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  1. thefsb

    A quiet day

    Another lovely set. You have an impressive breadth of aesthetic skills. I agree that 12,800 is not a problem on that camera. And indeed it can be a virtue if the scene fits. The fox pics look great and I like the grainy backgrounds behind the smaller birds. Did you buy the 100-400? I thought you got the 70-300 but could be wrong about that.
  2. Isn't that part of the aircraft?
  3. I too want to know ISO and shutter. And when you say windscreen of an airliner, does that mean the window at the front of the thing?
  4. thefsb

    A trip to the seaside

    As usual, I really enjoy your photos. If I don't comment or "like", it doesn't mean I'm not looking at and enjoying them. Keep 'em coming.
  5. thefsb

    Sony Zeiss 55mm f1.8

    Hi Lansky, Do not hesitate to get that lens. It makes really nice pictures. If you want to photograph in the rain, use an Olympus Tough.
  6. @tinplater Do you mean the control wheel (13)? ISO can be assigned to that but, iiuc, not to the rear dial (9).
  7. I agree with LiveShots, try ISO Auto. Adapting Jim Kasson's manual exposure strategy Decide on the f-stop you need based on DOF, not the light. Decide on the shutter speed you need based on motion blur, not the light. Then [let the camera] set the ISO...
  8. Will use it at most a few hours a week for amateur photography (I currently use Capture One) and for many hours a day for software dev, web, server admin (lots of shell terms), and office chores such as email. I currently use two 1920x1200 24" panels but I think one high-res 32" would be an improvment. To nicely display the images from my 7RM3 I figure 10-bit per channel and HDR might be interesting features. But Idk display tech well. I'll use Win 10 and expect to buy a new GFX card for it, e.g. a Quadro P400.
  9. I didn't have much luck with that lens either. My first E-mount camera was an NEX-6 on which I used adapted old RF and SLR primes. I bought it thinking it would be nice to have native AF lens. DxOMark's numbers influenced my choice. I didn't use it much. That didn't change when I replaced the camera with an A7. Eventually I gave it away with the A7.
  10. Don't forget that web sites commonly process images, sometimes in rather heavy-handed ways. For example, this site is based on the antique IPB and likely uses PHP's GD extension. And the person who wrote that part of the program was probably not expert in image processing, coding, or in the strengths and weaknesses of GD, and had different priorities from us photogs. These mutilations can compound as material bounces around the web. And browsers also have to process images and different browsers do different things (iiuc, this problem isn't as bad as it was). And everyone's computer screen looks different, some people even have software that radically alters the color based on time of day. So the nastiness we see might not be at all related to shooting in JPEG.
  11. Congrats on the camera. Current promos make it a super value. I don't know anything about Nikon software but perhaps these are what you're looking for ImagingEdge and PlayMemories Home. I don't know of anyone that likes these apps but they are available. I use Capture One and there's a free version of that for Sony, iirc.
  12. thefsb

    A7III posterization banding

    No, I haven't noticed this in my pictures. EXIF says Software: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic 8.0 (Windows). Try a couple of other converters to confirm. You can download Capture One for Sony and RawDigger to try them out.
  13. Ebay, advanced search, sold listings. Also KEH, B&H used, Adorama used.
  14. thefsb

    Considering switching from Fuji

    Why not rent some Sony gear and find out for yourself?
  15. thefsb

    Introduction/Lens buying decision

    Then take just the 55 and make do. You'll still be able to take lots of wonderful pics and it will be nice to have a light, compact unit. Or... get an RX100M6 and leave all that stuff behind.
  16. I got nothing to say about IQ. Others can handle that topic much better than I can. Just personal impressions that may or may not be of interest. Size, weight and general feel on the camera is much like the 1.8/85. Bigger than the 1.8/55 or 2/28 but still in the range where you can use the camera single handed for long periods. I carried it on a couple of hikes using just the Peak Design Clutch, and that worked well. Having an aperture ring again is just great, especially so when shooting with the screen. Why did we get rid of these? I haven't decided what to do with the custom button. But it's challenging. Technically there's no wiggle room. I've a 7RM3 and together with this lens, there's no hiding from what I did wrong. So I have to step up my game and practice. Aesthetically it's a challenge too. 24mm is tough for me anyway but this equipment demands justification. I have to find worthy scenes. I've been having a hard time getting horizons level. Does this get harder as you go wider?
  17. thefsb

    Flash modifiers

    Have you read David Hobby's strobist tutorials? It covers modification and you'll have a better idea of what to get when you understand the techniques.
  18. exiftool -a filename Did you check image stabilization config on the 6500?
  19. thefsb

    Conspiracy theory?

    I agree this site is no good as a photo sharing platform.
  20. thefsb

    Conspiracy theory?

    Yes I've noticed that. I called it out indirectly here https://www.sonyalphaforum.com/topic/9551-have-i-made-a-mistake-with-the-55mm-18/?tab=comments#comment-42591
  21. thefsb

    A walk in the park

    You're tearing it up, lansky. The rate at which you make good pictures is crazy.
  22. In your position, for those journeys and adventures, I would choose RX100M6.
  23. thefsb

    Need some recommendation

    You can make good landscape photos with either and with a lot of other lenses too.
  24. Smugmug has set out their plans: https://www.flickr.com/lookingahead/ What are your plans? I'm looking for software I can use to host my photos and share them to people I choose to share them with. Suggestions?
  25. @Lescatalpas Google's cloud photo sync works well but the sharing is a pita, afaict. I can share photos and create albums and share those by sending URLs around to the people I want to share with. There's no page equivalent to https://www.flickr.com/photos/lescatalpas/ that shows everything you've published. It's probably going to be about the same with Nextcloud.