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A to E Mount adapters

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Im sorry if this has already been said and discussed, but I could not easily locate answers I require. 
I have a Sony A6000, my parents unknowingly purchased me an A-mount lens secondhand and therefore are unable to return it. Are the adapters that you can get worth the money or would I be better off trying to sell the lens? 

Any recommendations would be appreciated. 




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I guess the (fairly expensive) adapters are only worth it if you're heavily invested in A-mount glass. You'll likely be able to sell the lens for close to what your parents payed for it (assuming they didn't get ripped off in their ignorance of what they were purchasing). Add the investment cost of the adapter and you'll likely be able to buy an E-mount equivalent lens, which will be optically better (newer lens design), more compact (no adapter) and better autofocussing (native autofocus rather than limited separate AF-module in LA-EA2/4 or crippled AF with LA-EA1/3).

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