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  1. I'd agree that it would appear to be a fault with the internal battery going flat. Maybe needs renewed, or as Olaf W suggests that due to another fault it's not being recharged from the main battery
  2. I has a very similar problem with a Sigma lens a few years back when the focus drive sheared and all I could hear was a grinding noise when it tried to focus. The lens was out of warranty and the cost of a repair was exorbitant. I guess that things do break after a while. RIP dead lens.
  3. I never use filters except for a specific purpose, like a CP or an ND. Using a UV filter, no matter how good it is supposed to be, will always have a detrimental effect on your images. If you want to protect the front element of your lens the solution will have come with it free of charge: your lens hood. The sad fact is that some camera vendors will still try and persuade you to buy a UV filter for your new lens and the reason they do it is simple: they make extra profit from it
  4. I use the Tamron 150-600 f5-f6.3 GO2 on my Sony Alpha 7iii. It's a legacy A mount lens from my A77ii with the LA-AE5 adapter and I am delighted with the results I get from it. Tamron aren't yet making an E-mount version (I expect they will given the popularity of the E-mount cameras) but Sigma make an equally good alternative for much the same price of around £1100. OK the image quality isn't that of the 600mm f4 but if you're on a budget then for 10% of the price it produces great results and I find the versatility of the 150-600 zoom invaluable. You might also find, as I did, that a cropped full-frame image gives a much better final image that that which I'd get from the extra 50% of an APS-C sensor. And noise is noticeably less at the higher ISOs which f6.3 in low light sometimes necessitates. To conclude, I'd be looking at the A7 series cameras.
  5. Confirming what Pieter says, the LA-EA5 uses the camera's own full-function autofocus system. Whether it will work as you expect with a legacy non-Sony lens is another question - I have got full functionality with my Tamron 150-600 G02 but Sony will only confirm full functionality for their own lenses. Before you purchase, can you get to a Sony dealer and ask to try out an LA-EA5 with your camera and lens?
  6. I use the Sony grip with my A77ii and it switches between the batteries no problem. I have heard anecdotally that after market grips and batteries can cause problems on Sony cameras, although I've never experienced it myself. The Sony grips are very expensive and so I'd try and get hold of one to test before buying - maybe your local dealer would help if it helps to get him a sale.
  7. I think that stopping the formatting at mid-point will have made it impossible to recover any files that were on it. May I suggest that for the future you set the camera to write your video files to both cards and in that way if you make a mistake or something goes wrong with one card then you always have the other one.
  8. Hi Kiet. It does work but the time it takes to do the job is ridiculously long - a 2-minute exposure will need a full 2 minutes for the camera to process and of course you cannot take any other images while you are waiting. If you are shooting RAW then set this option to OFF (Camera Menu 1, 2/14) as it does not do anything to the RAW file, it only works on JPEG images, including on the thumbnail JPEG that is embedded in your RAW file and which you see if you review your image on the camera.
  9. Pieter. I stand corrected; you are right. It's my A7iii that does not support screw drive autofocus. The LA-EA5 adapter is fitted with the screw connection for those camera/lens combinations which require it.
  10. Hi Gladys. I've just moved from an A77ii to an A7iii and am using the LA-EA5 adapter with my Tamron 150-600 G02 lens and the overall performance is absolutely excellent. Autofocus is pin sharp. The only caveat is that the LA-EA5 does not support screw-driven autofocus, it will only work with SSM/USM driven lenses - and so if you have any of these older lenses, probably including your Minolta, then you'll be stuck with manual focus when using them. I think, but cannot be sure, that the LA-EA3 and 4 adapters might support screw drive autofocus but the -4 uses its own built-in inferior autofocus system rather than the camera's own autofocus so stay clear of that one. You will want an APS-C Camera if you do not want to go full-frame so one in the A6000 range. I'm not familiar with them but make sure it is one of the models optimised for stills photography and not video.
  11. You need a shutter speed of at least 1/1000th of a second, faster if the ambient light coupled with your camera's ISO performance allows it. Keep your aperture around f8/f10 but not any wider open. Keep in mind that the longer your lens the shallower your depth of field will be, eg a 500mm lens at f8 and your focus point at 100 feet will have a DoF of less than four feet, i.e. everything more than 1 foot in front of and 3 foot behind your focus point will be increasingly out of focus. You can decrease your aperture to f16 or f22 to increase the DoF but doing so will affect your image quality. You need to experiment and find out what the best settings are for your particular requirements.
  12. The very first long lens I ever had, and for a few years it was the only big boy that I had. Never fell in love with it though: image quality was poor and the fixed f8 aperture on dull Scottish days was too limiting in an era when upping your ISO too much to compensate did more harm than good. And the bokeh was terrible. I've still got it though. Maybe time to dig it out and try it with my A7iii
  13. The obvious one would be Japan, surely? Next in line China where many of their cameras are made. But why would the USA be on their list?
  14. First off, you should set your A7iii to write your images simultaneously to both cards. That way if you get a problem with one then the other ought to be safe. Additionally, I would consider XKAES suggestion: here in Scotland I can get a 64Gb SanDisk Xtreme Pro card for under £20 so buy yourself a few to swap them out and put somewhere safe at the end of the day's shooting.
  15. I agree, this is very annoying when the ambient lighting conditions are such that the frame cannot easily be seen. Still, for now just got to learn to live with it.
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