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  1. Last questio, I promise:) Does it work for the sound as well or it's only streaming the video signal? Thanks
  2. Thank you very much, Leafy.Your answer was really helpful. I just wanted to ask you another thing (maybe it's a stupid question...): when you talk about Black Magic UltraStudio Mini, I found on internet that there are 2 of them: Monitor and Recorder. Which one are you talking about? Thank you very much
  3. Thank you VTC, I just didn't understand one thing: you talk about connecting a G3 to an Iphone...Iphone has a mic input or you can use the audio monitor connection ? Thanks again
  4. Hi everybody, I'd like to know if it's possible to make live streaming with sony a7sII. I'm asked to film a conference and my client would like to send the signal (video and sound) on his youtube channel, but I never did that. Can someone help me, please? Thank you very much.
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