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  1. jonas

    Considering switching from Fuji

    Hi FW 6400 was the maximum I would shoot and accept with my X-T2. The Sony is a better camera when it comes to low light, but your question is maybe how much? From my understanding you currently own the X-T2? Unfortunately I haven't got the best lenses yet on Sony to do a direct noise comparison (real world), but when I receive my Sony FE 55 F1.8 I can give you a response. I currently have the 24-105 and the light is so low in my part of the world now that every "candid" shot inside is around 6400-12800, which is too noisy. The best thing about Fuji are their manual control dials (iso, shutter, aperture) which is fantastic when you change different kind of lightning fast. What kind of lenses do you currently have? Maybe investing in a better more light hungry lens is a better option?
  2. jonas

    Considering switching from Fuji

    I had many cons vs pro for this switch. It was something that I was contemplating doing for years. I even tried out the original A7, and then the A7II. Both with the kit lens. But I always returned them. But it was the A7III that tipped me over with its specs. Fullframe, IBIS, amazing low light, no 'worms' artifacts which haunted a lot of my Fuji files, incredible autofocus and battery performance that outperformes any mirrorless camera. The new battery performance reminds me of when I had DSLRs. And the new Fuji lenses are almost as huge and pricey as their Sony counterparts so I figured that if me next step is to invest in those lenses, why not just jump ship? My next step is to save up for the 55mm 1.8 (I need something light) and the LAOWA 15mm F2. I think those two lenses paired with the 24-105 will satify my needs. It's not that it is all a regret, but also a realization that it will take a lot of money and time to get those fantastic glasses. I wonder if OP ever made the switch? Only now I realize that OP asked this question several month ago. 🙄 I got a lot of thoughts about the switch and the differences between the cameras. If anyone is interested I might make a post about it. Just DM me a question if you have any. Thanks.
  3. jonas

    Considering switching from Fuji

    I've just switched from Fuji X-T2 to Sony A7III. This has been one of my biggest mistakes ever, and clearly not a very thoughtful decision. The Sony A7III is amazing in every aspect, the thing is that the Fuji ecosystem with their XF lenses, kaizen upgrades is so close to the performance of the A7III that the upgrade is really not worth it. In some areas it also out outperform the Sony ecosystem. I'm curious to why you need a FF camera, and in what case where the Fuji can't compete with a FF system. It's smaller, cheaper and it has great weathersealing. The 18-135mm Fuji is their version of a 24-105 (202mm) lens so the Fuji system already has the lens that you're asking for. I've tried the A7 before and I considered a swith from the X-T1, but the performance of the A7 was not worth it. I sold all my Fuji gear to buy the Sony A7III and the 24-105mm sony lens.