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Found 4 results

  1. Critical problem in fx3 that was updated to 2.0. Auto focus is completely screwed up. The camera does not lock on objects, focus runs on the screen from object to object, even when changes are made to the focus settings. Before the update, focus was great. After the update I kept the camera in a box, it cannot be used and I am putting it up for sale. I probably won't go back to Sony after such heartbreak. I see more and more users having the same experience, every day another user complains about the same problem. Is there a solution that will allow me to go back to version 1.01? If not, there is no choice. Just sell the camera. Big disappointment from Sony. eli.
  2. I just ordered an FX3 and can't decide on wether to go for a 320GB or 640GB CFexpress Type A card? I'm will be shooting in XAVC S-I 4K from 25fps up to 125fps (in S&Q). I use a good amount of slowmotion in my workflow. I'm not really sure if 320GB is enough for a day of shooting? A day of shooting for me is somewhere between 1-2 hours of footage, and on rare occasions up to 3 hrs.. Every day after a shoot i backup the footage and format the card for the next day. So i only need the card to last for a day (1-2hrs footage). I was also thinking about getting a V90 card and a smaller 160GB CFexpress. Then i can shoot 25fps on the V90 (i think the V90 card can handle XAVC S-I 4K) and 125fps on the CFexpress. But then i'll have to manually switch between the cards every time i switch frame rates, if the camera doesn't do it automatically? I guess it's possible to setup the different framerates and cards in shooting mode - so it won't be such a big problem. Does anyone shoot with either of these cameras and have experience in using the XAVC S-I 4K format with different frame rates that can maybe guide me to what the best option is for me? I found a guide which states that in this mode in 50/60fps you will get approx. 25min on a 160GB card. So 25fps would be around 50min. And with a 320GB card that would be around 1hr and 40min. If this is true the 320GB won't be enough right? So 640GB is the safer option? But $1400 is crazy! 🤯 Thank you!
  3. Hi, Anyone encounter "System Error" message when turning on Bluetooth in fx3? I'm using firmware version 2.0.2 Is it hardware issue or software issue? Issue no longer seen after turning off the Bluetooth function.
  4. Because the FX3 has lower noise levels, some codec features only show up on the camera at high ISO settings. Sony Cinema Line FX30 (ILME-FX30) Firmware Version 2.0 - S-Gamut3.Cine/S-Log3 Recorder: - Atomos Ninja V (Firmware 10.90.00) FX30 lens: - 3M-5A 500mm f/8 + VILTROX EF-E II 0.71x Speed Booster - Sony E PZ 18–105 mm F4 G OSS APS-C (SELP18105G) Noise reduction, editing & color grading in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2023.
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