for profit. I do some limited work for money but a lot of my photography at this time is for myself and family and friends. I do have some things lined up this year that could change that and I could be contributing to some more paid engagements.

Sorry for the long, wordy post. Seems like a great community here so I thought to reach out and see what you all have to say.


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Your want/need list isn't very specific: do you prefer primes or zooms, do you want a fast aperture?

Without knowing much, I'd suggest you try the A7iii with the Sony 24-105 mm f/4: great quality and versatile zoom. Add the Sony 85 mm f/1.8 if you really enjoy portraiture. Alternatively, get the Tamron 28-75 f/2.8: not overly expensive, compact and fast aperture.

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    • Hello, I wanted to share the set up for tracked panoramas that I am currently using, wich is based on the use of two two way head from Sunway: the DT-03 and the DT-03R. Both heads are very steady. They are made up of two parts: 1) a 360º graduated rotating/panoramic base with a bidirectional tilt central body (adjustable with two locking levers), and 2) an upper part that, in the case of the DT-03, it is a clamp quick release plate and, in the case of the DT-03, it is a graduated panoramic screw-on rotating head, both compatible with the Arca Swiss system. These upper parts are removable and, therefore, can be replaced by other standard rotating jaws type IRC-64, or by other indexed ones. As I said, I use one of them, the DT-03, as an equatorial wedge, placed directly on the tripod or on a leveling base. Its quick release head with clamp allows me to quickly place the tracker on top and be able to align easily. To align it, I loosen one of the central pins of the kneecap a little, and leave the other loose. This way I can safely achieve the degree of inclination of the tracker that I want. That, combined with the 360º rotating base that the head has, is an excellent option for precise and fast alignment. Then I place the DT-03R on top of the tracker, and use it as a panoramic flat base on which I mount an L-plate combined with a rotating clamp. On these last accessories I place the camera, ready to shoot, being able to move it both in the horizontal and vertical axis. The DT-03R screwed to the tracker allows me to have a solid flat and rotating base on which to pan without losing horizontality and, at the same time, I can compensate for the rotation of the tracker thanks to its base, which also rotates 360º. So the set up is as follows: Both This is what I use: Tripod Leveling base (optional) Sunway DT-03 two way head as a wedge Star tracker from Move Shoot Move Nomad Sunway DT-03R as a leveled base L bracket 360º rotatory arca swiss head Here I share some photos of the set up; I hope it helps:     View: original size View: original size View: original size You can find them in the Sunwayphoto website. You can also see down below some of the photos that I took with this set up: View: original size View: original size View: original size @mallorca_landscapephotography
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