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  1. Finally, the video: Music was composed for that video by Lars Rühmann. Enjoy - and share, if you like it.
  2. I do not know a good stabilization solution for "hopefully below 700$". If you are willing to spend 2000 - 2500 $, you could take a look at http://kopterkraft.com
  3. Some pictures and video-frames from a Portugal roundtrip: Nazaré, Portugal Ponta da Piedade, Lagos, Algarve, Portugal Camilo Beach, Lagos, Algarve, Portugal Cabo Espichel, Portugal to be continued...
  4. The 50 ASPH Lux has good center sharpness and a nice bokeh but it shows significant field curvature on the A7 series and has a weak area half way between center and borders (which can also be noticed when you look at the MTF charts). May be that results get a bit better with a Kolari mod but I would assume it has only little effect on the 50 Lux. You may take a look at this comparison: http://3d-kraft.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=151&catid=40&Itemid=2
  5. Water buffalos at Li Jiang, Guilin - DSC07184 Guilin landscape at Li Jiang - DSC07212 Guilin landscape at Li Jiang - DSC07226
  6. Do you find the WATE or the Skopar 21/4 or the Heliar 12/5.6 bulky?
  7. Low-light 4K comparison between A7S und A7RII: http://3d-kraft.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=178&catid=40&Itemid=2 The A7RII is doing surprisingly good even at ISO 25600.
  8. Extensive (updated) review: http://3d-kraft.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=176&catid=40&Itemid=2 Fullscreen-Slideshow: https://www.flickr.com/photos/hhackbarth/sets/72157653159160083/show
  9. Yes, this is really such an amazing place. If you allow me to tune in with some photos I took there in January 2014 with A7R and Leica WATE:
  10. Of course we have seen the stupid video of someone attaching a DSLR to the Phantom... ...and we have seen, that it became almost impossible to be controlled... ...and we have seen, that it was attached without gimbal. You try to explain to us that a Phantom, that can carry load A, load B and load C also must be able to carry A + B + C alltogether and this simply isn't the truth. Proof it with a video - until then all you wrote is phantasy. Many of the third party gimbal manufacturers also offerer handheld grips for their gimbals including Joysticks etc. for land based
  11. Your weight specs are still wrong. The A5000 weighs 269g with battery and you still have to add the lens. You also have to add the weight of the controller, cabling, mount etc. Don't forget to power that gimbal... see #1... Correct, the flight controller "sees" the battery level but not the pilot. So you will not notice that the battery is empty before the Phantom goes into fail safe mode (with this payload approx. after 2 minutes...). Different copter, that can carry significant more load and has larger batteries. OK, may be the WiFi range is 30-40m under optimal conditions. S
  12. Thanks for your answers. As further inline-comments would get too confusing, I will answer cumulative. The gimbal examples you showed for the "QX series" have already significantly more weight and are still not designed for the QX1 + lens, which is even heavier. I have seen the examples of Phantoms carrying a DSLR or a GH4 before. They are foolish. The Phantom operates at it's limit, has no reserves (fly against wind etc.). When it descends, it is quite hard to stop it going further down. The flight time gets infinitesimal. In all these examples the camera was attached without gimbal and
  13. Nice inspirations - but I have several practical doubts: I do not think that current GoPro gimbals will be able to stabilize the QX1 + lens (even not with the 16/2.8 pancake). If you could give an example that you tested successfully, that would be helpful! I have serious doubts that the Phantom 2 can carry the QX1 + lens + gimbal + range extender + retractable landing skid. Can you show examples of a flying configuration? Even if it could take off, there would be nearly no reserves to fight against wind. If you can not use the Vision+ built-in link to the ground station app, you would
  14. Not on the Oly 21 but on that day there was no requirement anyway. Sold already
  15. Comparison of the Zeiss FE 4/16-35 with the Leica WATE 16-21/4 and three other 21mm lenses: http://3d-kraft.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=171&catid=40&Itemid=2
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