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Hi, I'm new and want to learn how to make photos like this! Advices welcome 😉 (Sony alpha7iii)

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Hello people

have the opportunity to create cool images for a company's website. Only I do not have so much experience... and meander through with the auto function of the camera. Now I got a few pictures for reference. These have once created a photographer for the company, but I do not know him and I know nothing else how he shot the pictures.

So now I was handed a Sony alpha 7iii and told to take quality pictures. What setting do you think he used? What lens do I need to get there?

Thanks friends! I really need support :P




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Sorry friends. But I do not know why the link should not have worked Olaf? Have even tried it myself, was just with wetransfer... Anyway here is a new link to Sharepoint. Thank you!

Example Pictures

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I don't see anything especially challenging about those shots, they look like snapshots to me.  I suggest you take the camera into the shop and take some shots in Program mode, using the front and rear dials to change the aperture and the shutter speeds as you judge fit.  If you are going to be shooting someone using a grinder as a cut-off saw, I suggest you stay far back from the action and  zoom in with your lens instead (assuming you are shooting with a zoom lens).  Those molten metal filings hitting the front element of any lens can inflict some serious damage to the glass (tiny pock marks on the glass).  Put a filter on the lens to protect the glass.

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Thoki   The best place to get good and free tuition is on YouTube.  There are many videos covering all of the controls of the Sony A7iii as well as the effects of aperture settings, shutter speeds and ISO, and how all three work together (the exposure triangle). Go there and explore and learn.

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