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  1. serdor


    Shots made in these beautiful woods. Sony A7 Mark III Sony Zeiss 16/35
  2. serdor


    °Cincia_Bigia° - Pontresina - Switzerland Sony A7 Mark III Sony 70/200 f4
  3. serdor

    Sony A7 vs A7s

    Hello I had the A7, it's a great camera for photography, I could not tell you how it behaves in the video. The quality of autofocus is certainly not at the level of those today but, again, for non-dynamic photography is fine. I did not have the A7S, so I would not know.
  4. serdor

    Travel Flash

    Hello I have the Neewer NW400S which has a guide number of 36 to 100 ISO. It is excellent for interiors, you can use it, front or back from the ceiling, or by turning it to the side. Lightweight and small enough, I find it ideal to take on a trip. I think the Godox you mentioned in your message is more or less the same product. I recommend it if you do not have professional pretensions and you want a better flash than those that are usually mounted on cameras.
  5. serdor

    Moody sky and trees

    Spectacular, a truly beautiful sky, great for doing this kind of images
  6. serdor

    Adda river

    On the Adda river in Imbersago in the Lombardy region, Italy A7 M III - Sony Zeiss 16/35
  7. serdor

    Helios-44-2 2/58

    Wow. Thinking about how much it costs is a great lens !!!
  8. I have a Sony A7 Mark III, I use the FFrame since I used 35mm film, I've always used Nikon, and I was waiting for their mirrorless FFrame, but what they presented I did not like it and so I took Sony because it seems the best mirrorless on the market
  9. serdor

    A7III Lens Recommendations

    Secondo me puoi prendere il 24/105 GM, eccellente è anche il 16/35 sony zeiss, per l'obiettivo primario che utilizzo, ad esempio, il 35 2.8 di samyang. Greetings
  10. Very interesting, thank you for this test. Greetings
  11. serdor

    1940's weekend event

    I saw your photo album. You have been very good and the photo are very beautiful Compliments
  12. For a camera it cost over 2000 Euro, i think it's worth taking the original battery, not to risk. Regards
  13. serdor


    Hello everyone I am Sergio and i live in Milano, Italia. I switched from Fujifilm equipment to Sony A7 Mark III. First impressions are very positive, i will follow you with interest.
  14. Original battery and charge with Patona battery recharge. Regards