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  1. @Lescatalpas Your dog is really cute and your photos on Flickr are, as always, great. I don't use Flickr so I don't get to chat with you there. In any case, your "Action! Lotje going after the ball." is swell.

    So I thought I'd share a couple of updates of Lucy. You saw some photos of her when she was a small pup. She's 2 now.




  2. The A9 has $1000 promo discount atm. At the same time, it's value increases with the recent and coming AF improvements. Does this suggest that Sony has a replacement coming soon?
  3. I agree that the RX10 line doesn't get enough love. I've seen wonderful photos taken with RX10M2. If you have enough light and don't seek extremely shallow DoF then you'll get great results. RX10 is nice to hold too.
  4. I tried asking these questions on Adobe's community support forum and I got the key information I was missing. It's pretty interesting. https://forums.adobe.com/message/10971864 If you use Adobe's cloud storage, be sure to keep copies of anything you value elsewhere and to back those copies up independently of Adobe's cloud.
  5. I've no problem with the cloud features per se or with the monthly fee. I like to show off my photos on mobile devices and cloud sync is by far the easiest way to manage the photos across those devices. I want to understand how it works. Clearly I don't yet. - I cannot sync all the photos on my computer. Is there really no way to designate the directories that will sync? - Does running Lightroom CC automatically scan all the files on all my storage devices and sync all that are images? - In what way cannot Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC be used together? - If Lightroom CC automatically takes control of all my photos and using Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC together is not recommended, how do I use Lightroom Classic CC at all? Do I use a different computer? a different user account on the same computer? I don't get it. Is there someone with experience using these products that can set me straight?
  6. I used LR versions 2 thru 4. It was OK. More recently I used Capture One Pro for Sony 8 thru 10. When I got my first Alpha camera, C1-Sony was $50, great value. It produces excellent results but I'm not in love with the UI. Didn't upgrade to 11 because the advertised improvements didn't interest me. Considering 12 now. I want to compare it with the current LR. But I don't understand the product now. Hoping someone can help. Adobe advertises 3 plans, one at $53 per month so forget that, and two at $10 per month. Let's look at those. I'm not going to use Photoshop or a portfolio website from Adobe and 1 TB cloud storage is much more useful than 20 GB. So "Lightroom CC plan" is interesting. So how does their cloud work? That sounds great but do you really mean all? That's not going to happen, for various reasons. So how does this cloud work? That's just crazy talk. My computer has about 8 TB storage, properly backed up to three different locations. There's no reason to sync all the photos and good reasons not to. I've resisted the free trial of "Lightroom CC plan" for this exact reason. I'm not going install a software that scans my computer for photos and exfiltrates every one of them. All the same, LR on phone and tablet would be great, so what about the "Photography plan"? It says, "The Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan includes the Lightroom CC photo service so you can easily edit, organize, store, and share your photos from anywhere" but this must require syncing everything, right? The FAQ says you cannot select the photos you want to sync. So I'll have to upgrade from 20 G cloud storage to about 2 TB for it to work. And then this That's just baffling. It seems to say that the only way to use Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC together is to sync them. But that makes no sense. It doesn't seem plausible that my understanding, given Adobe's marketing and support material, could be correct. How does it really work?
  7. In the US there's a common type of promotion called a "mail-in rebate". (It was already common when I came to the US in 95.) The "rebates" would often be really deep discounts. And they are usually something very close to a scam. There are a multitude of potential gotchas deliberately built into the application process. And even if you get everything exactly right they often deny the rebate anyway. Presumably enough people give up, or don't pursue a complaint hard enough, or you can't prove them wrong, or something. One way or another the vendor or its agent processing the rebates gets away with not paying the rebate and you don't get to return the product because you run out of time waiting for the rebate, you cut up the packaging to get a barcode for the application, or something else. Last time I fell for it, many years ago, I swore off all mail-in rebates for life. It would be sad if Sony is operating this type of promotion.
  8. Another lovely set. You have an impressive breadth of aesthetic skills. I agree that 12,800 is not a problem on that camera. And indeed it can be a virtue if the scene fits. The fox pics look great and I like the grainy backgrounds behind the smaller birds. Did you buy the 100-400? I thought you got the 70-300 but could be wrong about that.
  9. I too want to know ISO and shutter. And when you say windscreen of an airliner, does that mean the window at the front of the thing?
  10. As usual, I really enjoy your photos. If I don't comment or "like", it doesn't mean I'm not looking at and enjoying them. Keep 'em coming.
  11. Hi Lansky, Do not hesitate to get that lens. It makes really nice pictures. If you want to photograph in the rain, use an Olympus Tough.
  12. @tinplater Do you mean the control wheel (13)? ISO can be assigned to that but, iiuc, not to the rear dial (9).
  13. I agree with LiveShots, try ISO Auto. Adapting Jim Kasson's manual exposure strategy Decide on the f-stop you need based on DOF, not the light. Decide on the shutter speed you need based on motion blur, not the light. Then [let the camera] set the ISO...
  14. Will use it at most a few hours a week for amateur photography (I currently use Capture One) and for many hours a day for software dev, web, server admin (lots of shell terms), and office chores such as email. I currently use two 1920x1200 24" panels but I think one high-res 32" would be an improvment. To nicely display the images from my 7RM3 I figure 10-bit per channel and HDR might be interesting features. But Idk display tech well. I'll use Win 10 and expect to buy a new GFX card for it, e.g. a Quadro P400.
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