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  1. From the album: Satit P

    a shot of water meet sand on the beach.

    © Satit Putarakkit

  2. From the album: Heritage

    Sony a7 + canon FD lens 3244

    © Vyacheslav Isaev Photography

  3. From the album: Miscellaneous


    © Vyacheslav Isaev Photography

  4. From the album: New England

    Taken at dusk the first time I visited. FYI the gate closes at the entrance but you are not locked in. There is a photo eye that allows the gate to open from the inside so you can get out , even though it closes at dusk. I freaked out and learned this the hard way:)
  5. From the album: New England

    Just before sunrise look out toward Thacher Island which as twin lights. You can see the pano here : https://www.flickr.com/photos/seacoastnh/31758248403/in/datetaken-friend/
  6. From the album: Malinki_Malinki

    Did you guess that this was a simple plum tomato being dropped into a blue bowl of water? Check out the splash that looks like a lady in a big bonnet. The picture is a composite shot taken with high speed flash and some of the best individual images merged together using Smart Photo Editor. (Source Ref: DSC9460_pe_v2_DxO) Check oy the rest of my images on my Flickr Site at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/malinki_malinki

    © Jim Mooney (c) 2013

  7. From the album: New England

    It was a very foggy morning the other day so I thought this would be best in B&W. Check out the cool spider web just left of center. https://www.flickr.com/photos/seacoastnh/27485311276/in/datetaken-public/

    © TDG

  8. mtman

    River's Flow

    From the album: A7RII first shots

    A7rII, LA-EA3 Lens Mount Adapter, Tamron 150-600mm.

    © Jim Dockery

  9. From the album: Landscape

    The picture was taken on a photo course in south west Sweden. Kullaberg is a very popular place for photographers. I bought my Sony A7r 2-3 weeks before the course, because I wanted a full frame camera. Coming from a Canon 70D to a Sony, was a big change. Because I mainly photograph landscape, I bought a Samyang 14mm to the camera. For landscape work, I am very happy with my gear.
  10. From the album: Autumn Landscapes

    © Dave Everett Photography 2015

  11. © RamiGraFX

  12. Greetings, this is my first post here in this forum. Had a chance shooting a conceptual portrait last Dec, played with long shutter speed to create a different feel of images. MD: Tsuyu-Sei Taken with Sony A6000 and Sigma 30mm, SEL85F18, Tokina 11-16 Remilia Scarlet (Forbidden Garden) by RICO Lee, on Flickr Remilia Scarlet (Forbidden Garden) by RICO Lee, on Flickr Remilia Scarlet (Forbidden Garden) by RICO Lee, on Flickr Full gallery (38p): https://www.flickr.com/photos/bdrc1989/sets/72157692514122055
  13. Hello everyone! Is it possible to remap my VIDEO/MOVIE record button to a Pistol Grip button on my water housing?
  14. https://vimeo.com/190419876 - Every once in a while you get the call to go outside your comfort zone. Answer the call. Déjà Mae and I have shot quite a few photos together but recently she asked me to shoot a video for the next song on her recently released album “Sloan” I was totally into creating something magical except there was one major obstacle… She asked if I could shoot it underwater??? Underwater cinematography is not my forte but being pushed out of your comfort zone is where creativity lives and it’s been a while since someone asked me how long I could hold my breath. For this par
  15. From the album: Landscapes

    Autumn is coming on Italian Alps and a fisherman is enjoying the Lake of Arpi with no turists around. Dealing with light was very difficult, as mountains on the back are much higher than the lake. On the lake we had golden light of sunset, on the mountains there still was a strong light, so I used polarizer and graduated ND filter. I also used a quite slow shutter, to get the idea of fishing line movement.

    © Luca Fontana

  16. luca.f

    Bove Lake

    From the album: Into the Wild North (Yukon and Alaska)

    Bove Lake (aka Tagish Lake), close to Chilkoot Pass in the Yukon.

    © Luca Fontana

  17. From the album: Into the Wild North (Yukon and Alaska)

    One of the biggest lake of the Yukon, mountain on the right is King's Trone.

    © Luca Fontana

  18. From the album: a6000

    © © Stoney Roberts

  19. justaguy


    From the album: a6000

    © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © Stoney Roberts

  20. From the album: a6000

    © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © Stoney Roberts

  21. From the album: TakMat - Sony Photographic Journey

    What a location to be treated with our first Icelandic sunset. Just glorious! Sony a7R, Rokinon 8mm Fisheye, cropped mode

    © Mathieu Rousseau

  22. Some softer HDR work on this one with my older NEX-7, shot at Clearwater Beach in Florida in the glow of the early morning. Lens was SEL18200 at around 18mm.
  23. Rivershooting in Austria Model: Sarah G. Photography by DigitalMinds Photography For the complete series feel free to visit ► Sarah G / Portraits von Michael Sedlacek - DigitalMinds Photography Equipment used: Sony A7, Samyang 85mm f1,4 at f2, ISO 100
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