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  1. He posted a link that didn't work and which I've removed. @thokiPlease post a working link what you have in mind.
  2. Looks like fungus, but that‘s unlikely. Probably some glue residue from the manufactoring process. You should give it back.
  3. Welcome to our forum. Your comment is quite cryptic to me, what are you trying to achieve?
  4. It‘s quite common that filters disturb the autofocus. Leave it off or use a clear flter if you want to protect the lens.
  5. Check for dust and dirt on the sensor of the viewfinder. A badly aligned eyepiece can cause this begaviour, too.
  6. Welcome to our forum. It's a really good video!
  7. Welcome to our forum. I‘ve separated your questions from the 5 years old thread.
  8. Welcome to our forum! Check for dirt and dust on the EVF sensor. Also, a misaligned eyepiece can cause this kind of trouble.
  9. You should tell us more about the adaptor you are using.
  10. Hi, this survey has been closed since it doesn‘t mirror the available cameras accurately anymore. Maybe we start another one next year. Thanks for the hint!
  11. It depends on the seller. If it‘s Amazon or an official Sony dealer the camera will most likely be manufactured for the European market.
  12. Seems to be broken (still). You could try another SD card to rule out card problems but I fear it won‘t help and the camera must ve setviced again.
  13. Is the battery fully charged? If possible try another battery.
  14. Olaf W.


    Welcome. Could you provide us with some more information concerning the technical features of the photo? What does the title mean?
  15. Most likely the recovered files are incomplete since you continued using your system, which led to overwriting some contents on the disc.
  16. You first post needed to be approved due to spam protection. This has been done now.
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