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  1. Download the Help Guide: Here Download the printable pdf as seen on the top right of the screen I think the answer to your question would be on pages 120-121
  2. How do you connect the PC cable to the camera ? There seems to be no PC socket on the A7RII body
  3. What trigger cable ? What flash mode is the camera in ?
  4. If you don't have red-eye reduction on your body set to ON, i would say it is normal since there has to be a Pre-Flash for the TTL metering to operate properly. This pre-flash is usually more subtle like a single weak flash. Are you also sure you are not in WL ? Try with the flash in Manual mode ( the flash, not the body) and see if it is still pre-flashing. If it is, find if your body has a Red-Eye reduction function (which it should as per the specs)
  5. There appears to be no lens shade available for this lens. Think of the lens as entry-level
  6. Your shade appears to be missing the beveled part that has the bayonet mounting Here pics from some eBay sellers for ALC-SH101
  7. There were 2 different models of SAL2470 ( 24-70mm F 2.8 Zeiss lenses for A-Mount). Not to confuse with E- Mount SEL2470Z (which is f4) and SEL2470GM which is 2.8 GM - Model 1 (SAL2470Z) would require ALC-SH101 - Model 2 (SAL2470Z2) would require ALC-SH130 What model number is inscribed right by the serial number at the bottom of the lens barrel close to the lens mount ?
  8. Kenco or Tamron for A-Mount since the Minolta/Sony TC'S are dedicated only to their APO lenses like 200mm F2.8, 300mm F2.8 and F4 400mm F4.5 and 600mm F4 plus the 70-200mm F2.8 SSM Zoom and this last one only with Minolta (D) or Sony TC's
  9. Used to have both. Kept the 24-105 since my copy of the 24-70 was kind of weak in sharpness, and CA at the short end.
  10. 2X Minolta ( 3 models: 2X APO TELECONVERTER, 2X APO TELECONVERTER II, 2X APO TELECONVERTER (D) ) and Kenco were for A-Mount bodies and lenses. Sony makes both A-Mount and E-Mount converters Which body and which lens(es) do you intend to use ? The Minolta's and the Sony for A-mount will not work on E-Mount bodies.
  11. Juste un peu loin (Repentigny) pour te prêter les miens
  12. Oui, mais il y en a d'autres moins dispendieux comme: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/MD-NEX-macro-Camera-Lens-Adapter-Ring-for-Minolta-MC-MD-Lens-to-for-Sony-NEX-5-7/223502463447?hash=item3409c8f1d7:g:V1oAAOSwl8Vcy7kK ou plus cher mais de qualité un peu supérieure comme les Novoflex Un guide relativement complet sur quoi regarder: https://phillipreeve.net/blog/adapters-manual-lenses-sony-a7-series-guide/https://phillipreeve.net/blog/adapters-manual-lenses-sony-a7-series-guide/
  13. None of the above, You need an independently made MD/SR to NEX E-Mount adapter All of the Sony adapters you mention were for use with Minolta or Sony's A-Mount ( Autofocus) lenses
  14. Are you confusing test flash ? ( that is a button on many flash units to provide a single flash to see if it works) In WL mode, pressing AEL button, will provide a test flash from the remote units but this may only work with Sony units attached.
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