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A quiet day


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I called in at the nature reserve this afternoon and it was very quiet (it was windy though), I did manage to get some shots of a heron in flight and another one coming in to land as well as some smaller birds looking for food.

The A7iii with the 100-400 + 1.4 convertor delivered some great images even though they were at 12,800 ISO.




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Another lovely set. You have an impressive breadth of aesthetic skills.

I agree that 12,800 is not a problem on that camera. And indeed it can be a virtue if the scene fits. The fox pics look great and I like the grainy backgrounds behind the smaller birds.

Did you buy the 100-400? I thought you got the 70-300 but could be wrong about that.

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Thanks thefsb for the kind words.

I traded in a load of micro 4/3rds kit I have not used for quite a long time and that allowed me to get the 100-400 + 1.4TC and I only put £200 to ward the deal, I will get £100 back from Sony cashback so that combo cost me £100 out of my pocket and the chance to move on kit I have not used for a while.

I am going to keep the 70-300 for a while as it offers a small powerful lens in a single bag kit ( A7iii + 3 lenses & flash in 1 small Tenba bag) when size/weight is critical.

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