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  1. thefsb

    L-Bracket for a7 iii

  2. thefsb

    Steady Shot blocked!

    It's daft to expect Sony to invest any R&D to provide features useful only to optimize the image stabilization performance of adapted 3rd party lenses with 4th party adapters. So they aren't "poor at this", they don't do it at all for perfectly obvious reasons.
  3. thefsb

    Steady Shot blocked!

    There's no loyalty involved in accepting the statement that adapted (electronic) lenses don't work as well as native.
  4. thefsb

    Raw vs JPEG

    Iirc (the last LR I used was v4) the input image file is unchanged regardless of reset and regardless of file format (JPEG, RAW, whatever). That file doesn't change when you adjust/edit in LR. So no, you have not lost anything. Except, when you select "reset", you discard the adjustments/edits you did. But even this is not really lost quite yet since there is "Undo", which can rescue them at least in the short term.
  5. thefsb

    Raw vs JPEG

    I said that RAW "allows latitude for adjustments that a JPEG may not." The posterization effect you sometimes get on adjusting images loaded from JPEG files is an example. But my point is that there's no right answer to RAW or JPEG. As always: it depends. Sometimes the JPEG will meet all your needs. Sometimes not. Sometimes the camera does a better job developing the picture than I can manage.
  6. thefsb

    Raw vs JPEG

    Not really. There are bald facts of the matter that can't be argued. Can't put RAW on Flickr or Instagram. Can't text a RAW. Can't print a RAW or put it on your web site. All you can do with RAW is save captured sensor data on a camera and move it to specialized conversion software designed for that specific camera, in which case it allows latitude for adjustments that a JPEG may not. But I guess you're talking about the question: Do you set the camera to write RAW to the memory card? It's not a moral choice. There's no legal or ethical dimension I'm aware of. It's a straightforward practical question of what works best for you. Any practical question can become contentious if someone frames their choice as "I do it like this, which is the right way, and if you don't do it like me, your doing it wrong," and if you let this kind of BS get to you (without which it's not even contentious). But this is still not really a controversy. "California should divide itself into two states" is controversial. "I choose to clean the floor with the broom rather than the vacuum" is not.
  7. thefsb

    looking for a macro lens

    Strictly speaking, the picture has the field of view of a 135 but the lens still behaves as a 90.
  8. thefsb

    Sony 100-400G

    Lovely! Well done. As with the 70-300, the foreground and background blur is flat, boring, and not distracting from the subject. It's a good thing.
  9. I don't know that camera but you may glean some useful knowledge from Mark Galen's videos which explain the practical meaning of Sony AF options in depth. Watching these made a big difference in my hit rate. I don't know the 7RM2 but this looks similar to a video I watched about 7RM3.
  10. thefsb

    looking for a macro lens

    Yes, top tier. If you want to save some money, I read that the Sigma 2.8/70 Art also has excellent IQ but lacks some features one might value.
  11. thefsb

    looking for a macro lens

    Sweet! Let us know how it goes.
  12. thefsb

    looking for a macro lens

    Consider the tele-zooms instead. 70-300, 100-400, and both 70-200 all focus close enough at the long end to do close up photography, probably enough for jewelry. Look on Flickr for plenty of examples. The tele-zooms offer different versatility than a true macro lens that I find more useful. The 2.8/70-200 is an especially versatile lens. Too expensive for a ham like me but for many pros it should pay for itself pretty fast. Decent basic product photography isn't hard. You can do a lot with just the background on a table, one softbox above, and foamcore reflectors. Really nice, attention-grabbing pictures require creativity, good understanding of light and plenty of practice. Light Science & Magic is a good textbook.
  13. thefsb

    Sony A&R III viewfinder noise

    Yes, I know. & and 7 are on the same key also on my keyboard. I was making a joke. But I did answer your question in the second paragraph. Perhaps's it's worth repeating It's normal.
  14. Couple of hundred to have Sony replace the OEM screen protector. Makes me think I should scratch it some more before I get that work done 😛
  15. thefsb

    Sony A&R III viewfinder noise

    A&R was not a Sony label. It was independent. And yes, noise was not an uncommon feature on its recordings. On Sony Alpha cameras, again, yes, visible noise in the viewfinder is normal looking at low light scenes.