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Found 5 results

  1. Event season is starting to pick up finally, so I have some extra $$$ to spend to expand my gear. My photo side is pretty well fleshed out for my needs at this point, so I've been looking to expand the video side. Already have wireless mics and off-camera LED panels from some on-tripod static videos I've been shooting (reviews/testimonials), but nothing for movement yet. Been looking at a DJI Mini 2 or an equivalently priced gimbal (wide selection I need to narrow down). Wondering which I should go for first. Real estate jobs seem pretty cut and dry: camera photos on the ground, drone photos in the air, and drone video everywhere else, so I was considering getting the drone first. I've already figured out hacks to substantially improve the DJI Mini 2's RAW images, so there's no issue on that end when lining up against my A7 III's IQ for real estate level IQ. Weddings pay more for video work, but in return, also take up much more time, and are mostly run and gun/spur of the moment for gimbal use. Both would require extra batteries and factoring in time to learn, both in handling and shooting. AFAIK, I'd have to pay for a drone operator license once I was ready to use the drone for pro work, but recreational/practice use doesn't require one. And in the end, I'll end up owning both in the future, as that will expand my usefulness to clients even more than just one. Just wondering how people who own one or both are doing pro-wise.
  2. I have just switch from Nikon and for many years I have used 'control my nikon' software which i needed for photographing artwork in a light tent. I have just started using Sony 'remote' software with A7 III and found it connects fine with a PC first time but always 'hangs' in USB connecting thereafter. I tried with another computer and the same thing happens, only works once. I am thinking this might be a driver time out issue? Does anyone have a solution to correct this. I do not want to use capture one as the sony software is fine for my requirements, if only it would connect each time.
  3. Went out and shot with my new a7iii and 85mm 1.8. Such an amazing combo! What picture profile does everyone shoot with?
  4. I just received the Sony A7 iii. I have a set of Rokinon Xeen e-mount lenses that I would like to use with the A7 iii but I am unsure if the mount will support the Xeens. Has anyone had experience with this and care to share? Can the mount support the weight of the lenses or do I need to look at getting a rig and support system? If so, can you recommend a system? Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, I need for my work, to save 2 differents preset of settings, with 2 different files names. For example: - Preset 1: file name XXX_00001 - Preset 2: file name YYY_00001 OR if is possible to have different destination's folder for each preset of setting, for example: - Preset 1: save photos in the folder 100 - Preset 2: save photos in the folder 101 I've tried to read on the instructions but can't find nothing like this, I know that with nikon is possible to do it. Can someone help me?
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