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  1. I have a Sony A7 Mark III, I use the FFrame since I used 35mm film, I've always used Nikon, and I was waiting for their mirrorless FFrame, but what they presented I did not like it and so I took Sony because it seems the best mirrorless on the market
  2. serdor

    A7III Lens Recommendations

    Secondo me puoi prendere il 24/105 GM, eccellente è anche il 16/35 sony zeiss, per l'obiettivo primario che utilizzo, ad esempio, il 35 2.8 di samyang. Greetings
  3. Very interesting, thank you for this test. Greetings
  4. serdor

    1940's weekend event

    I saw your photo album. You have been very good and the photo are very beautiful Compliments
  5. For a camera it cost over 2000 Euro, i think it's worth taking the original battery, not to risk. Regards
  6. serdor


    Hello everyone I am Sergio and i live in Milano, Italia. I switched from Fujifilm equipment to Sony A7 Mark III. First impressions are very positive, i will follow you with interest.
  7. Original battery and charge with Patona battery recharge. Regards