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  1. I would personally recommend either the Sony Vario-Tessar 16-35 f/4 OR the Sony 16-35 f/2.8 GM depending on the budget (5)
  2. I personally use a Photodiox adapter that I bought new for 100 $. But the comment that needs to be known is that focusing is very slow and you may not be able to use the canon glass for a moving subject. Please see this link but as you said, you have canon glass that you would love to use. In case you develop the skill of manual focusing and using the peaking of the camera, you may be much happier than auto focusing. I had a canon 10-18 that was reasonable practical on with the adapter but sold it after buying the sony 10-18. Now my only canon lens is the 15-85 which is a really great lens if you can live with the slow focus or go manual.
  3. No not really to the contrary as I have developed the set of lenses, especially the wide angle zoom Sony 10-18. As I said, I have the Sony 24-70/4.0 which is encouraging me for that addition. It will not be a "switch", it will be an "addition". I really do not "need it", I kind of "want it". My question is about the size and weight as this is a main concern due to some health issues with my cervical spine.
  4. I would personally recommend the Sony 16-50/2.8 SSM which is very practical, smooth and sharp. You may need to read its reviews.
  5. Due to cervical problems, and in order to reduce weight and size, I opted to switch to the Sony APS-C mirrorless system after a life full of Hasselblads, Linhof, Leica, Canon and Nikon. I now have the Sony A-6000, Nex-7 and Nex-5 (the 5 was the starter sample) in addition to a group of lenses whether Sony E mount, adapted A Mount and adapted Canon AF. I cannot stop myself from thinking about a full frame camera (maily A7 or A7ii) due to the fact that the body is not much chunkier than the APS-C. I am worried that the package of the full frame with a 24-70 (which I already have) or the 28-70 kit lens may bring me back a heavy and large gear. Can any body give me his thoughts about it in view of the fact that this is only a hobby for my own passion.
  6. The 55-210 is pretty decent with respect to its "value for money" and its relatively small size. It will help you with the type of photography for family and pets (portraits). Do not expect "national geographic" quality of photos, but is surely worth buying especially if you keen on cost, weight and size. Despite the fact that I have the 18-200 silver, but felt happy buying the 55-210 for the above reasons when shooting portraits. One more piece of information, in case you need flash, you can use the camera's built-in flash with the 55-210 without casting shadow (of course if you do not use the hood on). In case you are looking for top notch quality, this would not be your target, but as I said ... it is "good value for money", especially if you by it second hand,
  7. Dears, I have the 18-200 silver and it is a very good lens for travelling for its long range focal length. I always travel with it on my A-6000 + a Nex-7 with Sony 10-18. A drawback of this lens is that it has the tendency of dust collection behind the front elements. It is easily cleanable (I even cleaned mine myself), but would not prefer to use it all the time so save it for travel (especially in a relatively dusty weather like in Egypt). I am even considering a Sigma 18-200 or 18-250 + the LA-Ea2 adapter. I have used the Sigma 18-200 on a Nikon for may be 7 years and never had a problem, my daughter still uses it till now. The combination Sigma + adapter is almost the same size and weight (14 mm longer). With respect to videos, I personally do not find it as a great option, due to its weight and size, after the first minute to 2, you start suffering fatigue in your arm. Adapted vintage lenses would be a very good option.
  8. Taher Abouraya

    Old Scanned Photos

    Old scanned photos taken mainly in the 80s and 90s using Hasselblad cameras which was my favorite at that time till I switched to digital photography in 2005
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