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  1. Exactly “not scarce”. Have you tried to find the 400 2.8? Damn shame that you see all these YouTuber’s demo’ing the lens and describing how great it is but can find one within the US. I’m figuring the 500 f/4 should be priced around 8.5 to 10k. Thoughts?
  2. Welcome home! You will love the auto focus... amazing... Stay native for the full effect...
  3. Satman_1234

    Dirt Bikes

    I see you used the A9, but which Lens?
  4. Hopefully, when released these will be easier to get then the 400mm f/2.8 GM. Not likely to be announced during the 2019 NABShow although, SONY is making an announcement today at 2:oo pm PST From Alpha Rumors https://www.sonyalpharumors.com/new-sony-patent-discloses-500-f-4-and-600-f-4-e-mount-lens-design/
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