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Found 4 results

  1. This film was mostly shot on the A6500. Maui is an amazing place and this was our first visit. Thanks for watching!
  2. Decided to present you some footage of our last trip in Spain (San Sebastian - Bilbao - Mallorca - Valencia) Filmed with Sony A6000; Zhiyun CraneM; Dji Mavic Air Thanks for watching!
  3. This is a vídeo shot for a Fashion Contest. Hope you like it.
  4. Sony Lenstyle QX1 has been released to the market for a while now and yet it has been underrated for its true potential in shaping the world of photography and videography. Due to its size, light weight and unbeatable low price this camera could revolutionize the way we look at all conventional photography techniques in the whole new level. Here’s how:- THE LAND Image stabilization is the utmost importance in getting non shaky shot and useable footage. Companies spent tons of money for ridiculous looking mechanical bodysuit stabilizer for that purpose alone which could be a real bane for the cameraman and as a deterrent to get the creative idea flowing. That said a small 3 Axis gimbal for Phantom and Go Pro is powerful enough to hold QX1 158g+67g Sony SEL16f/2.8 Prime Wide Angle Pancake and positioned it roll, tilt & yaw. With Sony Pistol Grip GP-VPT1 which has buttons to snap photo, start/stop video or even zoom in/out (works with zoom lens) you are ready to go. With minimal effort and cost we could be creative in any situation or location and everyone can be a film maker. THE SEA QX1 could be treated with Liquipel or similar waterproof nano coating treatment but Sony has SportsPack 5M waterproof housing for handycam that could fit QX1, lens and Xperia phone. Put all in this housing and view the display via the side reflector. Like the pistol grip, the housing can be connected via QX1 multiport to control Shoot Photo/Start/Record Video with easy access buttons. Now we are ready to get nice underwater shot in low light. THE SKY DJI Phantom has long known capturing aerial photographs and videos with Go Pro camera but the camera has limitation due to small sensor. While they do made bigger multirotor craft and gimbal to carry GH4 but logistically and cost wise are not viable to most. The affordable Vision 2/+ san the camera are more practical as they operates in 2 bands 2.4Ghz & 5.8Ghz. Since QX1 uses 2.4Ghz, any dualband wifi extender (i.e TPlink usb powered) could be used to add extra range and prevent interference (if any). For First Person View (FPV) any Xperia phones or the best is Google Glass could be used as it's very important that we have visual of the drone position to anticipate the video it records or picture it takes. After all, the whole idea of using bigger sensor camera is emphasizing on getting a useable quality shot in any light condition. In addition to that, a retractable landing skid could prevent skids or props interframing in the footage. Detach the gimbal from the pistol grip and fix it to the phantom and we are ready to conquer the sky. THE SPACE QX1 can be used without any lens attached, this has made mounting any telescope for astrophotography possible with e-mount adapter. We can trick QX1 to have aperture wide open, 30″ and up to ISO1600 in S Mode and lock it with lens cap closed. Only thing it focuses the cap instead of ∞. Capturing faint object like Milkyway Galaxy could be possible with just S mode else we could just preoccupy ourselves shooting other celestial objects like Nebulae, Planets & Galaxies with the attached telescope while waiting for Playmemories upgrade the true Manual mode. This is definitely astronomy on the cheap since most hybrid or reflector telescope like Celestron Nexstar 4Se (pic) could be used daytime for birdwatching too. The Logistic Other than preventing skid and props in the shot, the retractable landing skid has also revolutionized the carrying bag/case for the phantom. Since now the skid is collapsible, it’s possible to put phantom with other cameraman essential devices in one slim stylish bag. This is how we could carry all those camera essential equipment without ruin our vacation when the idea is to travel light and get the quality job done and most importantly without looking like a camera crew.
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