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  1. Dear friends, I am confused about powerbanks. Is it just to charge the battery in the camera or you can record video as well while a powerbank is connected to the camera. Many people suggest the Anker Powercore 20100 but they say thats for charge. Is this for recording as well? Or does anyone can suggest a powerbank that works with sony a7iii? thanks George
  2. So here we go...... Djpalmis.....no I never dropped the camera. I bought the camera last year (May 2015) So I am out of warranty..... So I went to our OFFICIAL SONY SERVICE in Greece. OFFICIAL I say again......What they told me? The bial costs 25 euros. BUT because our OFFICIAL SERVICE here in Greece can NOT fix it they will send my camera to POLAND...So I have to pay more or less 120 euros. !!!!! So Thank you SONY for just 1 year of warranty......Thank you that I used just my camera for 10 times only and after one year that warranty is out my dial is problematic and of course thank you t
  3. WOW !!!! That was the best answer ever got from anyone....... I did everything.......and the result......the back dial is not moving. When it moves ( as I told you with a bit pressure on it) then it accepts the change of shutter speed. But the problem is that the dial is not moving 99% when I try to move it. So it must be a hardware issue.......
  4. Dear friends... I have the following problem. The shuuter speed dial is not working at all. It does not move and if I put some pressure on the button then its kind of moving but the shutter speed goes back to the initial setting. I turn off/on the camera.....take of the lens and put it back again and still the problem is there. Anyone had that issue? Any idea what to do before send it to service? Thank you.
  5. I use Sony A7s for video. TI wanted this app to correct lens issues in the camera. Dont know if it is only for photography to tell you the truth,
  6. I did my friend..I am waiting for their reply......
  7. one friend did just like that but then when he changed the settings in the camera for fixing the time and so on....everything dissappear ......how cool is that?
  8. no.. it does not work unfortunately........ Sony sony sony.......
  9. Hello everyone. I have a Sony A7s for almost a year. I wanted to buy the Lens Compensation from Playmemories and they do not allow me to buy this app because message says: "Signed out since the service is not distributed in the Country/Region of your account." I am from Greece. But this was not a problem when I gave my money to buy the A7s. My country is now a problem because I want to buy an app? Does anynone else here had same problem with no servise due to region/country account? Does anyone have an idea of how else I can buy this app? Thank you George Lens CompensationLen
  10. Hi there!!! I own a A7s and a commlite adapter with 24-105 f4 Canon lens. Auto focus is so SLOW!!!!! and I use it in manual mode. I was wondering if there is an adapter and/or lens that will gives the A7s the continues focus. And also why the stabliser of Canon lens is not working on my A7s? Is this normal? Thank you
  11. Tim I found another power bank : Anker Astro 2nd 20000mAh Pro I contact them and they said that even that the battery is outputing 9v or 12v, if i connect it with Sony then automatically it will deliver only the voltage that Sony needs. I asked them of a warranty of what they say because I do not want to destroy my Sony. So I am waitng for their answer. Its the same size with the other that you mentioned but a lot cheaper and I can adapt it to my rig with a velcro or something. I will see. George
  12. They explained everything. They have nice solutions BUT its too heavy then the rig for me. We film wedding so we have to move a lot, run and all the stuff that a camera operator does on a wedding day. Nice solutions.....but makes your work a bit more difficult
  13. I will let you know Tim. I had a look again on LR16 combined with BP 60U . it seems ok but I wonder how do you connect them.
  14. Thank you Tim. I just had a look at that site. They have many nice products but almost nothing about 7,4 batteries that Sony needs. I mailed them and hope they can provide a nice solution. I have found many power banks that can make Sony last for about 5-6 hours which is perfect for me , but they have DC output of 9v or 12 v.
  15. Dear friends hi! I wanted to ask if someone has found a nice solution for powering Sony. I was looking for some power banks but they only have DC output of 9v or 12v which I think its dangerous to connect with Sony which have 7,4v . Do you agree? So did someone here find a power bank or something else that had DC output of 7,4v? Thank you
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