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Alan Slade

New Sony A9 user after years with Nikon. What should I know?

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Good morning everyone.

I just sold my D3s and bought an A9. I still have my D750 with many lenses etc.

I would like to know, because I've been a digital dslr user since 2004, the most suggested settings on the A9, if there are.

I don't mean settings for a work situation, but the setup for a better using experience.

Could you give me any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.

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Don't have an a9 but one of the fave user 

settings among Sony users is something 

not available with SLR viewfinders:  


MF Focus Magnifier.  


No one can tell you where to assign your

activation of it. The a9 has more custom 

buttons than other models, but put it onto 

a really convenient button. MF Magnifier 

is verrrrry habit forming. Using it with the 

eye level finder ... not needing to switch 

an SLR to its rear monitor LCD ... is one 

of the great features of non-SLR designs. 

Works great even in bright sunshine, also 

allows chimping without looking foolish :-)  


Also, if your vendor offers an expanded

warrantee and the window to opt in on it 

has not yet closed, do get in on it. An a9 

is a major item to just toss in the trash. A 

typical expanded warrantee allows total 

replacement and covers accidents. So if 

you send your a9 to Sony Service for any

reason and it comes back allfuktup [as is 

normal] you can just drive a truck over it 

and the expanded warrantee replaces it ! 

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Thanks, LiveShots, for your suggestion. I've bought this ebook and my first impression is, that this book doesn't really go beyond what's available in the Sony online user manual.

No recommendation from my side.

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