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  1. I've tried all kinds of work arounds, but never could get apps to load onto my camera with my Mac. Luckily my wife has an old cheap PC laptop that I can use, which works easily. Sony really should fix this or risk allienating a lot of Mac users.
  2. I recently started a thread at Fred Miranda about the new Sony bracket app that I found lacking. Glad I did because that's where I learned about a web site that has other independent apps for Sony cameras, including a focus bracket app that allows for far more than 3 shots. It isn't perfect - some camera freezes when trying the maximum number of shots allowed, but could still be a huge time saver for many applications. This shot was done in my backyard: A7rII, 70-200mm f4 at 79mm, f8, 1/30, 10 shots, stacked in PS.
  3. I'm loving the time-lapse and smooth reflection apps on my A7rII. Here are a few recent shots taken with SR, which essentially gives me a ND filter for the lenses I didn't have one for. Stillaguamish River, A7rII, Samyang 14mm, Smooth Reflection 16 shots Stillaguamish River, A7rII, Sony 70-200mm f4, Smooth Reflection 16 shots
  4. I'm interested in using a 6300 and Samyang 12mm F2 for star pictures. If anyone has higher ISO star pics shot with the 6300 I'd love to see em, or any experience with this lens would also be appreciated.
  5. I use the Samyang 14mm on my A7rII and am quite happy with it (esp. for the $$). I also have the 70-200 which is great. Sounds like a good deal to me, but like the others I'd hope to get it a bit below asking.
  6. I have the same set up as andy and agree. I've never had a long lens like this and have missed a lot of shots due to focus slightly off what I want, DOF is very shallow at 600mm! I also agree though that for the $$ I'm ok with this lens. I have tried it for some birding and got some good shots, but missed a lot too. I'm also new to birding so don't know what experts % is.
  7. I have the FE mount Samyang (Rokinon) 14mm and it works great on my A7rII, but is very heavy. If I had the $$ I'd buy the new Zeiss Loxia 21mm for it's size, weight, and sharpness.
  8. Here are a few shots I got this fall in the Cascade mountains near my house. One of the main reasons I wanted to upgrade from my NEX-7 was high ISO performance and the A7rII has met those expectaions. All shot with Samyang 14mm 2.8 Mt. Shuksan, Milky Way + Aurora Mt. Baker by moonlight Moon over Glacier Pk. Sunrise on Mt. Baker
  9. I just got my lens and am using the LAEA3 on a 7rII. I'm quite happy with the sharpness and overall use of lens although the manual focus throw is very small and touchy.
  10. I've been trying out the 55mm as my walk-around lens on my new A7rII. Quite a change in how to frame from the 18-200mm Tamron Superzoom I've been using on my old NEX-7. When I want to go wide I shoot a panorama, which works quite well most of the time with static subjects, like the mountains you see here. The final images are huge, take a long time to process, but are fantastically detailed for printing large on my Epson 7900. Mountains L-R: Three Fingers, Whitehorse, Mt. Baker (volcano), Whitechuck (rocky peak), Mt. Shuksan. Taken high on Mt. Pugh
  11. I also find it annoying to not be able to put a polarizer on and then the hood. Obviously I'd have to remove the hood to rotate the filter, but then I'd like to snap it back on and put it away so it is ready for the next shot (with filter on), instead I have to remove the filter and put it away.
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