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  1. I agree to the above. You can get a few bucks selling "as Is for parts" on ebay.
  2. Funny you mentioned this. I just got my A7R3 back from SONY Pro Repair. Works great now. The repair is out of Warranty and was around $350. However, since I used AMEX Platinum card for purchase, the warranty was doubled. AMEX credited me the repair charge. Here was the response for repair Your Sony Pro estimate to repair your Sony ILCE-7R III camera is attached. To address the focus hunting when using the camera shutter button, it is recommended for the RL Block Assembly to be replaced. Your approval is required to proceed with the repair. Otherwise if you would like to refuse the repair your item will be returned at no charge via Fed EX with adult signature required. Please note your Sony Pro membership discount has been applied. Replacing RL Block Assembly will resolve the shutter button issue A COMPLETE REPAIR AND RETURN ALL FUNCTIONS TO FACTORY SPECS. AUTO FOCUS TEST, CHECK, RECALIBRATION AND REALIGNMENT COMPLETE CLEANING (INTERNAL-EXTERNAL) AND OPTICAL SYSTEM Sony Pro Discount Applied RL BLOCK ASSEMBLY Labor: Parts: Shipping: Tax: Other: Total Estimate: Deposit amount: Final Cost: $347.20 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $347.20 $0.00 $347.20
  3. I use my A7Riii and A7Rii professionally. When I remove the battery grips, L brackets, etc, the bodies are quite compact (more so with the A7Rii). I have decided on our trip this July I would like to take some pics (Like I use to before I became professional). Years past I have generally ditched my bulky pro bodies/ lenses and just used my phone (just to get a break from photography). I refuse to walk around with bulky zooms, etc...just too much of a headache. I own the 28 mm prime. I'm wondering adding a 21mm adaptor would be the perfect combo. The adaptor is super easy (from what I've read) to take off when needing a longer shot (just place it back on when finished). Plus, on the A7Riii, I have crop mode on/off programmed in my function menu. So I have more focal length options there as well. I could also just rent an RX series p/s. (I owned an RX100 about 8 years ago and used it on a trip..(I eventually sold it--never used it). Thoughts?
  4. I know its all about clicks and the publishers are pushing the writers for more content. However, I would say 75% of what goes up is just useless. FStoppers use to have much higher quality articles (or maybe just fewer)...but now it seems they allow anyone who can type post content. "Why I love Sony", Why I love Canon".....really? The web feels like those "Val-Pak" coupons you get in the mail. You know the ones with the "free furnace Tune-Up" coupons. Mostly garbage.
  5. When switching from Canon, I found SONY raw to be cooler and less contrast than Canon. The Adobe Standard profiles in LR are not great. I use these http://www.colorfidelity.com/ and get a little more pop. You can always do a custom profile with Colorchecker or adjust to suit in LR and make that the default profile when importing. Every manufacturer has their own "look" when it comes to raw. I found Canon too red-warm for my taste and had to back off temp and saturation. The opposite for Sony. Google: "Sony raw lightroom color" and you'll find lots of threads with helpful hints
  6. I'm an architectural shooter using the A7Rii. I realize it is probably not needed with 24 MP, however, just curious if the A-9 has a "medium" and/or "small" RAW option like Canon? I know you have the "uncompressed" option. If a larger MP A7riii (or A-9 r, etc) comes out, I would hope smaller RAW options.
  7. The flute player needs to keep her sweater on. I use my old Maxxum lenses professionally from time to time. They are wonderful. My favorite is the 24mm prime. However, I am really amazed how sharp the 70-210 beerc an lens is. You can pick the lens up for about $60 on ebay. A wonderful bargain
  8. I've seen quite a few posts on various forums about the copy to copy variation of the 16-35 when it was released. I purchased one about a month ago and mine is spot on and just as sharp as my Canon calibrated 16-35. I also picked up a Sony 10-18 mm to use for some Real Estate photo jobs that we do (much smaller file size in crop mode) and it's a winner as well.
  9. I have my eye on getting a 28mm. I have been using the Minolta 24mm for street photography on my A7Rii with excellent results. Just a tad too wide. A 35mm lens is not wide enough. I'm thinking the 28mm will be the ideal lens.
  10. I've always wondered how the old Minolta 28-70 2.8 performs. Of course, I do not expect it to perform like anything made in the last 10-15 years. http://www.dyxum.com/reviews/lenses/Minolta-AF-28-70mm-F2.8-G_review32.html
  11. I know the original plastic e mount cameras had some issues. Plus the non metabones IV adaptors. You just may have a defective camera. There should be no issues with latest e mount cameras and native lenses. Can you explain exactly what you are seeing and maybe post some examples? Again, I am assuming you have experienced the actual issue yourself.
  12. I started receiving the error a while back with all native lenses, batteries, etc. I tried everything including a hard reset, my lens air blower and hair dryer to dry any moisture out of hot shoe. I then tried the "canned air" and now everything is error free. The canned air probably had enough force to dislodge any particles. I also wiped down my flash hot shoe contacts (they stay exposed full time) and there were some build up (although ever slight). I now do a quick wipe on flash shoe before mounting. I just thought I would pass this along. I'm willing to bet that this is probably what the repair places do before opening up the camera.
  13. We just went to west coast on a trip and I never removed the Minolta 24mm with La-ea4 once. The lens was perfect and my copy is really sharp.
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