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Which Sony Alpha cameras do not have a recording limit of 30 minutes?

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Hello everyone, 

I want to buy a Sony Alpha, but I need it to have no recording limit, because on several occasions I will need to record a live concert without having any computer nearby.

Could you help me to identify which Sony Alpha models have no recording limit (from a6 to all a7 models)?

Thank you very much in advance,


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I don't have specifics, but in general, any model that was introduced after the summer of 2019 will not have the 30-min. time limit. For example, I have a Sony RX100 VII which I purchased in the early Fall of 2019, and it does not have the 30-min. time limit on videos. Some cameras, even though they have the 30-min time limit, will automatically start a new file for videos longer than 30 minutes, which can then be spliced together in a video editing app such as Shotcut.

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